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  1. darbians

    Crookham Court April 2013

    Shot a few years ago before all the vandalism. No edits just a walk around. Was such a lovely place then. I believe restoration work is now well ongoing. This is great to hear. Thanks for looking I got plenty more films in the pipeline.
  2. IantheBaeyensPhotography

    Belgium Rusty & Dusty

    Once in a while, I get actually excited about industrial locations, not that often to be honest but still. This was one of those moments, they even started demolishing parts of it, but still I thought it was worth a visit when the workmen had a day off. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8...
  3. T

    Matthews Riding School - Gillingham, Kent

    Matthews' Equestrian Center (Or Matthew's Riding School) was a well known, and well used site in medway, featuring on local and national media over the years. The equestrian centre is now in a very run down state, where flytipping is common. The site is badly damaged through fire and vandalism...
  4. Mockingbird

    The Old Rectory Carehome January 2016

    Hey folks sorry I have not posted in sometime been rather busy with so many trips an projects at the moment. Here is a wonderful decaying carehome, its closure was around 2000 an since natural decay has set in wonderfully, maybe too much as when you reach the top of the main staircase dont turn...
  5. IantheBaeyensPhotography

    Huize Godelieve

    The only information I have about this one is coming from my grandparents, who used to know the people that lived there. It was the house of the  principal of a little school close by, sadly enough they demolished it before I was into urbex. They called the man "mister pipe" since he always...
  6. Curious George

    72 hours in Belgium - July 2015 - Part one.

    I finally got around to post this report, so here goes:  If you didn't get to see my previous Belgium report, feel free to take a peek: 48 hours in Belgium 2014 I wake up in my hotel room in Amsterdam, later I'm going to meet up with @Merryprankster, @The_Raw and a non-member (Jane) in...
  7. Norfolk Explorer

    Clockhouse Brickworks. Capel, Dorking – Surrey. December 2015

    The Xmas holidays made for some free time and the opportunity for me to explore. So I arranged a whole day out with my buddys and Storm LSF who was coming out with us for the 1st time.. So the Alarm goes of at 2:30am and I check the phone and 2 of the party have become lightweights :P We...
  8. Perjury Saint

    France Chateau Fachos... Sept '15

    A beautiful chateau tucked away in the French countryside... Luckily we got to see it just before it was horribly trashed! :mad: ...CHATEAU FACHOS... Thanks for lookin' in...
  9. Mockingbird

    The Serviceman's Residence - November 2015

    Every so often you come across something unseen from forums or even the internet before, an considering I love exploring old houses this one I could not pass up on again, I first noticed this place a few months ago driving past it then a few weeks ago the other half remembered about it, as I had...
  10. AndyK!

    RAF West Raynham - July 2015

    Opening in May 1939, Royal Air Force West Raynham was used by RAF Bomber Command during the Second World War. RAF West Raynham was an expansion scheme airfield with a grass landing strip and a Fort-type lookout tower. The lookout tower was replaced with a “Control Tower for Very Heavy Bomber...
  11. Mockingbird

    Last House On The Left - September 2015

    Not my usual way to spend 30mins or so, but the place seemed curious when passing, so popping inside finding odd trinkets and going up the stairs, it soon began to feel like it could cave in, inside is all light painted which showed a wall mural, (minus light through doors/ceiling) outside a...
  12. Hydro

    Ysbyty Lluesty, Wales - Aug 15

    Sweet day out in Wales today :thumb Visited with Raz & FatPanda Bit of History; Holywell Union workhouse was erected in 1838-40 at the south of Holywell and was designed by John Welch. The Poor Law Commissioners authorised an expenditure of £6,200 on its construction which was to...
  13. Mockingbird

    Bellerbys School - August 2015

    Most people know about this place and have seen it pop up almost everywhere this year, I may be hated for this but it just did not do nothing for me this place, I only liked the ceilings mainly, the best part for me was basically being a ninja an walking around trying not to make noise at silly...
  14. Norfolk Explorer

    hillbilly farm, Norfolk, August 2015

    This was another of those fab days out, Just driving around and checking out stuff I had been wanting to see for a while that had popped up online. So myself Zyge, littlebear and Spark headed out for the day to avoid massive nettles and horsefly bites..... Something that I did not manage all to...
  15. Colourbex

    Decay castle 2015

    Thank you for watching my photos! If you want to see more of my work please visit and like my page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Colourbex/834327016579594?sk=timeline
  16. AndyK!

    Robert Fletcher & Son's Paper Mill, Oldham - January 2015

    The history of Robert Fletcher & sons paper mill dates back to the industrial revolution. The company was once owned by Ralph Crompton and Nephews, producers and bleachers of paper. Their first mill was located in Stoneclough, Manchester. The death of the Crompton brothers left the mill...
  17. Colourbex

    The lion castle 2015

    Want to see more? Visit and like my fb page colourbex to stay updated ;) https://www.facebook.com/pages/Colourbex/834327016579594?fref=ts
  18. afraid2explore

    The Laboratory - 2015

    ‘But it was just a part of the story…’ This story starts in the point where the last one (http://www.oblivionstate.com/forum/showthread.php/9412-The-Library-and-Forbidden-Archive-July-2015) ended … more or less. It is again the same winter Sunday or Saturday … (don’t remember now maybe it was...
  19. afraid2explore

    The Library and Forbidden Archive - July 2015

    (it will be my first ... so lets make it with quality) The archive and forgotten library It was a cold winter day. Because of the short day I decided to meet with my friends and explore some local industrial zone. We were vising it since few weeks already. Building after building. Because the...
  20. Colourbex

    The pastor has left the building... 2015

    Want to see more of my work? Like my page Colourbex and stay updated ;) https://www.facebook.com/pages/Colourbex/834327016579594?ref=ts&fref=ts