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  1. Norfolk Explorer

    FERDOWSE CLINIC, Heckington nr Sleaford, Lincolnshire. October 2014

    Had a bit of spare time on my hand and I needed to take a photo for my UNI work so thought we would head up here as I had not been before.. We knew it was a bit trashed to say the least.. The top floor is soaking from leaking sky lights, so be careful as it is only a matte of time I guess till...
  2. Norfolk Explorer

    Hevingham car scrap yard. Norfolk. October 2014

    This is a random old place, from what we have found out while bumping into various new owners of the land, there used to be a slaughter house on the land for many many years, then some sort of a collection of motor vehicles has happened over the many many years.. With a mass variety of things...
  3. Norfolk Explorer

    Severalls Hospital. Colchester. Essex. July 2014

    This is one of those places that I had just never managed to get round to exploring, having passed it about a million times, I thought it would be a good laugh to go and have a look. So about 7 of us headed of in the small Hours from Norfolk and rocked up for a day of Fun. The entry was...
  4. T

    Belgium Church of Decay - 2014

    Another from the weekender in Belgium Another belting religious site, much to see and shoot, really got a thing for churches at the moment. Cheers The Baron
  5. Norfolk Explorer

    Old Fisons Fertiliser Warehouse - Ipswich - Suffolk. June 2014

    This was stop number 2 for us for the Day. After seeing a few reports, I was looking forward to this. The natural light that falls in this place was just amazing, and with the added bonus of still having a pop up silver reflector in my camera bag from a wedding the weekend before, it meant I...
  6. Norfolk Explorer

    Crabbies Court. June 2014

    This was a fun explore. It was one I and a few mates had been keeping a close eye on whenever we were in the area. Since it's closure in 2011 I had visited 5 or 6 times to find no access, so when I got word from AdamX and a few others that there was a way in, it was exciting times. I went about...
  7. Timster1973

    Cyklonkessel / Paper Mill - Visited March 2014

    Morning all, Bit of a drive from the airport this one, so after landing we drove towards it and did Villa V on the way down to the first nights hotel (see previous report on VV). Up nice and early and got into this one. Pretty much untouched in terms of graff or vandalism and was worth the...
  8. Vancolen Kevin

    Church of Decay (visit 2014) - Sealed

    An abadoned church in belgium - sealed now .. :(
  9. Perjury Saint

    BULL MANOR... March '14

    Friday night and plans for mine n NK's 'Wild West' shenanigans go tits up! NK's lurgied up with the flu!! :( Hmmmm... What to do? AHA!! Nearly kill myself by impalement on pallisade and entanglement in a sea of razor wire? Yeah, just the job!!Bit extreme for an ole derp you might think!! But...
  10. Norfolk Explorer

    Derby Royal Infirmary. Derbyshire. February 2014

    Time to jump on the tourist bus and we decided to organise a road trip with a load of mates including atomic, zyge, magpie tommy, spark and sbmkIII, for some it was the 1st time we had met for most it was exactly 1 year to the day since our 1st escape from Norfolk road trip. Part of my reasoning...
  11. zeroUE

    Whittingham Asylum - Dec 2013

    Whittingham Asylum, explored with H1971, very nice to meet you! Well... this place is massive, and a bit of a death trap to navigate in places with roofs missing, very rotten floors which are falling away, and lots of debris lying around. Despite all this however it does have a certain charm...
  12. northerngeek

    Old Lier Mental Hospital, Norway. (2013)

    Lier Mental Hospital, Norway Built 1921, 5 buildings closed 1985 the Interior was removed 2010. Demolition started Autumn 2013 and the Photos from july 2013, from just one of the buildings. The Hospital area still has several buildings in full use. r...
  13. Beins

    Infinity of Decay

    Hey guys, i like to share most of my work on my website. Feel free to visit ;)
  14. The Urban Adventurer

    Great Britain Town Centre Decay - Kent (Visited Jan 2012) - 2013

    .. couldn't believe my luck when a fellow exploring buddy said he’d found a way into this place…so on a cold, wet Sunday afternoon and using the excuse that aforementioned exploring buddy had â€no-one to play with today†managed to get me out of going to a kid’s birthday party… cheers...