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  1. Involuntary Abstinence

    ICI Nobel Ardeer (North Ayrshire - April 2014)

    On a sunny Saturday morning I met my two partners in crime (non-forum members) in Glasgow and set off on what was a "secret explore" they had planned for me. After a not that long drive I saw in the distance our destination that was kept until then hidden from me. But the sight was unmistakable...
  2. Vancolen Kevin

    (visit 2014) Dieselfarm


    HF6 Industrial Site - Belgium - March 2014

    We done the sister site of this last month so we decided to go back and do the other one. Very similar to the others around Belgium. This blast furnace is huge! The area this place has been built, is well a shit hole! You feel very un-safe walking the streets that back onto the fence line of...
  4. Stussy

    Cwm Coke, Wales - Feb 2014

    Part of a recent Welsh trip we visited this huuuge industrial coke works, to say I loved it would be an understatement. Even though the trip ended rather abruptley with me chasing some wee shites away from my bag as I was up the top of the Conveyor Tower...
  5. Stussy

    Scottish Cement Works - March 2014

    Spur of the moment revisit to this cracking cement works with the Fake Snowman. Closed sometime ago, but the surrounding quarry is still very much active. Thanks for looking!

    HFB Industrial Site - Belgium - February 2014

    Hello, Sorry for the delay in posting, I have just moved house and only just got the internet! This was from a few weeks ago. This place is HUGE! we only had an hour here, rather than get loads on internals, I thought I would get mostly externals and climb the tower thing in the middle of the...
  7. Headflux

    Pyestock NGTE Collection (2012) 2013

    My personal collection of photos from one of my favorite UE locations, Pyestock. The place dosen't really need any introduction, located in Fleet (UK) it was a gas turbine development site for over 50 years. The largest site of its kind in the world, the power of the air house allowed...
  8. AndyK!

    Battersea Power Station November 2013

    The Icon of Power Battersea Power Station As the iconic four chimneys and the shell of Battersea Power Station begin a phase of redevelopment we decided it was time to get down to London and take a look around the place. Everyone will instantly recognise the exterior, but few have seen the Art...
  9. The Elusive

    Lord Nelson Industrial est, Visited dec 13

    ]Went for a local mooch around stoke on trent, Plenty of failed industries, bad news for the city not for us! This place was surrounded by diggers and workmen, i have a feeling the site they were working on used to be an old hospital/asylum, now a disposable toilet store, Info in this place is...
  10. The Elusive

    Old Industrial Estate, Stafford (Visited 2012)- 2013

    Another place that has now been Levelled... Castle works industrial estate has been many things; W. G. Bagnall the train maker for a start. It was founded in 1875 by William Gordon Bagnall and ceased trading in 1962 when it was taken over by English Electric Co Ltd. English Electric didn't...
  11. suburbankarma

    Corah and Sons, St Margaret Works, Leicester August 2013

    Visited with a fellow moocher back in August and only had a couple of hours before losing the light so only covered a small part of this huge site. Didn't manage to get on the roof (I wanted to get some city sunset shots) as we stumbled across the two or three Eastern European squatters who have...
  12. The Elusive

    St Gobbys (Visited 2012)- 2013

    Old factory, backing on to the private line owned by neighbouring factory. Its connected by road to another of staffords last remaining factories which closed down a few years ago and is subjected to the diggers this week! :( This place is completley in accessible now. Such a shame I'm not...
  13. Camera Shy

    Power Plant K - Hungary (August 2013)

    Visited this amazing place with Host (permission) as part of a short visit to Hungary When Kelenfold Power Plant started generating electricity in 1914, it was one of the most advanced plants of its day-though it was modernized and expanded several times since then to serve the changing energy...
  14. seaside_rambler

    Gray Dunn & Co, June 2013

    Gray, Dunn & Co was founded in 1853. In 1882 they built a factory on this site, only for it to be destroyed by fire 13 years later; it was replaced with the current factory. The firm was sold to Bilsland Bakery in 1912. The Bilsland family were a prominent one, having contributed...
  15. Ghost

    Disused Industrial Site,Essex - April 2013

    I actually visited this place thinking it was just the one building at the front but was surprised to find that there was loads at the back ! made for a good couple of hours wander round and I still didn't cover the whole site as there looks like more newer building close by are now disused ...