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  1. Space Invader

    Beelitz Heilstratten Berlin,Germany, March 2013

    explored with wevsky and urban ginger ... a big :thumb to humpa and his cousin As wevsky explained things didn't quite go to plan on this trip, but saying that cars can be replaced good friends cant ! so all good in the end . :) After a flying visit to Amsterdam on the way through we push...
  2. BadBatz

    Joe's School. FEB - 2013

    Another one from our trip down South. More goodness revealed by SK! Here's some history. In 1864, Fr Herbert Vaughan, the later Cardinal Vaughan, gained approval to build a missionary seminary in England. On the 28th February 1871, after considerable difficulties had been overcome, the new...
  3. Wevsky

    Beelitz Heilstätten Germany March 2013

    Visited with Urban Ginger,SpaceInvader and met up with Humpa and his cousin..and a few random German bods while there This trip was supposed to be a day or so longer and we had a full on list to get thru. That all went tits up after a car crash bad enough to write off two cars.The insurance...
  4. Banshee =}

    Colliery - Sunday 17th Feb 2013

    This is my first ever report so please bare with me :grin: Payed a visit to this beauty last Sunday ... after an hour of scawering the fence ... we were in :cool2: Now for a bit history on the joint :thumb Colliery known as “The Dukeries� because of the number of stately homes in the area...
  5. BadBatz

    Goodmayes Hospital - Feb 2013

    When SK offered Andy and me a place to crash and the promise of some exploring fun, we jumped at the opportunity, one of the sites was this: Goodmayes Hospital, a Victorian former asylum, now not used for patients, rumored to be ready to be sold to developers to be made into yet more...
  6. HitGirl

    Memory Lane Cottage Feb 2013

    Visited with one non member Hidden away in a country lane is this little gem full to the brim with personal treasures and memories. I spent hours looking through stuff and reading old letters from the 1920's onwards Some of the letters were so sad i shed a tear :(
  7. Perjury Saint

    Tone Mills, Somerset. Feb '13

    TONE MILLS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Tone Works was the dyeing and finishing works established by Fox Brothers and Co of Tonedale Mills, Wellington, at the confluence of the River Tone and the Back Stream . The site is shown on the Tithe map of 1839, and the works was enlarged and altered over the...
  8. Gangeox

    Doncaster School for Girls May (VISITED 2010) 2013

    Right people, it's back to school for you lot! luckily for the guy's it's a girls school!! :D The school was designed by J. M. Bottomley and G. T. Wellburn of Leeds and built in 1910. It was built in an Edwardian Baroque style, in an English cross bond utilising red brick and with white...
  9. Ninja Kitten

    I missed my 10am slot....Sheffield court 2013

    Never leave without bobbys splore food...cheers tink ;) I even got there early to show willing....... JUST SEND HER DOWN!!!!
  10. HitGirl

    Cambridge Military Hospital 2013

    Explored with 5 non members Im sure everyone knows the history of this place by now so I wont bore you with it
  11. HitGirl

    West Park Morgue and Histopathology Dept January 2013

    Explored with 2 non members Well this was a fun explore, we didn't know which building it was so we ended up walking around the entire site getting zapped by electric fences which was hilarious to say the least and almost eaten by horses in the neighbouring field before getting in touch with NK...
  12. HitGirl

    St Joes January 2013

    Explored with 4 other non members and bumped into about 20 other explorers while we were there I absolutely love this place, Had lots of fun meeting like minded people in an amazing place
  13. HitGirl

    Grey Manor January 2013

    Explored with 4 other non members What a strange explore this was, We all had an uneasy feeling that someone was watching us, within 10mins of gaining access there was a police helicopter hovering above the building don't think it was actually there for us but it sure freaked us out lol, after...
  14. silverainbow

    Ramsgate East Cliff/Main Section, January 2013

    Hi all have been wanting to get in to the Ramsgate Tunnels for a very long time now so when Space Invader tipped me off that I should get my backside down there I did just that :D , So now for a little history about this amazing network of ARP's courtesy of the Ramsgate History forum. The...
  15. skeleton key

    Soviet u475 nato code name foxtrot 2013

    This has been on the to do list for god knows how long after negotiating the extremely muddy banks in the dark We found a secluded spot to inflate the Boat, with paddles at the ready & giggling like idiots we were off. :D Ship mates on this one was Trog ,Peaches & Lara SOVIET...
  16. R

    Rank Hovis Mill by Night - Ramsgate - January 2013

    I'm lacking transport at the moment, so I decided to take a walk and have a revisit of my most familiar UE haunt. Sadly the place has gone downhill fast - it was sealed recently, but they left it a bit late... Once upon a time the site was in great condition, but has sadly become a victim of its...
  17. Nelly

    Return to POW Camp 116 - Hatfield Heath, Jan 2013

    Christmas has been a bit quiet for me splore wise and I was clucking for a couple of hours out. So it was a quick visit to a couple of local splores __________________________________ POW CAMP 116 - MILL LANE - HATFIELD HEATH Prisoner of War Camp 116 was set up in 1941 to house Italian...
  18. lanky8804

    St Augustines Asylum - Chartham - 2013

    Hi all, well this is my fist post so im starting with something easy. Arrived Sunday afternoon with camera in hand. Thought i would be climbing over and under fences but this place is wide open so just strolled in through the front gate :lol: Place has been graffitied to death but was...
  19. Wevsky

    Great Britain Lagoon and Beaufoys caves and Tower Hamlets tunnel (Revisit 10/2011) 2013

    A revisit was in order with Obscurity,Fortknox0 and frosty and this time Space Invader joined us for a look around This is looking back along the Arp (tower hamlets tunnel) just before lagoon caves Section leading to the tower hamlets tunnel from the lagoon caves Now a few from in lagoon...
  20. Wevsky

    Capel Le Ferne Plotting room (visited 2011) -2013

    Right the journey for one of us started here This thread caused quite a stir so in true thanet crew style we tagged onto this effort by Obscurity and teamed up for the plotting room..never has it been reported on and after all the fuss...