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  1. woody

    box freestone mine (aug 13) - Jan 2014

    A 6:30 start made sure the ten of us were down at the Quarryman's arms as soon as it opened and stood by the entrance, ready to go at half ten. 10 hours later and a few tired legs we headed home, four noobs hooked, six explorers in awe. southern section later this year :D first...
  2. slackyboi

    Chateau Lumiere Aug 2013

    A gem of a Chateau! Struggled to find any history on this bad boy! :( :( On with the pics: Cheers!!!! Chris
  3. Wherever I may Roam

    Triumph Graveyard - Appelton - Visited Aug 2010 - Nov 2013.

    Thought i'd throw a bit of history up about the The Triumph Motor Company. (stolen off the net) The Triumph Motor Company was a British motor manufacturer. The Triumph marque is currently owned by BMW. The marque had its origins in 1885 when Siegfried Bettmann (1863–1951) and Moritz...
  4. Paulpowers

    The Works, Manchester - Aug 2012

    This is an old set of pics from Aug 2012 but I wanted to try out my new image host and haven't posted this on here Situated in one of Manchesters up and coming areas (it can't get an worse) the outfall is a large 9 foot pipe protected by high walls and the waist deep river Once inside it's a...
  5. Mrbeardo

    Mills - Wales - Aug - 13

    Visited with trav,project mayhem,shush,lorry, mr D, skanky pants After looking at Leri mill and hanging around outside a man appeared from the houses and said he owned the mill so we all got chatting at which which he said he owned another mill down the path and that we should go take pictures...
  6. slackyboi

    Zeche Hugo GE Aug 2013

    Hi! first post here, been around the sites for about a year but never joined up...... so got my act together and joined! My first report if from my recent euro trip with the mrs, this one was solo as she couldn't hack the entry unfortunately! but this helped inside as there were workers working...
  7. Paulpowers

    Bradford Bypass and Pandora - Aug 2013

    BRAP BRAP BRAP SWEET TING I was coming back from Newcastle (the real one not the fake one near Stoke) and needed a break from driving so decided to get a bit moist. Bypass is a massive pipe pretty deep under Bradford with lots of walking for a few redeeming features such as the huge climbs up...
  8. Landie_Man

    The Empire/Flamingos, MK Leisure Plaza, Milton Keynes - Aug 2013

    I heard about this place on The Grapevine, namingly through Northern_Ninja. The Milton Keynes Leisure Plaza was built in 1990 and housed a Bowling Alley (Megabowl), an Ice Rink (Planet Ice, formally Bladerunner), an Argos and a Homebase store and a Nightclub (The Empire, formally Flamingos)...
  9. Paulpowers

    F&B Underground medical centre, Sheffield - Aug 2013

    I been in here before but didn't take my tripod due to the climb and I really wasn't happy with the pictures, this time I've got a new lightweight tripod and had tame to spare so in I went The road currently has roadworks but a lorry driver had parked up for a sleep which made for some really...
  10. Paulpowers

    Megatron, Sheffield - Aug 2013

    I can't believe it's been over a year since I last visited Megatron the water levels are the lowest I've ever seen them with most of the central and third sections completely dry. Bit of history on the river
  11. Paulpowers

    Brinksway deep level shelter, Stockport - Aug 2013

    I've not been underground for 5 days and was starting to get the shakes, my eyes had adapted to being above ground and my skin was no longer translucent so I had to find somewhere dark and cool to hide from the midday sun As I was in Stockport I decided on Brinksway deep level shelter...
  12. Nelly

    St Josephs Chapel - Sussex - Aug 2012

    Built in 1875 and is part of a complex of buildings that was once an orphanage dedicated to St Michael which opened in 1869. Splored with SK, Tommo and Klempner The floor is insulated with years of pigeon shit and you really wouldn't want to go the the scaffold supported tower either
  13. U

    esplanade level dover aug 2011

    Ok so this was a lucky one and i mean lucky. Completely unexpected so completely unprepared so excuse the poor pic quality. Torch was dying and so were the camera batteries so all done on flash and very quickly. But hey i got in so i dont care lol. Bit of history, Esplande, (Athol + Guildford +...
  14. E

    Great Britain St Athan Boys Village, South Wales - Report Aug 08

    That was an awesome explore, had some fun until the scum turned up. Here's some of mine, bear in mind it was getting dark whilst we were there so the pics are poor. Bible found under the floor Hood_mad going up the bell tower Looking down Up to the second floor Me on...