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  1. yonaguni

    USA Ghost of the Brownstone

    Found on Quarry rd newtown pa..its an old 18th century converted into a home thats now abadnoned Found in Newtown PA an 18th century Inn converted to a home thats now abandoned this was the main room of the inn the Lovley fireplace hand painted whats with the candles whats...
  2. MK17SWL

    USA Ghost City of Picher/Cardin Oklahoma

    This city is one of the best spots I have been and was a blast to explore. I had to go back a second time to cover the whole area; first in September 2018 and again in Late November. Picher Oklahoma was part of the Tri-State mining district, and was deemed contaminated in the late 90's by the...
  3. Ninurta

    Mining ghost towns in Abkhazia

    Polyana, Djantukha and Akarmara - former mining settlements in Abkhazia, located in the Aldzga river valley, 10-12 km east of Tkuarchal. After collapse of the Soviet Union and Abkhaz–Georgian conflict it was almost abandoned.
  4. Faith Roswell

    Salton City- Californian Ghost Town

    Hiya! I visited Salton City last year and it was one of the strangest, most haunting experiences I've had. It's not locked up- there's a tiny, tiny population still living there (!) but the majority is derelict, covered in graffiti and shows signs of being fled in a hurry (old cereal packets...
  5. yonaguni

    Great Britain The Junkmans house

    this house always interested me..the yard was filled with junk..old cars..and other gave the appearence of being abandoned but someone clearly lived there the area became prime real estate..mcmansions went up and taxes went up..i knew this houses wouldent last....i went by and saw it...
  6. yonaguni

    The Scammell Mansion

    The Scammel Mansion Yardly PA..orginal built in 1790s or so added onto though the ages..the scammel family made porcelin...I used to post on the WeirdNJ site but they closed the fourms..with no explanation so now ill post here..i walked right into this place years ago but now they have built up...
  7. Cozmic

    A German ghost church in the Czech Republic

    Got the coordinates for this place. Its an old church closed since the early 60's, due to communism I believe. A local artist has made all these ghost that represent Germans praying before the war. Its is one of the more remote locations I have gone to, the roads to the village were just...
  8. Ghostpast

    Ghost bus tunnel, feb 15

    My first underground explore, and i loved it. To bad there were a couple of Iphone explorers wandering around, who wanted to switch the light on :/ Kinda killing the atmosphere of an abandoned bus graveyard, but hey! It was nice, and maybe ill be planning a revisit. #1 #2 #3 #4 #5...
  9. Wevsky

    Ghost bus tunnel Jan 2015

    As The_Raw asked me so nicely heres a report even tho i posted some in photo of the day Wasn't going to do a report as to be honest after tails of PIR's being present we kinda expected when was triggered for loud alarms to go off,so we avoided the area. Baron kindly told us he set one off and...
  10. Andy

    Citta fantasma di Poggioreale (ghost town), Sicily / IT (Oct. 2013)

    The town was founded in 1642 . Destroyed by an earthquake and then abandoned by the inhabitants in 1968 . Inside the houses there were still a lot of ornate ceiling paintings. However, I have not set foot in a number of buildings, because sometimes it was too uncertain for me because of the...
  11. The_Raw

    Highgate Ghost Station, North London - October 2014

    Highgate station was originally constructed by the Edgware, Highgate and London Railway in the 1860s on its line from Finsbury Park to Edgware. It was purchased in July 1867 by the larger Great Northern Railway (GNR) and opened on 22 August 1867. How it looked in 1868 with a passing loop in...
  12. Nelly

    Ghost Ads

    We all have a guilty pleasure and this is mine "Long before neon tubes, perspex and and lcd computer screens, product adverts were painted on to buildings and walls and carved into brickwork." I have a Facebook group dedicated to them too Come...
  13. urbexosaurus

    Strachów (Ghost Town) Poland (visited Jun2012) 2013

    Strachów, (which literally translated means; "spooky" ) is quite a suitable name for this place. Even though nowadays this place is called differently, Strachów was the official name till 1992. Strachów was a town built for the soldiers and families of the Russian Army. The whole terrain...