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  1. Wherever I may Roam

    Princess Cinema,(bingo Hall) Liverpool (Oct 09). 2013

    I have had my eye on this for a few weeks & now finally done it... (me & 4737carlin) sorry about quality of some pics as i forgot to change 1or2 settings on my camera!! some info... Located in the Kirkdale district to the North of Liverpool. The Princess Cinema opened on 11th May...
  2. katia

    Cuckoo Hall, North Wales - September 13

    Scrappy and I visited this place with some new friends - Mars Lander, Shush, Lowri to name but a few! Big thanks to them for inviting us to join them on what was a very fun explore :) This place was MASSIVE, you could get lost in it. We had some close calls with people on the grounds, visitors...
  3. Black Shuck

    Broad Hall Farm. Suffolk, September 13 pic heavy.

    I can find absolutely no history behind this farmhouse at all. Save to say, it's a six bedroomed possibly Victorian dwelling attached to a defunct farm.
  4. abandoned world

    Ovenden Hall - Halifax -Aug -2013

    This had to do this at night been a bit of traffic in and out during the day so i apologize for the pictures. I wanted to get in before they ruined it but i was a little too late. The Hanson family are mentioned to have lived here in the 16th century. The present house was built by Joseph...
  5. skeleton key

    Bylaugh Hall Dereham NR20 4RL
  6. Judderman62

    K Hall, May 2010 +++ Pic Heavy +++

    This large hall is sat in huge grounds and has seen various uses including a private home, hospital and training centre. I believe it has now been sold and also believe it is now PIR'd to the hilt. On with the photos. Comfortably and by a large margin...
  7. jones-y-gog

    Great Britain Hall in the woods -June 2013

    When I saw photos of this place I thought - wowee gotta go there. But the anticipation can be better than the realisation. The place is absolutely shot, impossible to see anything upstairs and downstairs is pretty limited as far as interestingness goes. Anyway, I hope that some of this gives...
  8. scrappy

    Winstanley hall, wigan - May 2013

    this was my first time back here in over 3 years and the place has got a hell of a lot worse, most of the stairs have gone and a lot of the ceilings have collapsed or ready to. The hall was built in the 1560s for the Winstanley family of Wigan; the Winstanley family were lords of the manor...
  9. Judderman62

    Great Britain more back catalogue - not an explore but what a wonderful structure. Abberley Hall to

    Not an explore as such so if admin feel it has no place here fell free to remove it. Zero81 and I spotted this on our way to somewhere else and liked the look of it and were intrigued. It is situated in the private grounds of a posh boarding school for 8-13 year olds. Info from the schools...
  10. Judderman62

    Great Britain another from my back catalogue Misty Hall 2012

    I stumbled across this place and from images seen it looked quite promising. It has been on the Market at £ 2, 500 000.00 and later down to a bargain £ 1, 500 000.00. It has six bedrooms and 3 bathrooms and a selection of outbuildings including guest accommodation and stables. It comes...
  11. scrappy

    Brogyntyn Hall, Oswestry - Dec 2012

    visited with a none forum member, all i can say is got to do the rest of the house because of blind luck the day we went. the weather was horrible and there was plenty of floods to contend with but got there in the end. history from Mr beardy's report:- Brogyntyn Hall has stood abandoned for 15...
  12. Stussy

    Clenis Hall -March 2013

    Was put with Lost yesterday for a day of sploring fun, not so fun getting up at 4am to meet him at 6am. First site was a fail, so big balls to that! We were checking out a rather nice n large hotel for a possible entry, but couldn't an easy way, have to go back with High Vis and make a more...
  13. silverainbow

    Great Britain Westcliff Concert Hall/ Paragon Baths, Ramsgate, March 2012

    This was another one of those explores for me that had fond memories attached to it, This place was most recently used as a Motor Museum which was closed back in 2006, In my child hood my Gran used to take me here from time to time the place still smels exactly as it did back then, funny how old...
  14. Nelly

    Great Britain Chingford Town Hall - March 2012

    An epic day sploring with SK, Ninja Kitten, Trog, Peaches, Beer Switch and Spong Ebob This building was Chingford Urban District Council's Town Hall built in 1929 on The Ridgeway. Added to in the 1960's it was used as the London Borough of Waltham Forest's Chingford Municipal Offices. Photo...
  15. Nelly

    Parndon Hall Medical Library - Harlow - Oct 2011

    Parndon Hall is a LIVE non public site and currently houses the Princess Alexandra Hospital medical library for student medical staff, doctors and consultants. _______________________________________________ In the North West corner of the Princess Alexandra Hospital site in Harlow, amongst...
  16. H

    Great Britain Dewsbury Town Hall may 2011

    Visited after seeing 'Sara' but more talk of her later !, as we were passing it came to my attention that i might be able to blag our way inside for a photo shoot well me and Mutilated_Pixie that is, car parked n off we to the main stairs going to the building when we got...
  17. H

    Storths hall lunatic asylum 2011

    History has been done and done again, There is a security guard and Alsation on site 24/7, well we saw the big pootch but no guard !......bugger it go for the pics, no way in grrrrr but we did manage to get some out side shots..... :) it's a real shame there is only the clock tower left and a...
  18. Nelly

    Copped Hall - Epping - Essex - April 2011

    Copped Hall, Epping This place has been on the list for eons. It used to be a walk in walk out place, so much so that many teenagers in the Epping area visited Copped Hall during the hours of darkness to experience the "Haunted Manor" Then a certain Mr Rod Stewart brought a rather large...

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