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  1. Andy

    France Disintegrated castle beside the road (visited 03/2019)

    I couldn't find out very much about this castle. It was built in 1821, I don't know when it has been abandoned. In 1841, the proprietress financed various improvements in the village, like the extension of roads. Exploring the castle was partially quite tricky. Large parts of the floors...
  2. The_Raw

    Albania Albanian Road Trip - November 2018

    Albania is one of those countries where I didn't really know what to expect. Recent history saw the collapse of communism in the 90s which caused the economy to crash. Since then It has made remarkable economic progress, growing from one of the poorest nations in Europe to a middle-income...
  3. WildBoyz

    Rotherham Road House, Barnsley - November 2017

    History As far as history goes for this particular property, it is sparse as it is nothing more than a fairly modern residential building. One newspaper based in Barnsley reported that traffic came to a standstill as a result of a fire at the property on Rotherham Road. Two fire crews attended...
  4. The_Raw

    Lots Road Power Station, London - April 2015

    Lots Road power station (nicknamed the Chelsea Monster) was commissioned in 1905 to provide electricity for the Metropolitan District Railway, now known as the District line. It was originally coal fired and had four chimneys, but when it was converted to oil operation in the 1960's two of them...
  5. silverainbow

    Cannon Road Section, Ramsgate, Kent Dec 2013

    Much like everyone else Ive been itching to get in here for a very long time, Well an opportunity presented itself so I though hey why not, lets get down there! A selection of my pics from the night in Question :P A nice bit of Original Graff And looking up into a vent shaft...
  6. Norfolk Explorer

    Porn House. Holt Road. Horsford....May 2014

    Another cool little house.. Took a while to find this one as I kept driving past it.. Must have been something to do with the roadworks outside the house. 10 workmen all digging up the road, and myself and my mate decide to just waltz in past them with cameras on tripods. So called the Porn...
  7. silverainbow

    Canon Road Section (ARP) Ramsgate, kent, Dec 2013

    Another one of those that I've been wanting to do for years, It became common knowledge as to where the entrance was and after a tip off I thought it was high time I paid this last section a visit ! A little history about the Ramsgate ARP tunnel network; The design and construction of the...
  8. AlanMowbs82

    Ramsgate tunnels - Cannon road section. - 2014

    Well finally onto our last explore of the night last night, myself, woody and two others went on to do this one, after a long day and night exploring this was 4th on our list for the day/night, been wanting too see this section for a long time so to finally see it made us more than happy and we...
  9. woody

    winchelsea road tunnels, dover - jan 2013

    A little bit of torrential rain put us off of our planned explore, luckily this little gem was the backup! really tidy little set of tunnels including the bits cut with the new tunnel boring machine, strange to go into a set and not see a load of chalk graf but kinda nice History here...
  10. silverainbow

    Crete Road Reservoir, Folkestone, Kent, November 2013

    I love this place, Explored it back in 2010 and when I heard it was open again I had to go back, Bit of History for those of you that dont know; Crete Road / Silver Springs Reservoir, Construction work was completed on July 1866, It was alleged to have supplied the Silver Springs Soft Drinks...
  11. Harry

    London Road air-raid shelter, Portsmouth - (Visited 2010) 2013

    Built in the chalk for the citizens of Portsmouth in the event of an air-raid during WWII, it's easily the best air-raid shelter i've visited, a true time capsule of which i can't convey the feelings that were stirred inside or how oppressive it might have felt back in the day. But armed with a...
  12. Gigi

    Kent Road Trip Jan 2012

    Some landscapes near abandoned train stations, abandoned boats, abandoned houses (with nothing in them) and a poser on a boat ;)
  13. silverainbow

    Crete Road reservoir, Folkestone, June 2011

    Crete Road Reservoir was Constructed in 1866, completed late July Its sole purpose was to supply water to the Silver Spring Soft Drinks Factory, Visited with Space Invader :) On with some pics And now for a bit of self indulgednce ;) And one from "Up Top" Also Visited The...
  14. silverainbow

    Connaught Road Tunnel, May 2011

    Visited with Space Invader, Wevsky, Obscurity, Nelly and Skeleton Key I see that Nelly has already done a top report and pretty much covered the history but heres a little more; The history of the Connaught Tunnel dates back to 1878. It allowed the railway to be diverted under the Connaught...
  15. Nelly

    Connaught Road Tunnel - May 2011

    Explored with Skeleton Key, Wevsky, Space Invader, Obscurity and Silver Rainbow Connaught Road Station and Tunnel opened on 3rd August 1880 I don't have a date for this map, bit somebody may be able to date it from the Pontoon Docks which are no longer there. On the 7th September 1940 the...
  16. H

    road trip bonus material....mansion 2011

    well r lass was driving so off to dodge hill as she had not been inside before, after we headed for other quarrys on our big to do list and came across this real nice house.....shame it had suffered a fire, hope they got out alright ! hope you liked the tour...
  17. Maniac

    Road of remembrance bunker, Folkestone - Aug 2009

    The bunker along Road Of Remembrance in Folkestone is believed to have been a WW2 naval communication facility. It originally had two entrances several rooms and toilets, with a ventilation room above the complex. You can still see the remains of several WW2 posters on the walls of this place...
  18. Obscurity

    Great Britain road of rememberance bunker- 2009

    These photos are from part of the survey we have been asked to carry out on behalf of shepway district council This is situated along road of remembrance in Folkestone and was used as a WW2 naval communication Bunker, a sign inside called it 'R.N.O' (this is no longer there). It originally had...
  19. superwide

    Great Britain Road of Remembrance Bunker - ~ Folkestone 11/2/09

    Myself and my bro, littlewide decided to have a look at the Road of Remembrance Bunker, I have passed this many times but never entered anything other that the ventilation room which is easy to enter. The main bunker is a little harder and involves some careful foot placement. I don/t know a lot...
  20. Shadow

    London Road Deep Shelter - Portsmouth

    Moley PM'd me asking for this to be posted privately, so here it is even if he can't see it :lol: