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  1. KPUrban_

    Great Britain N-Staffs Royal Infirmary, Stoke, November 2019

    Intro It's a well known site and has been well and truly done to death until recently. With 8 Operating rooms sharing 17 Lights, A morgue, A&E, Numerous wards and a heavy mix of natural decay and grime it has always been a good one to explore. The Hospital As mentioned it has been done way too...
  2. a World in Ruins

    North Staffordshire Royal Infirmary - Sept 2018

    First a little History [you all know it, but it's good to include anyway] ? The Dispensary – the first public hospital in North Staffordshire – opened in Etruria in April 1804 and was funded in part by the Wedgewood family. It gave sick patients the chance to see an Apothecary for diagnosis and...
  3. UrbexBaby

    Dresden CE Primary School, Stoke-On-Trent (Visited July 14)- October 14

    HISTORY Couldn't really find a lot of information about this place to be honest so apologises for the short but sweet history. The School was built in 1853 and functioned as a mixed age school until 1865 when it separated into infant and juniors. Its closed in 2002 when the school was...
  4. UrbexBaby

    John Tams Pottery, Stoke-On-Trent ( Visited Sept 14) - October 2014

    John Tams was born on Stafford street, Longton in 1837. He started work as an apprentice potter in the early years and eventually went into partnership with William Lowe, manufacturing pottery on the High Street. Longton. In 1874 John Tams purchased Crown Pottery located on the corner of...
  5. Decender

    Hello from Staffordshire

    Thought i'd pop in and say hi from Burton on Trent as I was recommended this forum by someone on the LCE stand at The Photography Show @ the NEC earlier today. Have to say some impressive stuff on here folks. Looking forward to posting some pics up myself shortly. Cheers
  6. suburbankarma

    ROF Featherstone, Staffordshire, Dec 2013

    Decided to head up to Staffordshire on a sunny weekend morning with my usual mooching partner. Set off mid morning and after satnav tried several times to send us down the M6 toll road we arrived in Featherstone, spotted a likely parking spot and strolled in. We paid the price of setting off...
  7. The Elusive

    Old Industrial Estate, Stafford (Visited 2012)- 2013

    Another place that has now been Levelled... Castle works industrial estate has been many things; W. G. Bagnall the train maker for a start. It was founded in 1875 by William Gordon Bagnall and ceased trading in 1962 when it was taken over by English Electric Co Ltd. English Electric didn't...
  8. The Elusive

    Another Oakamoor! (Visited 2012-) 2013

    I see there are 2 posts of this place already in existence, ill not replicate with the history and just post me pics that are different, with my old point and shoot :) oh I had an interesting encounter with a van full of men, who shouted out they knew we where here and looked around a bit but...
  9. The Elusive

    Rave caves (Visited 2013 x2)

    Local caves, used for many a rave .... :violin: these are huge structures with evidence of being hand carved at the beginning this place is a mish mash of history; brick pillars, iron supports, blue and orange tiles on two difeerent sections mostly full of lame graff and rave evidence! Ill...
  10. The Elusive

    Underground shelters - 2013

    Eeeep! Love this place, found by the power of gob shite, was talking a woman into letting me climb her fence to gain entry to a couple of shelters and she informed me she had 12 of her own in her field if I wanted to take a look! Rumoured to be part of the an old air field and flight training...
  11. The Elusive

    St Gobbys (Visited 2012)- 2013

    Old factory, backing on to the private line owned by neighbouring factory. Its connected by road to another of staffords last remaining factories which closed down a few years ago and is subjected to the diggers this week! :( This place is completley in accessible now. Such a shame I'm not...
  12. Frosty

    Drakelow Tunnels (PIC HEAVY) - Staffordshire - (apr 2013) - 2013

    Hi all just thought id put my pics up quick while i have a chance before i go back to work :) , was a really really epic place, big thanks to tommo (28DL) for hooking us up with this one! Permission visit, but a tenner for the run of the whole place for the whole day was well worth that...