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  1. darbians

    Sev's 2012/ 2013

    This was spread over a few visits as the first got cut short by the friendly security guard. There is no point going over the history, been done a 1000 times. So I hope you enjoy the photos. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 Here are a few more recent ones 14...
  2. Harry

    Studland, Dorset - November 2012 Posted 2013

    A sunny winters day on the Jurassic Coast - drinking coffee, murdering bacon sandwiches and hunting for concrete - top day! One of our targets was Studland bay, where once upon a time the likes of King George VI, Churchill, Eisenhower along with General Bernard Montgomery and Acting Admiral...
  3. Lara

    Car Graveyard - Feb 2013

    Came across this field of cars after a day of failed splores, i was chuffed to bits. There is a history behind it but I cant go into to much detail, but by the sounds of it, it was an obsession that ended a marriage. It was a great mooch, loads and loads of cars, some older than others and none...
  4. skeleton key

    Missile Testing Labs - April 2013

    Having just recovered from one fever and been laid up for a while The splore fever was now running high & needed to get out bad. I set off with Lara and after negotiating a few obstacles we started working our way through the woods of a very large site. The whole area is dotted with over...
  5. Wevsky

    Lydden Spout dover april 2013

    This has been the one shelter i dover that's eluded me due to the entrance or rather the route down to it!three years ago i had a go and last year but my body would not allow me to go down the ever disappearing cliff path to it.. Fast forward 3 years and with a lot of encouragement from the...
  6. Ghost

    Old Warden Tunnel - Bedfordshire - April 2013

    Visited today with my daughter, my first 'underground, for me as not done a tunnel before and found it most enjoyable despite my claustrophobia , was longer than I thought and decent Torches are the next purchase for me now !! A bit of history from a signpost and a few more pictures (not...
  7. Ghost

    Weeping Willow House - Hertfordshire 2013

    This is a sad little house with a sad history of loneliness and death in a fire, it is of no great size but contains the remnants of a life and is now gradually being overgrown by nature with an unclear future.
  8. urbexosaurus

    Ko?ció? w Alt Jäschwitz, Poland (visted Oct-2012) 2013

    Ok, sometimes you pass a location that may not completely deserve a report on it's own, but well, since you're there, you decide to quickly take some snaps. Located only a few hundred meters from "The Chapel" in a tiny village with only 400 people we found this place by accident. A bit of...
  9. Ninja Kitten

    Seamstress's cottage March 2013

    ive been rather intrigued by this littleone for a long time..ide wander past several times last summer and have a little peek but could never really figure the place out...was some one living in it or not?? A closer peep a few weeks ago had me spinning on my head ( well you know what i mean )...
  10. Frosty

    St Martins Deep Shelter - Dover - Visited 2012 - Posted 2013

    Few pics from St Martins, nice little shelter, could also be known as the nutcracker! ;) :D Sorry pretty crappy pics! Frosty.
  11. Frosty

    Snaregate street visited jan 2011 - 2013 posted

    Nice place this! Visited with Fortknox0 Maniac Wevsky Obscurity and i cant remember for the life of me who else lol. Shame things have changed now as bits are cleared out... :( Thanks for looking!
  12. Frosty

    DUMPY - Dover - 2011 visit, 2013 post

    Just chucking this back up as redoing all my reports, visited with fortknox0, history is on his report, truely a special place! Sorry its pic heavy! Frosty.
  13. Harry

    St Margaret's Z-Rocket Battery Shelter, Dover - April 2013

    Now home to the local pigeon population this small deep shelter was built to protect troops of the nearby Z-Rocket from incoming axis bombs during WWII. There was two main entrances down into the shelter and one emergency escape exit. All in all, a great little splore, one of many in the area...
  14. HitGirl

    Great Britain The Crumbling Cottage April 2013

    We slipped upon this little beauty while heading back from another explore, and Im glad we stopped the car, It another little treasure that was full of someones belongings, The building was literally crumbling beneath our feet
  15. Ninja Kitten

    The Coffin Shop April 2013

    Explored...laughed...spiked...and battered with my besty Perjury Saint.. beep beeep beep!! its 4am time to splore!! a text comes through "" OI T**T get up! Time to coffin Dodge!" :) x ......... We have both looked at this one for a year or more and ummed and arrged at it...a 50 ft wall...
  16. Ghost

    Pig Research Centre, Bedfordshire - March 2013

    Well here is my first report on the site so please be gentle !! Wasn't sure what to expect with this it was either going to be a fail or a quick mooch round a yard but how wrong I was ! Was there for several hours and the place is a lot bigger than it looks and relatively untouched, it made...
  17. Temple

    Great Britain Dover Explore - March 2013

    Easter Weekend - myself, Silverainbow, HitGirl, Rich, Harry, Greg and Kevin. The freezing temperatures, bitter wind and snow would not ruin a great day exploring Dover. These various sites have been done inside out by so many people, so I won't bore you with the history of them all, but their...
  18. SuZyQue

    Leybourne grange revisit [visited 2007] -2013

    Found some more pics taken of this place when we went back for the second time:
  19. SuZyQue

    Severals Hospital [visited 2007] 2013

    Found a few more of St.Ebbas, nice to see these again, lots peeling paint and random bricks coming through doors lol:- Enjoy :) Just found this pic and I luv it lol:-
  20. HitGirl

    Time Travellers Mills March 2013

    Explored with Therealindianajones and one non member