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  1. WesternKentuckyUrbex

    USA The 1888 house (aka the Pine Tree House) - Jan 2020 & Aug 2020

    I don't know much about this house other then it was built in 1888 and was abandoned in 2002, just two years after the lady's husband died. The last inhabitant died in 2007, and the current owner, her son, lives too far away to care for the house. The house has some furniture in it, but most of...
  2. Benjamin W.

    France Magic Car Forest

    In the region of Bourgogne in France there was an old man living in a little village with his 5 dogs and his donkey. Once he has been a successful rallye driver and a car developer working in Nizza. He decided to collect the cars he used once and behind his house you could find a huge...
  3. Lenston

    Mireystock Tunnel - Forest of Dean - June 2018

    History    The engineering company J.E. Billups of Cardiff who also constructed Mireystock Bridge and the masonry work on the Lydbrook viaduct commenced construction of the tunnel in 1872 using forest stone. The tunnel is 221 metres in length and took 2 years to construct. The tunnel allowed...
  4. Marc Askat

    442nd Station / Train Forest - 2014

    A lot of abandoned trains sleeping at the entrance of a huge forest.

    Lyndhurst Park Hotel - New Forest - May 2015

    The Hotel closed in January 2015 due to running at a loss and bad reviews. It has since been sold onto a retirement home developer. Not an amazing explore but the bathroom was cleaner then most peoples and even has running water and a flushing toilet! Below is a few bits of information about...
  6. Andy

    The house in the forest (visited 06/2013)

    Again a chance finding. I searched the satellite images from Google Earth and I saw a house in the woods. The location was ideal for an abandoned place and so I went there to check it out. It could also be a hunting lodge or a bothy, but I was lucky. Lying around letters revealed that it wasn't...
  7. Andy

    The nursing home in the forest (visited 2008-2012)

    This nursing home (located in a forest and built on the foundations of an estate from the 18th century) was closed in 2001. 2013 burnt down a part of the attic. My first visit here was 2008. The photos are from 2011 (part one) and 2012 (part two). part one 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8...
  8. Shadow

    Great Britain Nottingham Forest FC Stadium 23 /06 / 08

    Awesome explore all round. Infiltration much? :P Had a couple of very close calls haha. Nottingham Forest play their home games at The City Ground, which has been their home, directly across the Trent from city rivals, Notts County, since 1898. Before they settled at The City Ground, which is...