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  1. Digitalλftermath

    Great Britain Farleigh down stone quarry (Brown's folly), Wiltshire 20/1/22

    I'm sure this place has been explored a lot throughout the years, but I personally have never been to a mine before so could not resist. (I know, shocking) So the mines themselves have been around for centuries, probably as early as the 13th century, and then more recently re-purposed as an...
  2. Digitalλftermath

    Great Britain Madina strip club, Wiltshire, 23/10/2022

    A quick walk around an abandoned strip club. Again, a building that has been left to rot and decay but has no vandalism and is tidy on the inside which is a plus side. A unique explore for me as I have never been inside a strip club. Thank you for looking.
  3. Digitalλftermath

    Great Britain Broadway pub, Wiltshire, Swindon. 20/12/22

    A pub that has been sat abandoned since 2009. It has seen vast amounts of damage over the years but I do like the distressed look. Glass all over floors and counter tops, slot machines smashed and water leaking in, it really has seen better days. Still made for a decent little explore, thanks...
  4. Digitalλftermath

    Great Britain Debenhams, Wiltshire, 22 Nov 2022

    Simple walk around the empty shop floors. Enjoy and thanks for looking View from the roof
  5. crabb

    Toys R Us, Swindon, UK

    After hearing about the permanent closure of this well known super store giant, we felt like a part of our childhood was gone forever. In the store we visited, we found the names of those loyal workers written on the wall with one of those people having  worked there for 20 years, but...
  6. Landie_Man

    Monkton Farleigh Down, Ammunition Tunnel, Wiltshire – December 2017

    Monkton Farleigh Down, Ammunition Tunnel, Wiltshire – December 2017 Moving on through my backlog of explores; to one myself and Mookster visited back in December.  It was to be a nice, slow paced Pre-Christmas day of explores; but sadly this was to be the only site we explored that day...
  7. crabb

    Oak house, Rejected dwp computer center, swindon wiltshire

    With a 2.5 meter high, fully reinforced security fence, cameras at every angle and motion sensors tucked away in strategical places, this building was designed to keep people out. A load of good that did, eh?  This building is shrouded in mystery, its former use was totally unknown and even...
  8. AndyK!

    Tottenham House, Wiltshire - Jan-May 2016

    Tottenham House is the centrepiece of the historic Tottenham estate in Wiltshire, England. The grade I listed house has 103 rooms and mostly dates from the 1820s when it was remodelled by Charles Brudenell-Bruce of Ailesbury. Set in forestry land that originally stretched for over 100 square...
  9. Merryprankster

    Box Freestone Mine - Wiltshire - Dec 2015

    just a quick one, not going to write an esssay on this one as it's been done a hundered times and i really need to go do some christmas shopping! visited with 3 non memmbers before heading to certain social event around the corner. was a banging day, wanted to see box for ages and from what i...
  10. Lenston

    Wiltshire Underground Meet - Late 2015

  11. AlanMowbs82

    Swan mine - wiltshire - april 2014.

    This was my 2nd mine/quarry of the day that i visited, again a lovely place, a bit more touristy but pretty safe and easy access, plenty too see with the old graffiti and horse shoe markings etc, and also a really well preserved crane. another one that i will be going back to visit as a few...
  12. Pezzarr

    Box Quarry (Cathedral and Northern section) , Wiltshire - July 2013

    Visted With Phill, Les, Ben, and myself, we arrived a little late to the proposed meet-up, because we got breakfast - omnomnom :twisted: we managed to gain access via the wrong grill. but never-the-less, armed with a map and a compass we made our way around, Starting at cathedral we followed...
  13. klempner69

    RAF Yatesbury nr Calne Wiltshire (visited 2005) 2013

    Another one for the archives really,but still important as most if not all of what I filmed is still there.First visited in 2005 for a post sunday dinner walk,then became one of my obsessions.Be gentle with the quality of pics due to me using a simple Kodak Digi point n shoot..never got into...
  14. skeleton key


    ] Cheers for looking in SK :thumb
  15. Wevsky

    Browns Folly Wiltshire March 2011

    This was day 2 of our Wiltshire trip and was really nice to explore,must admit i personally didnt wander as far as frosty and tb's did as the farmhouse cider had well and truely kicked in so myself maniac and obscurity had a shorter wander on our own.Raptor jesusturned up in the middle of the...