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Great Britain - Thruxted Mill, Canterbury, Kent - September 2023 | Oblivion State Urban Exploration

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Great Britain Thruxted Mill, Canterbury, Kent - September 2023


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Jul 12, 2013
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Here is one from earlier in the autumn. Visited on a very successful road trip out to Kent and was the last on our hit list of the day; with promises of the big auger which was used to grind down infected cattle (more on that later) in a machine and processed as applicable. There was also warnings of an absolutely putrid smell throughout the entire site.

When we got there; we found that the auger and machinery were dismantled and presumably scrapped earlier in the summer; and a result the smell was largely gone, which is a good thing because apparently it was beyond awful when the place was operational and would get into workers pores and be sweated out… Nice...

The site closed around 2005; but the offices showed far more recent goings on; as recent as 2022. The site was used to dispose of cattle infected with BSE during the crisis in the late 80s to mid 90s; and also cattle infected with Foot and Mouth Disease in 2001. I was only 6 in 1996 but I absolutely remember being concerned over eating beef and even asked my parents if I was ok eating gelatine sweets because of BSE, kids eh!!

Although it wasn’t until after this explore, and after I got home, that I realised exactly what BSE was and what vCJD is and how it affects people. It led me down quite a rabbit hole of watching programmes about prions and the dangers of prions. If you’re ok not knowing then I would leave it that way because its bloody awful!

Anyways; onto the photos











Without the mincer; it really is largely an Agricultural/Industrial unit. There were plans in 2018 of building new homes here; but they decided the risk was too high for people to live here. There were reports in the 90s of body parts falling off trucks in the local area and putrefying on the roads.

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