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  1. jones-y-gog

    Great Britain House On The Hill - Wales - 2017

    This is where Henry lived with his wife Mary and their only child, a daughter. Mary died a long time ago and Henry had to move in with his daughter who looks after him. He is 98 years old. After much persuasion he finally agreed that this, the family home must be sold.  Henry was a hard-working...
  2. Landie_Man

    Great Britain Wall Hill Mill, Dobcross, Yorkshire - Feb 2018

    Another one of our February Nothern Road Trip with Mookster, our American friend and myself.  A bit of a strange one this.  An old mill, but vastly converted for commercial use and modernised.  Massively decayed in places. There isn't much early history on the mill building itself; but it has...
  3. The Urban Collective

    Bygone Pubs - Churchills Bolton - Formerly The Rose hill Tavern - Feb 2018

    Churchills Pub Bolton - Feb 2018 This week on Bygone Pubs we take a look into the derelict Grade two listed #Churchills #pub in #Bolton #Lancashire Formerly #TheRoseHillTavern. Many a #BoltonWanderers fan will remember a match day at Burnden Park then off to Churchills for a good old pint...
  4. Britain's Decays

    Park Hill Flats Sheffield

    Not sure if this is in the right forum. Park Hill Estate is a gastly sight today although they are regenerating it. This made for quite a creepy explore. We have wrritten about the history of Park Hill Flats here.
  5. SlimJim

    Beacon Hill Fort - January 2016

    I've been looking at getting up here and doing this since 2012, when I was living in Southend at the time. Through the madness of jumping about between counties and jobs, I never got round to it and it just sat on my list for years. When my mate started talking about it, I decided to YOLO it and...
  6. mookster

    Big Blue Church Sept 2015

    I am back from my third set of misadventures over the large pond. A few weeks full of plenty of ups, downs, arounds and arounds involving narrowly avoiding getting arrested twice, encounters with local pastors, taggers and the smashy crew, dropping my camera, avoiding golfists, making random...
  7. True_British_Metal

    1983 Jubilee Line LU Stock, Harpur Hill HSL Buxton, June 2015

    Solo jaunt. I'd looked at this a year back, but was too tired waiting for security to move away when stood at the fence. So having done another explore nearby earlier, I made another trek up to Harpur Hill. I'm well known for being a huge fan of railways and trains in particular, considering...
  8. mookster

    Ivy Hill Psychiatric Center - March 2015

    I finally cracked it. Since the beginning of last year, when I first began seriously looking into and researching abandonments in the United States, I was in awe at the sheer number of derelict hospitals and asylums that littered the country. Think back to our own 'age of asylums' that lasted...
  9. Landie_Man

    RAF Daws Hill, November 2014

    Visited with TBM, PCWOX and SouthSideAssasian During WWII, in 1942, U.S. Air Forces first became stationed on the site and took over the Wycombe Abbey School for the War Efforts. The school was returned in 1945 at the end of the war, and 1952 saw the U.S. returning to the area and this time...
  10. mookster

    RAF Daws Hill Nov 2014

    I thought I had better make the effort to have a look at what passes for a local site to me nowadays before Taylor Wimpey create more rows of awful identikit box homes on the site imminently. All in all an enjoyable mooch around a very stripped RAF site, saw some good stuff even in the pissing...
  11. C

    Butser Hill Quarry, Hampshire, Jan '14

    The bluest lake I've ever seen! I don't fancy swimming in it though! Thanks for looking, hope you enjoyed
  12. Paulpowers

    Dodge Hill Air Raid Shelter, Stockport - July 2013

    I had intended on going down a couple of drains but the torrential rain had put an end to my plans and left me in Stockport with nothing to do. I've never been happy with my pics from here and I'm still not happy with the pics from the old entrance. [CENTER] There is now a sleeping bag and...
  13. Timster1973

    Baron Hill - 2012

    Evening all, This was visited as part of a 4 day trip to North Wales to meet up with some contacts and do a variety of what we enjoy which is eating, laughs, landscapes, beach, explores, religious and much more and also involved one 26 hour day which nearly brought me to my knees I was so...
  14. klempner69

    Cane Hill ,Coulsdon,Surrey (visited 2007/8) 2013

    After getting ejected from West Park by MC Hammer and told at my age I should know better than to lead the youngsters astray by going in abandoned buildings,we headed over to Cane Hill to try our luck there.Spent a hassle free few hours in what some call The Daddy of Asylums...
  15. mstarmatt

    Park Hill Flats (Above & Below), Sheffield - October 2012

    Having passed Park Hill Flats countless times over the past 18 year or so I've always fancied getting up on the roof so after managing to miss out on a trip here earlier in the year there was no way I was passing this opportunity up, especially with the knowledge of the access tunnels...
  16. northern ninja

    Raf Daws hill bunker - October 2012

    Visited with TBM and Cookie monster, This has been in my pipeline for a while so glad that i finally got around to going here and been in the 1st Group to crack it. Warning to anyone else going there is security on the main site as we bumped into his dog but luckily not him however the dog was...
  17. Wevsky

    RAF Daws Hill Nuclear Bunker High Wycombe 10/2012

    Big thanks to TBm and Northern Ninja for cracking this and the intel............ Explored with UrbanGinger,Stealth and Obscurity.. No mishaps or hassles with getting to the bunker other than a man in a red van with his dog being nosey so no grand stories of our escapades im afreaid..(yay i...
  18. 8ReDRuM

    Great Britain jail on the hill 2012

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  19. H

    Great Britain Soil Hill Clay Pottery

    Around the year 1784 Mr. Jonathan Catherall stated "my pottery produces mixing bowls, flower pots and bread crocks from our hard bed fireclay dug up from the hill next to our works and this is known as black pottery". Mr. James Robinson was a long standing partner until the year of 1805 when he...
  20. 8ReDRuM

    Great Britain Hill Valley Lace Company.

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