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  1. Mrbeardo

    FB medical centre - Sheffield - 2013

    Firth Brown Steels was initially formed in 1902, when Sheffield steelmakers John Brown and Company exchanged shares and came to a working agreement with neighbouring company Thomas Firth & Sons. In 1908 the two companies came together and established the Brown Firth Research Laboratories and...
  2. Wherever I may Roam

    George Barnsley & Sons - Sheffield - Visited June 2011. -2013

    Bit of History. George Barnsley and Sons Ltd. (founded 1836) They were in Cornish Place on the Don and specialised in forge filing and cutting tools for leather workers and shoe makers. One George Barnsley was Master Cutler in 1883. George Barnsley and Son is listed in the 1837 Sheffield...
  3. urbex13

    Loxley Independent Chapel - Nr. Sheffield - November 2013

    The History A quick report from this relatively local site. I can't find a report on it on here but it does feature here and there elsewhere on the web. The Loxley Independent Chapel was built in 1787 at the expense of one Rev Benjamin Greaves, the curate of the nearby village of Bradfield...
  4. urbex13

    Good Morning from Sheffield.

    Hi everyone, I've been posting stuff on the facebook group sporadically for a while now and thought I should probably cave and sign up. I'm not going to bother you with all my old reports and I'm not sure if anyone on here will recognise my username but I've been knocking around in the usual...
  5. Landie_Man

    Sheffield Crown Court-Northern Trip Part 3- (October 2013)

    Northern Trip Part 3 – Sheffield Crown Court So, continuing to try and cheer myself up; I went on a long awaited Northern Tour with my close friend TBM. After replacing his rig he very kindly gave me his now not needed Sigma 10-20 lens. Unfortunately we did not notice until the last moment...
  6. Landie_Man

    George Barnsley and Sons, Sheffield, Northern Trip Part 2- (October 2013)

    Northern Trip Part 2 – George Barnsley and Sons Cornish Works (Sheffield) So, continuing to try and cheer myself up; I went on a long awaited Northern Tour with my close friend TBM. After replacing his rig he very kindly gave me his now not needed Sigma 10-20 lens. Unfortunately we did...
  7. Paulpowers

    Megatron, Sheffield - Oct 2013

    Sorry I'm not sure of everyone's forum names and I won't post real names Bit of history on the river
  8. Pezzarr

    Sheffield Crown Court - sheffield - 2013

    The highlight on our Northern Road trip, visted with SX-RiffRaff, cheers pal for the driving ;) ,after a rather noisey and quite a painful entry on the man gems, we got in - and what a treat! The lower levels where live, with signs of squatters in one of the lower rooms, with a working TV and...
  9. True_British_Metal

    George Barnsley and Son's Toolworks, Sheffield, September 2013

    Visited solo. I'd wanted to do this the week before when I did the Courthouse but I was worn out after that so I knocked it back again. Having another free weekend to do something, I thought why not try this? So back over to Sheffield I went. And I'm glad I did! Looking at reports, nothing...
  10. True_British_Metal

    Sheffield Courthouse, September 2013

    Visited solo. I'm really, really not used to solo exploring. I have a penchant for crumbling at the slightest hint of danger (security mostly), but I really didn't want to waste the little time I had to explore! So after a morning bimbling round scrapyards, I end up here. This one's probably...
  11. shatners

    Sheffield Crown Courts - Sept 2013

    Sheffield Crown Courts - September 2013 A scoot back over to Sheffield to re-visit the Crown Courts and George Barnsleys again as I really wanted to have a bash at shooting them both black and white. Spot on morning with excellent company... OM-D & 35mm. Cheers for looking....
  12. Paulpowers

    F&B Underground medical centre, Sheffield - Aug 2013

    I been in here before but didn't take my tripod due to the climb and I really wasn't happy with the pictures, this time I've got a new lightweight tripod and had tame to spare so in I went The road currently has roadworks but a lorry driver had parked up for a sleep which made for some really...
  13. Paulpowers

    Megatron, Sheffield - Aug 2013

    I can't believe it's been over a year since I last visited Megatron the water levels are the lowest I've ever seen them with most of the central and third sections completely dry. Bit of history on the river
  14. abandoned world

    Sheffield General Cemetery august 2013

    Sheffield General Cemetery I was in Sheffield and my friend wanted to show me this cemetery so we went and had a look and i must say i really enjoyed walking around even got inside the chapel bonus :) . I like the history of this place too and enjoyed doing the research here is a few photos i...
  15. phat rat

    Great Britain sheffield courts april 2013

    a little bit of history - ''Sheffield Old Town Hall stands on Waingate in central Sheffield, England, opposite Castle Market. The building was commissioned to replace Sheffield's first town hall, which had opened in 1700 to a design by William Renny. This first structure stood by the parish...
  16. Mrbeardo

    GB's - Sheffield - July 13

    Our super 1337 team met up one early morning to splore derpfield SPLORE:
  17. Mrbeardo

    Cannon Brewery - Sheffield - July 2013

    Me n da boi + beckypoo + jessington decided to hit this place up its rate good. Stones Brewery was a regional brewery founded in 1868 by William Stones of Sheffield. William Stones had started brewing in 1847 in Sheffield with Joseph Watts. Following Watts’ death in 1854 Stones continued...
  18. Urbansnooper

    George Barnsley & Sons ( Cornish Works ), Sheffield - July 2013

    Be gentle, this is my first report ! lol Visited with urban witness, urban sentry & urban tempest After seeing a lot of reports for this place i had wanted to visit it for a while, all i can say it was worth the wait. The only downside is one of us ( me ) forgot spare camera batteries...
  19. Paulpowers

    Great Britain Underground medical centre, Sheffield - July 2013

    First I'm sorry for the picture quality, I couldn't make the climb while holding a tripod I was passing and decided to pop in :D It's a really nice little explore that is relatively untouched . And a quick video
  20. thompski

    Sheffield Court, That there Yorkshire - December 2012

    For the record I can't actually remember when I went here! The camera says I visited 13 years ago but I think thats a lie. One day I got thrown in the back of a van by my Aunt (as a word of warning, she moderates on here) and my ex wife, dazed and confused I was ordered to clamber into some old...