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Belgium - Centrale Electrique Des Awirs - September 2020/September 2021 | Oblivion State Urban Exploration

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Belgium Centrale Electrique Des Awirs - September 2020/September 2021


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Oct 5, 2017
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Centrale Des Awirs got established all the way back in the late 40s, just after the war. In this period the majority of industry was in ruins including many generating stations. This situation kick started a large project to built a series of brand new modern power stations all over Belgium. Des Awirs was part of this large project. When opened the station contained two coal powered steam turbines, both were constructed by ACEC. The coal was brought in from the many coal mines located in the area. Throughout the years the need for energy increased by the year. This trend caused the construction of several expansions during the 60s, 70s and 80s. On August the 31st the station got decommissioned permanently. Today the demolition of the generating station is nearing its completion.

On september the 6th I managed to infiltrate the station, this was just 6 days after the official closure...

The first visit:

The turbine hall.


Unit 2 of the original turbines.


Turbine number 1.


Classic turbine unit.


The modern control room which replaced the once large control room.


The main control room.


70s atmosphere heaven.


We couldn't totally cover all of the power station due to too much activity of workers. So after this we made our way outside.

On september the 19th it was time for a small revisit. This time the demolition was already in full swing. The once modern turbines were all covered up for asbestos abatement.

The re-visit:

The situation of the turbine hall one year later.


Turbine 1 covered in plastic wrapping.


Turbine 2 in a rather sad dismantled state.


Turbine number 1.


The condensers.


The more modern turbine number 3


Dismantled 60s turbine.


Make sure to also check out the full documentary on this historic power station:

Thanks for reading and watching!

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Dec 16, 2013
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Great report. Well done for getting in so quickly while it was still fresh. Shame to see it getting ripped apart šŸ˜­