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  1. Shadow

    Oil Mills West - Dover 27.12.08

    Visited with Mitch, Swamp Donkey, Maniac and Scrimshady Epic access!!!! funniest thing I've ever seen, sorry bout the dents in the roof of your car Maniac. Great to see this place again, and well played mitch for getting in :D
  2. Shadow

    Great Britain East Demi Bastion - Dover 28.12.08

    Visited with Oldie, LittleOldie, Impact, Ryda and Strategy. Sorry about the picture size, for some reason my computer converts everything to .png without asking me :evil: Not seen this before so its good to go somewhere new, however this place is particularly frustrating, as the doorway that...
  3. vanishing days

    Great Britain Northern Entrance - Dover - Kent - 2008

    The Northern entrance in dover is one of the most interesting access ways ive done thanks to solar p truly an amazing place would be great to see these places back in there better days but on with the pics the draw bridge guestbook
  4. vanishing days

    Great Britain Z rocket Dover - kent - 2008

    from one of my and solar p visits to dover love this place apart from the massive drop if u fuck up gettin in lol
  5. vanishing days

    Great Britain Archcliffe Galleries - Dover - kent - 9/11/2008

    Another part of solar p's birthday exploring day we visited the Archcliffe Galleries didnt even no they were there just noticed a big hole in the ground and hey presto. The bastion part is adjacent to the main Galleries part, comprised of three small rooms,in the corridor the ventalation slide...
  6. vanishing days

    18th Century Caves Military Road - Dover - Kent - 09/11/2008

    found these on my trip out with solar p these are the 18th Century Caves on Military Road just down from the car park theres about 3 different ones.
  7. S

    underground hospital under dover

    has any heard of a underground hospital in dover??? any information on it would be good Thanks everyone!
  8. Shadow

    Esplanade Level - Dover Castle 2008

    Did this one a while ago when there were lots of politics about post up reports etc, but since its now sealed, and the website in question has closed I see no reason why I shouldn't. Esplande, (Athol + Guildford + Trevanion) is the lowest of the Dover Castle tunnel levels that we know exists...