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  1. Mumi

    Forgotten mansion

    Hi everybody! I'm very glad to share with you one of my favorite abandoned places. It's a mansion, a very big mansion, where lot years ago a Doctor has lived there. I really had a great time in there, and I hope that you can enjoy the video!
  2. M

    Maison du gendarme-september 2013

    No story about this mansion, all covered by the nature... Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with
  3. Judderman62

    Mansion G May 2012

    The History. Quite a history to this one ins as much as it had lots of different uses. Built in 1876 at a then significant cost of £ 70,000. it has been: a Private home - until 1928, a retirement home for the clergy, a hospital and then a Hotel. A fire gutted the place in 1982 and it has...
  4. sj9966

    Great Britain A Northern Mansion (Aug 2011) 2013

    I just happened to be up near here on holiday with the family. It was too good an opportunity to miss so I slipped away for the morning and gave the place the once over. An former Victorian Mansion, that was a school for a number of years then the head offices for an international company...
  5. Pezzarr

    Tree Mansion- Belgium - March 2013

    A small farmhouse hidden away up a little lane in the middle of Belgium, My first opinion was ranged between disappointment and Curiosity, From the outside it didn't look promising, Simple 4 walls with no out-standing features, but until i stood inside my mind was quickly changed. Visited with...
  6. Timster1973

    Tree Mansion - 2012

    Evening all, I think that everyone who does Belgium goes here as its easy to do and a nice way to spend an hour. No history, a few rooms are totally wrecked but the roof is good hence the inside really isn't that rotten. #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 - the mummified...
  7. Banshee =}

    Great Britain Banshee's Mansion =} - 23/2/13

    i have visited this place several times now ... love the place but so run down and unloved :( now for a bit history on the place :spider: Built in 1899 by the famous shipbuilder and entrepreneur William C. Gray, the son of Sir William Gray also of shipbuilding fame, it was the Gray family’s...
  8. Mrbeardo

    Apple man mansion - Shropshire - Nov 12

    Visited with my second favourite ginger woman,toby and wakey Brogyntyn Hall has stood abandoned for 15 years. was owned by the Lord Harlech until 2000. Settled in the 1600s the house and its estate once presided over the land as far as the eye can see. The family was one of the great English...
  9. Maniac

    Great Britain Bedgebury School (Lillesden Mansion), Kent, Nov 2010

    This all started with a text message from Obscurity/Desertion on Thursday about a new explore we'd recced a couple of weeks before. So at midnight on Friday night, Obscurity, Frosty and Fat James roll up at my house and before we know it it's 2:30am. I'm still not sure who suggested it first...
  10. vanishing days

    Leybourne Grange Mansion - leybourne - kent - 2008 pik heavy

    Visited with 12 gauge very rare opportunity to see this place as its always pretty well sealed up well worth the pain lol im not to sure on the history apart from this was the original building on the site built many years ago when the place was a big estate its a real shame how bad this place...