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  1. obscureserenity

    France A night in the Paris Metro - October 2018

      A night in the Paris Metro     My first report for a while and I felt that my photos from each location wouldn't create a substantial enough report. Because of this I decided to compile them into a more lengthy post documenting the night in which we explored various sections of the Paris...
  2. Himeiji

    Belgium Night in Antwerp metro

    Last week I tried to go to Antwerp metro to take pictures of the tunnels, but the mission was fucked up, because one of the guys opened an emergency door as he wanted to see how alarm works... I only took one good picture by that moment and cannot express how strongly I was pissed off with...
  3. Night Urbex

    Amazing mill-Bratislava-Slovakia-Jan2016

    Hi there :), Our new video from abandoned Lidwig´s mill was shot in the middle of our capital. We have been founding the enter about 30 minutes, it was so secured we were afraid of captured by police, but everything goes well :) . No one was in the mill for three years. And it was awesome...
  4. Night Urbex

    Soviet Rocket Base - Dec 2015

    Hi guys :), we have made video from abandoned soviet rocket base. Shot on night.  Anandoned base is located near Bratislava(Slovakia) near from Austria, ex-USSR west border. Closed in 1989.  Watch scary video here: Thanks for support :) our next video from abandoned hospital, so...
  5. Night Urbex


    Hello guys, :) We are from Slovakia in the middle of Europe. Our specialisation is shooting only in the midlle of the night! Yesterday we have started our new channel. Also we have added our first video. It includes old abandoned water tower in the still going chemical industry-Istrochem in...
  6. Ferox

    Severalls Hospital, Night Visit. September 2015.

    Wanted to see this place for a awhile now and was over the moon to finally get into this awesome site.Spent a good few hours wandering the hospital and got to see some excellent features including the admin building and it's lovely staircase. Got to spend another couple of hours in the morning...
  7. skeleton key

    Just another night on the town pulling pigs. - Shared 2015

    Defo one for this section
  8. AndyK!

    Blast Furnace Night Climb - Luxembourg (May 2015)

    Arriving in the centre of Belval in Luxembourg, one can not help but look up at the huge blast furnaces which dominate the skyline. Ultra-modern high-rises and new-builds butted up against these giants are dwarfed. Looking at the building site at the base, we glance at each other.... "We NEED to...
  9. AndyK!

    Towers from Towers - London Rooftops (Nov 2014)

    During a visit to London it would be rude not to hit up a few of the capital's rooftops! We visited a couple of them with great views. The first was a building site near Tower Bridge, offering great views of the bridge and along the Thames. It was a shame a crane was slightly obscuring the view...
  10. urblex

    St Joeys at night

    First go at a video so it's not great but after the 1st 15 seconds it's kind of watchable
  11. Serenity4

    Cambridge Military Hospital 'CMH' Night Explore- March 2014

    After visiting the hospital back in august I decided I would get some more external shots at night. I entered the site as usual and headed towards the first set of buildings and started capturing some long exposures. It was a perfect night, the stars and the moon were shining bright, perfect! I...
  12. Fotoruina

    Lost Tanks @Night 02-2014

    Lost Tanks @Night 02-2014
  13. Row1

    Hello from Veldhoven, The Netherlands.

    Hello, my name is Rowan, i'm 25 years old, and i live in Veldhoven (near Eindhoven) in The Netherlands. I've been urbexing for i think 5 years now, maybe 6. And i've visited a lot of locations, mostly in Belgium. Because here in Holland, if something's abandoned, most of the time they...
  14. northerngeek

    Old house (nov 2013)

    One of the old, abandoned, derelict houses in the aerea where I live. I don't know the history of this house. Will add if I find out. It's located in rural farm land, and may very well be an old farm house. But it's also close to a church, so it may be a clergy house or similar. The shape of the...
  15. Wherever I may Roam

    Vernon's Pools/Paradox Night Club - Liverpool - Visited May 2011. - 2013

    The first photograph is of women working at Vernon’s Pools in 1936. Football pools has started in 1923 when John Moores and two friends handed out 4000 coupons outside Old Trafford. Initially, the business was slow and John Moores bought out his two partners who had lost confidence in the...
  16. oldskool

    Belgium Powerplant I.M. Night time mooching....2012 (2013)

    Ok lets GO back a month, myself and Fishbrain wonder to ourselves if theres a cooling tower whats it cooling ?? Not knowing of the plant only the tower we start to look around the area of the tower eemmmm whats that over the river ?....YUP THAT WILL BE A POWER STATION we try a night...
  17. The Urban Adventurer

    Friday night research at Ditton Labs (Visited June 2012) 2013

    .. Well all that Google research pays off with a bit of Friday night action! Buried nicely in some prime countryside location this place has been left to rot! I am always amazed at the massive amounts of decay that occur in old research establishment; it does make you wonder what went on in...
  18. B

    West Park night (visit Feb 2010) 2013

    West Park was a nice site, but every man and his dog knew about it and the same shots used to get taken time and again. Reaperman (of ) and I decided to do a night visit at a time when the place was extremely popular, and use it more as an experimenting ground for...
  19. R

    Rank Hovis Mill by Night - Ramsgate - January 2013

    I'm lacking transport at the moment, so I decided to take a walk and have a revisit of my most familiar UE haunt. Sadly the place has gone downhill fast - it was sealed recently, but they left it a bit late... Once upon a time the site was in great condition, but has sadly become a victim of its...
  20. H

    Scarborough night shots sept 2011

    well had a week in Scarborough and most of it was spent underground in several mines from jet to iron stone etc, by night well its below.....