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  1. L

    Great Britain World War 1 or 2 military prison Richborough, Kent

    I learnt about this place by accident when looking at photos on Instagram. I've not been able to find any info about this place apart from Google maps stating its a WW2 military prison and someone on YouTube saying its WW1
  2. Merryprankster

    Red Sands Sea forts - Aug - 2018

    First report in a couple years, still been getting out and about but just been very busy with other life admin for reports, got a day at home on the sick twiddling my thumbs so thought i would write summit up about our trip to red sands last year. Did the trip with bigjobs, paradox, riddlers...
  3. Light-worx

    Germany Abandoned Beacon in the baltic sea

    An abandoned beacon in the baltic sea. There are two of it. One 1000m and the other one in 4000m distance from the runway. Ther were used to enlarge the range of the runway the pilots could navigate easier to the short runway. Build and used by the NVA. The army of the former GDR... (DDR).
  4. A

    Germany A Military Airfield in Germany

    My first real Urban Exploration was done on that airfield. This is where it all began for me and it wasn't even that long ago!  The airfield opened in 1936, initially for the usage for civilian air traffic such as sport flying (if that's a word). Not only that but the area was also used for...
  5. A

    Military Pioneer Barracks, Austria [2018]

    Hello folks! I recently visited an abandoned military barrack which was used by Pioneers for almost a hundred years. The area is abandoned for a few years now, 2015 the buildings were used for accommodation for refugees. Since somewhere around then, the place sits empty. There are already plans...
  6. Faith Roswell

    The One The Got Away!

    Have any of you missed a site: somewhere that was torn down, redeveloped or closed off just before you had the chance to visit and look around? I had a very quick look at this quarry but it was demolished just before I had planned to go back and climb stuff! :( Full report is here...
  7. Ninurta

    Military vehicle graveyard, Russia - 2018

  8. Urbexbandoned

    Bletchley Park - Milton Keynes - May 2017

    History, of which I (believe it or not!!) didn't steal from another poster!!   Bletchley Park was the central site for British codebreakers during World War II. It housed the Government Code and Cypher School (GC&CS), which regularly penetrated the secret communications of the Axis...
  9. WildBoyz

    Palmer Head Plotting and Wireless Rooms, Wellington - April 2017

    History The Miramar Peninsula, which is located on the south-eastern side of Wellington, has a rich and especially fascinating underground history. The area is perforated with many coves and caves, and even more interestingly old military bunkers that date back to the late 1800s. However...
  10. franconiangirl

    Germany Soviet Military Camp "Finsterer Forst" (March '16)

    The old Soviet military camp is one of my favourite ones in Germany. It was built during the Nazi era and later used by the Red Army. After the fall of the Iron Curtain and the withdrawal of the Soviet troops from the former German Democratic Republic (GDR), the area has been abandoned. I´ve...
  11. MrObvious

    Code Breakers - Oct 2016

    History -  This was the central site for Britain's codebreakers during World War II. Run by the Government Code and Cypher School (GC&CS), it regularly penetrated the secret communications of the Axis Powers – most importantly the German Enigma and Lorenz ciphers. The official historian of...
  12. Urbanexboi

    Royal Arthur Barracks - Corsham (Visited 2014)

    Pictures are from back in 2014 so apologies if this has been done to death (i literally have over 50 reports i could upload but for now ill do bit by bit) anyway liked walking around this place until a group of lads showed up so i hurried my way around and got out as quick as i could  History ...
  13. MrObvious

    RAF Church Fenton

    Explored with @CuriousityKilledTheCat , @TheVampiricSquid , @Redhunter and a n0n OS member...   After driving around for about half an hour, ending up in completely the wrong place, getting eaten alive by mozzies, we'd finally managed to find the correct place ( 2 seconds away from where we...
  14. A

    Abandoned Military Factory, Scotland!

    Hi guys, this is my first post on this forum. My friend and I have been vlogging our urban exploration adventures and there has been a hugely positive response.  Here is our vlog from our trip to Edingham Munitions Factory in Scotland. As a result we decided to expand and create a website...
  15. Urbexbandoned

    Navenby ROC Post - Lincolnshire - March 2016

    History    There isn't a lot of history to this. It opened in July 1958 and closed in September 1991.  That is literally about it.    The Explore    I came across this when I was looking at another forum, myself and @hamtagger liked the look of the 'Manning up Procedure' sign which was...
  16. The Elusive

    Air Raid shelter

    Lovely trip to see this place; I think its been a while since it was photographed.  Sometimes you often find yourselves questioning why we do the things we do… today was no exception. Migraines, hidden holes, rubble every where and bad air! not to mention the occasional squeeze Still had to...
  17. Jaybee

    Military vehicles grave yard - December 2015

    Thought it was high time i actually posted something so here goes my very first post. Had this place on the to do list for sometime now. In fact so long I'd forgotten all about it. Was only after another explore nearby went tits up that  we decided to hit this place. Glad I did as it was a...
  18. WildBoyz

    Malabar Battery, Sydney - December 2015

    History   Malabar Battery, also known as Boora Point Battery, was constructed at Malabar Head in 1943, during WWII. The battery comprised part of the coastal defence positioned at Bare Island Fort, Henry Battery and Banks Battery; it was built as an aggregate to reinforce the existing...
  19. Strange Artifact

    'The Lost City'(October 2015)

    1: 2: 3: 4: 5: Visited 'The Lost City', abandoned soviet base in former eastern Germany. Big location lot's to see and explore, we went back few days later when not seeing all on the first day. grts, Peter
  20. AndyK!

    RAF West Raynham - July 2015

    Opening in May 1939, Royal Air Force West Raynham was used by RAF Bomber Command during the Second World War. RAF West Raynham was an expansion scheme airfield with a grass landing strip and a Fort-type lookout tower. The lookout tower was replaced with a “Control Tower for Very Heavy Bomber...