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  1. reverselandfill

    Italy Ruined farm buildings - 2020

    When I was driving around the neighbourhood (in the North of Italy) on a sunny day in 2020, I spotted this ruin of a large farm. The insides were mostly empty and broken down, but the inner court looked pretty nice and the architectural details were fantastic! These are from inside the...
  2. ForgottenBuildings

    Netherlands Petrolhead Brother Garage - Dec. 2019

    History: This place was probably built somewhere in the early 1900s as a farm. After the second world war this became a car garage owned by two brothers who were looking at the extensive car collection, heavy car enthusiasts. The collection they owned was really big and varied from all kinds of...
  3. Grindle

    Great Britain Plough House Farm Salop: May 2019

    very little of note about this place; shortly to go to auction All the old cars gone as well as a lot of previously posted treasure shame shame shame 
  4. Grindle

    Great Britain Home Farm Estate Shropshire: May2019

    A collection of farm buildings: on the Brongyntyn Estate: Home farm was built c 1894: looking at the set up at some point there will have been a stream that powered the belt drives on the shafts to power various farm machines in the upper floors; several teagle openings too Not being one of...
  5. Grindle

    Great Britain who has nicked the dildos? No longer dildo manner but still porn palace

    it looks like this place is being cleaned up or there are squatters; a mate went 3 hours after me and there was a guy on site working; alas someone has nicked all the dildos; vainglorious dickheads have also been on site "tagging" still some cracking vintage porn to be seen as well as some...
  6. yonaguni

    USA The Black Farm

    The Black Family farm were built in the 18th century...while exploring a member of the black family caught me....he was a nice old guy gave me the history of the place..we went back to his house(across the street and chatted awhile... Juily sells for 40$..i should have...
  7. jakeurbexphotography

    Little Burdon Farm Darlington October 2017

    Just off the A66 in Darlington, there is an abandoned farm called Little Burdon farm, it has been derelict for at least a decade. It consists of different buildings being from a farmhouse to old barns or stables. There's really two farmhouses, a red brick one and a more modern white house. It...
  8. teddybear

    Germany Bacteria Farm - June 2018

    This one was visited on my latest trip through Germany. This was the water treatment facility of a power plant. That power plant is already gone. There were also some outdoor water basins ,but they were well overgrown. The  only thing I took from this facility were several mosquito's bites...
  9. chris banks

    Old Park Farm - West Yorkshire (Abandoned/Destroyed Farm)

    I have found a location close to me in West Yorkshire that has been covered before, the site is nearly completely destroyed but the main barn and some of the out buildings still exist.  I enjoyed looking around the site and turning it into a cinematic style video (i hope i aren't hated for it...
  10. Stussy

    Great Britain Porcelain Farm, Scotland - March 16

    Hello, another from my long long long list of shitty cottages I have to post up on here tp convert you to the deeply weird realm of cottaging! Found this almost my accident whilst exploring with a couple friends, after walking what felt like miles through small forests, over streams, up and...
  11. WildBoyz

    Newsham North Farm Cottage, Newsham - January 2017

    History Today, Newsham is a small suburb of Blyth. Blyth itself, meaning ‘gentle’ or ‘merry’ in Old English, is a town and civil parish in Northumberland, England, and from the early 18th century the town rapidly expanded as a result of the Industrial Revolution, as coal mining, fishing and...
  12. Vief

    Belgium Farm Paternoster - May '15

    A year ago I've visit this lovely place. It's just a small farm. I liked the kitchen the most and the pram in the barn.  I've heard that the pram is already stolen by another photographer  :eek: . Ofcourse we took the hard way to get in, to find out later that we could've walked into the barn...
  13. Urbexbandoned

    Derbyshire Farmhouse - March 2016

    History    I have done a little research on this place and not wanting to copy and paste as I usually do I have collated as much as I can to protect this little place.  Built in around 1875 this little farmhouse was a thriving business with cattle producing milk for locals. Since around 1901...
  14. Mockingbird

    The House Of Grimm - October 2015

    Probably one of my favourite locations this year! well up there with some of my favs anyway... An old farmhouse and the owner dont care about it :( but inside its a brilliant treasure of a place, upon entering I went through the floor (ankle deep) as I left the room I then went through the...
  15. Stussy

    Great Britain Radio Farm, Scotland - June 2015

    Another boring topic from my venture up North. Nothing much to say about this wee derp farm, spotted it from the main road, a quick de-tour and few photos later, you have this! Derp. Thanks for looking!
  16. Stussy

    Perfection Farm, Scotland - June 2015

    Another mini installment of my recent venture up north to this lovely wee farm. Not much infor on it, but some lovely colours and a cracking wee derp shed, everyone loves a derp shed!! Thanks for looking!
  17. Stussy

    Unimog Farm, Scotland - March 2015

    Not a massive place, but a nice wee explore. Found on one of my random road trips in my local area, driving along a country back road, I spot this place up on top of a hill, a quick U-turn and popped up a long bumpy farm track, to get a few quick photos, no stealthyness or long trek, drive...
  18. Mockingbird

    Portrait Of Gloom Farmhouse - August 2015

    I had driven past this farmhouse 12 times last year, on route to other places in Norfolk, past Cambridgeshire alike an not once did I have a real big urge to take a peek, it wasn't until a friend took a few externals an shots through the window, that it finally seemed worthy of my time. So...
  19. Norfolk Explorer

    hillbilly farm, Norfolk, August 2015

    This was another of those fab days out, Just driving around and checking out stuff I had been wanting to see for a while that had popped up online. So myself Zyge, littlebear and Spark headed out for the day to avoid massive nettles and horsefly bites..... Something that I did not manage all to...
  20. TheVampiricSquid

    Foxlease Farm (Part of Minley Manor) Hampshire - Jan 2015

    Hey everyone:D History..A classic example of a country estate with buildings and a designed landscape forming an integral composition reflecting late C19 taste. Minley Manor and its pleasure grounds laid out by Robert T Veitch and his landscaper F W Meyer in the 1880s form the centrepiece to...