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  1. Space Invader

    St Margarets 5.5" Deep shelter , sept 2011

    visited with wevsky, troglodyte ,peach, silver rainbow, oliver gt and one flew east a little history... At St Margaret's Bay there is the underground deep shelter for St Margarets 5.5" Battery. This site was the first one to use the unrotated projectile known as the Z - Rocket which was a anti...
  2. Space Invader

    clapham deep shelter, march 2011

    After a last minute phone call from troglodyte , :thumb and it was off to london for a late night meet . visited with wevsky ,troglodyte and urban ginger a little history... All eight Deep Level shelters built during 1941-1942 under existing London Underground stations remained under the...
  3. silverainbow

    St Martins Deep Shelter, Dover, July 2011

    St Martins Battery was constructed in the 1870's and was updated at the begining of the second world war, part of this included extending the already present Battery Magazine into a deep underground shelter, It has suffered smoke damage and several collapses but is still worth seeing all the...
  4. silverainbow

    Fan bay deep Shelter, Dover, June 2011

    This deep shelter is located at the site of the fan bay battery along the cliffs between Dover and St Margarets, Built in 1941 by No172 tunneling Coy Royal Engineers completed in August of the aformentioned year it was designed to accomodate 4 Officers and 185 other ranks...
  5. silverainbow

    Langdon Hole Deep Shelter, Dover, May 2011

    Done on my Jack had just got a new camera and wanted to learn how to use it, was down there for near on 3 hours in total !, plus another local site off my "to-do" list 8-) This deep shelter sunk into the chalk above Langdon Bay just to the east of Dover had two entrances about a hundred yards...
  6. silverainbow

    St Margarets Deep Shelter 2,10/04/2011

    Visited a couple of weeks back on my jack, there were some kids around whose father thanked me for giving them the fright of their lives after I popped my head up into the exit chamber in Plotting room No 2. :lol: ,Now for a bit of history The four gun, 9.2" battery at South Foreland was...
  7. Maniac

    Clapham North Deep Shelter - March 2011

    Well on hearing this place was accessible again, I was determind not to miss out this time as last time we went to do this we got news the place had been locked up again just 2 days before we intended to go! So this time at the earliest opportunity available we got ourselves up to London to have...
  8. Wevsky

    ClapHam North Deep Shelter March 2011

    Thanks to Troglodyte for the invite...After a days txting and trying to work out how we'd get up there a time was arranged and Myself Urbanginger(cheers for the driving) Space invader met up with Troglodyte and well..a car full..I havnt seen much of the history posted ON this well visited of...
  9. Wevsky

    langdon deep shelter/fan bay deep shelter 25/05/10

    I know this has been covered here..but since my last posts where made using my nokia canera fone i just wanted to show you guys what ive done since i got my sony dslr...thx! And this is same post i have used elsewhere never enuff hours n the day to redo the wording etc.. I borrowed a tripod...
  10. Obscurity

    Great Britain Report - Langdon Deep Hole Shelter, March 2010

    Located at Langdon Hole, in East Langdon, lays an air raid shelter deep underground. I can’t find too much information on this place but it is believed it was formerly known as Dumpy ‘B’ and used as a communications shelter during WW2. Also located in Dover was Longhill shelter which was...
  11. vanishing days

    st.martins deep shelter - Dover - Kent - 2008

    Southforelands Deep Shelter not in to bad condition tho
  12. Shadow

    London Road Deep Shelter - Portsmouth

    Moley PM'd me asking for this to be posted privately, so here it is even if he can't see it :lol:
  13. vanishing days

    Deep Shelter - dover - kent - 2008

    deep shelter near the plotting room at dover this point my torch had died so no light painting buzzzzzzzzz buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz im a bumble bea (solarpower will understand)