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  1. silverainbow

    Dumpy, Dover Castle, November 2011

    Ive been dying to get in here for ages, Ive heard so much about the place, seen so many pictures and read so much history, I thought Id never get the opportunity so when I heard that EH were doing tours I though Id dip into my pocket and "Go See", History more than covered by Fortknox and Frosty...
  2. Nelly

    Dr Barnardo's Babies Castle - Kent - August 2012

    I battled with myself about whether to post this report or not. It's like a opening a packet of Revels and coming across the coffee one, it looks great on the outside, very nice, but inside Urrrgh!!! _____________________________ The History The Babies Castle was officially opened on 9th...
  3. F

    DUMPY, Dover Castle - October 2011 - pic heavy -2011

    DUMPY (deep underground military position yellow)is the 3rd section of tunnels at Dover castle constructed beneath annex and casemate in 1942. When the war ended they were kept in use until being abandoned in the mid 50s and left unmaintained until being taken over by the home office in the...
  4. 8ReDRuM

    Ravenloft Castle 2011

    1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. See the rest here -
  5. V

    Great Britain Ruperra Castle - Caerphilly 2011

    Well I came across this little beauty through a mutual friend. Considering I have live in this count for the past 7 years I never even knew this castle existed!! Well it may as well not to be honest because it is well hidden amongst the forrestry with a few farms not so far from it. Didnt take...
  6. Wevsky

    Esplanades Level Dover Castle 12/10/2010

    Right a trip out for a lookat some of dovers good stuff ended up with this result..The lowest area of dover castle tunnels apart from the alleged Foundation level which to be honest no one seems sure of existance,there is withing the esplanades a passage very well locked that may prove or...
  7. fat wreck

    Tunnels under Dover Castle leading to the Great Well 2010 afraid i couldnt get a pic of The Great Well it self, im s**t ya pantz rubbish with hightz'n thiz thing iz about 269ft deep top to bottom, anyway herez some picz leading up to The Well ha ha ha :oops: The Great Well iz behind thiz gate, i'll try'n get a pic next time, honest...
  8. Obscurity

    East Demi Bastion - Dover castle - 2009

    During the Napoleonic era fortifications were added to Dover Castle to improve defenses. Located in the east moat overlooking the harbor is East Demi Bastion. The Bastion consists of a gun battery and a lower level looking out to sea from the face of the cliff. A network of staircases and...
  9. Obscurity

    Hudson's Bastion - Dover castle - report 2009

    Hudson’s bastion was constructed on the eastern side of Dover castle to improve defences after the threat of invasion by Napoleon. It can be accessed from the castle via Hudson’s passage, a straight tunnel linking the castle to the moat. The bastion was designed with a number of firing slits...
  10. 8ReDRuM

    The Black Mason Castle 2009

    This is my first set I am posting here. Hope u like. Some info on the place – Sitting high on a dark hillside outside of a small town in New York, Mason Castle looks like it escaped from the pages of Grimm’s fairy tales. Complete with Gothic windows, turrets, towers, steep parapeted roofs...
  11. Shadow

    Great Britain Hudson's Bastion - Dover Castle

    Great trip, not something I've seen before, was always nice to catch up with Fluff, Zombie, Maniac, Jesus and Scrimshady. Also met Mooch and his friend. Nice place, but enough with the words, herez teh picz After this we had to make a quick exit due to a change in the lighting at the...
  12. Shadow

    Great Britain Fitzwilliam's Gate - Dover Castle 28.12.08

    Visited with Ryda, Impact, Strategy, Oldie and LittleOldie Nice little explore on the way back from east demi bastion. Very photogenic location. Shadow
  13. Shadow

    Esplanade Level - Dover Castle 2008

    Did this one a while ago when there were lots of politics about post up reports etc, but since its now sealed, and the website in question has closed I see no reason why I shouldn't. Esplande, (Athol + Guildford + Trevanion) is the lowest of the Dover Castle tunnel levels that we know exists...