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  1. Merryprankster

    Red Sands Sea forts - Aug - 2018

    First report in a couple years, still been getting out and about but just been very busy with other life admin for reports, got a day at home on the sick twiddling my thumbs so thought i would write summit up about our trip to red sands last year. Did the trip with bigjobs, paradox, riddlers...
  2. lucan

    Great Britain holiday shak , midlands aug 2018

    spotted this while out with the family ,made a note where it was and went back for a look one room at the back had caught fire and collapsed in on the sitting room , i cant go to much into detail about the fire , it wasnt arson ,it is due to its location and proximity to somthing that causes...
  3. .Gh0ast

    France Chateau des Bois - Aug 2018

    We didn't really know what to expect with this one, only found on Google Earth, few recent informations... But life can also be surprising, and this time, it was good ! ? Built during the 13th century and redesign during the 14th and the 18th, it was finally bought by a famous author in the...
  4. Fatpanda

    Great Britain Lluesty hospital, Wales - Aug 15

    what a lovely find this one was, gonna keep this really short as i am using the on screen keyboard haha thanks. thanks guys :cool:
  5. darbians

    The Maze Of Stairs: That Courthouse Aug 2014

    A large justice building undergoing renovations. There is only one room worth seeing here, but what a room it is!! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Thanks for looking you can find the full set here
  6. darbians

    Church Of Hell Fire 9Visited Aug 2013) 2014

    This church had stood derelict for 10 years when it caught fire in 2011. The year before it had been bought by a muslim charity to be made into community a community centre. As you can see it was severley damaged and now stands rotting even more. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Well...
  7. AlanMowbs82

    DINORWIC slate quarry - aug 2014.

    This was the 2nd quarry i visited on this weekend away and all i can say is wow, the place is absolutely huge like nothing ive seen before, i spent 10 hours on site and i dont think i saw even a 3rd of it, didnt get too see any of the low down underground levels as i just concentrated on the...
  8. AlanMowbs82

    Plas dorothea slate mine/quarry - aug 2014.

    This was the first of 2 slate mines/quarry's that i visited this weekend, the scenery blew me away at this place as much as the explore itself, plenty to see here with all the old slate buildings pump houses etc, big lake itself is used by divers and hides alot of the good stuff, the lake is up...
  9. cunningplan

    Crookham Court. Aug 2014

    This was one for the first places I saw when I started this lark and always wanted to go and have a look, so last weekend my sparring partner and myself set off at a early hour and made our way down the M4. We got to our parking place and walked in. I must say we were very disappointed that we...
  10. E

    The Giant's Cottage - Aug. 2014

    This is the first house I've had the opportunity to explore so far, not an area that has interested me so much so far but I really liked this place, it's aged and decayed really well and had some beautiful soft light in there along with many items of interest. Visited with The_Raw, Trollface and...
  11. E

    Crystal Palace High Level Subway - London - Aug. 2014

    Hi =] Been meaning to check this place out for awhile and finally got round to it last weekend! The subway is almost all that's left from Crystal Palace High Level Station, a terminus on a now destroyed line, which lead directly into the back of the Crystal Palace. Passenger numbers fell after...
  12. cunningplan

    Hidden, Aug 2014

    This was our 3rd port of call for the day, the second was the woollen mill which was my 4th time and have already done a report on here in the past. I took a few new photos and just added them to my flickr album here. https://www.flickr.com/photos/cunningplan/sets/72157642863616254/ Luckily I...
  13. cunningplan

    Police Academy 3 Aug 2014

    Went on a mini tour the other Saturday with a couple of none members and the first stop was here. It was the main Police training centre for South Wales, not sure when it closed but it seams a while now. I was told some photos were lifted and posted on a local online magazine and security might...
  14. Perjury Saint

    The West Bromwich Spring Company... Aug '14

    Early morning Sunday mooch around a choice bit of Birmingham industry? Yeah... Don't mind if I do!! And seeing as its a local job, I'll be back soon as I didn't have time to cover it all... With a WEALTH of machinery and gubbins left behind, I could have quite happily wasted most of the day...
  15. cunningplan

    Home for the Blind. Aug 2014

    Taken a bit of time but now up to date with my latest explores, this one was in two parts, Sunday and last night. Over the years I have past this place hundreds of times and after seeing it redundant have stopped by but never been able to get in. Then Sunday I had a text asking if I wanted to...
  16. cunningplan

    Salston Manor, Aug 2014

    After our look around Tone mill, we headed west down the M5 and took a look here. We were having heavy rain on the way down and it was pouring down when we got here, so as it was a long walk we went into the nearest town for breakfast until it stopped. First impressions of the place was it must...
  17. cunningplan

    Tone Mill (Revisited) Aug 2014

    Second time down here (And a 3rd trip planned) as its my type of place. Went to Tone Dale the first time but didn't think what was left was worth the hassle of getting in and my new sparing partner just wanted to go here anyway. As I said I really like this place and we even found a hidden...
  18. Paulpowers

    Boredomiser, Derby - Aug 2014

    Working on a weekend should be illegal, so as I was in derpy and decided to go for a wander in Bordomiser. so the original culvert was built 130 odd years ago and has been added to over the years, it now measures over a kilometre across the centre of derpy.
  19. Camera Shy

    Easington Colliery Junior Schools - Durham (Aug 2014)

    Checked this school out on a bit of a whim with a non member whilst doing something else in the area, we wasn't sure what to expect having not done any proper research on it, first impressions weren't good as it's looking very knackered outside, however inside it was a real treat, heavily...
  20. Wherever I may Roam

    Littlewoods - Liverpool- Aug 2011-Jan 2014

    Info taken from Wikipedia... Littlewoods Business Empire. John, Colin Askham and Bill Hughes were friends who had worked together as Post Office messenger boys in Manchester. It was whilst looking for a new money-making idea that Moores came across John Jervis Barnard, a Birmingham man who had...