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Aug 31, 2019
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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA
Hey explorers, I am looking for some Old Churches or religious centers that have been closed down and left abandoned anywhere in the North East Pennsylvania region. It could anything from hidden overgrown graveyards that have been forgotten about all the way up to including shuddered religious centers. Im new to this so I am asking for help and a little direction in getting started. I believe in Documenting forgotten places and leaving only footprints while taking nothing from these sites except for Photographs, video, and making memories with like minded friends. Of course I will make pit stops at most of the most famous ones you will find on the internet since they have been so exposed to the masses and aren't anything new, id still at least could say I seen em with my own eyes. So now Id like to capture the very lesser known and hoping there are locals that know of hidden gems to experience. I also believe that keeping these places low key minimizes the threat of tons of people trashing or destroying the places. Thanks for any help, and as always I am down to link up with other explorers to possible give me "guided tours" of the unknown gems. Im not above giving my email or other messaging avenues to get in contact with each other.