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  1. A

    Great Britain Meadrow House - Godalming, Surrey- June 2019

    Hi everyone! Been an avid post watcher for a few years on here, been posting to other sites but thought it might be time to branch out Note to anyone interested in going - Police are on high alert, have seen 2 groups taken away in handcuffs to date, vans are moving in daily removing items from...
  2. Urban Relics

    Belgium Four de C. - January 2019

    What better way to kick off the new year then to infiltrate in a still operational steelworks? When we took on this challenge, we knew that we would come across motion detectors and that there was active security on the premises. The question wasn't so much IF we were going to be caught, but...
  3. Urban Relics

    Belgium Chapelle de la Rose - May 2019

    At the end of the 13th century a convent was erected on the instructions of a noble lady who lived in this town. The convent at the same time served as a hospital and a monastery for the Augustinian sisters, who were responsible for the care of the sick. Barring a short interruption at the time...
  4. Sectionate

    Great Britain HMS Forward, Sussex 2019

    Always wanted to visit this one, took me ten years to finally do it! Worth it though. Bit of history: On the 20th June 1940, the Guinness Trust Holiday Home at South Heighton (Newhaven) became a Royal Naval headquarters under the formal title of HMS Forward. Under its command was HMS...
  5. KPUrban_

    Great Britain Royal Papworth (Thorax Hospital) - May 2019

    The Hospital 1918 to 1950's Known as the Cambridgeshire Tuberculosis Colony Founded in 1918 the small village hospital began with the treatment of Tuberculosis soldiers in the First world War. And was directed Sir/DR Pendrill Varrier Jones. 1950s to 1958 Following the developed surgical...
  6. Grindle

    Great Britain The cooks cottage Powys June 2019

    I know nothing of this place just that it is full of weird and wonderful objects; some old mail indicates it was lived in by a guy from the sub continent and his English Rose; stuff everywhere just left as a time capsule 
  7. Paradox

    Great Britain Brock/Leyland Mill - Wigan - June 2019

    Hey, hi, it's me again. Your fave instatubegrammer today I'm bringing you my newest report under my latest pseudonym  - "Exploring with Unicorns and Robot Dinosaurs". Don't worry I'm almost out of new reports now so will probably bugger off again for a while till I do something else :)  (I have...
  8. KPUrban_

    Great Britain Laboratory X, Houghton, Cambridgeshire January 2019

    Lab X Wing 5 is the notorious "Laboratory X" located on the Houghton Grange site. This lab would have seen some of the more live experiments carried out of the poultry stock. The curved Perspex windows peering into the almost operating theater like rooms would allow the observer to view the...
  9. Grindle

    Great Britain Kartman's Cottage; Powys: June 2019

    No history of note no architecure of merit just a once loved family home
  10. seaside_rambler

    Great Britain Dover Magistrates Court March 2019

    Dover's Magistrate's Court was built in 1987 to replace the court room in the town hall building, and closed in 2017 due to nationwide cuts to save the Ministry of Justice £500m a year. It boasts 4 court rooms, waiting areas, toilets with free toilet roll, the usual admin rooms and some cells...
  11. Grindle

    Great Britain The Brickworks Wrexham June 2019

    Henry Dennis founded the Hafod Brickworks in 1878 to capitalise on the reserves of Etruria Marl Clay found in the Ruabon area. Such was the popularity of its products - bricks, ridge tiles, chimney pots and the famous Ruabon quarry tile – it became known as the ‘Red Factory’. Partial visit due...
  12. Grindle

    Great Britain Hannah's house Wrexham June 2019

    Just a sad old DERP slowly being reclaimed by nature nothing historical or noteworthy  Once someones loved home now being loved by creeping ivy
  13. Grindle

    Great Britain Hare and Hounds; Shrewsbury May 2019

    A former roadside pub in Salop subject of a fire in April 2011 Fire chiefs investigating the blaze said there were signs of forced entry to the Hare and Hounds in Cruckton, near Shrewsbury. About 30 firefighters tackled the flames at the pub, after they were called at about 4.30am. A section of...
  14. Tomvandutch

    Belgium Coking plant C. (Jan 2019)

    In 1958 it was put into operation as one of the most modern coking plants in the world and in 1981 it was extended by another battery. 2007, Due to the high environmental impact, the decommissioning of the coking plant. There were still discussions to modernize the coking plant for a...
  15. Paradox

    Great Britain Wigan/Mesnes Park Air Raid Shelter - Wigan - June 2019

    The Great Wiganese Derp Hunt I'm on a roll, I've been out derp hunting again with Jaynelouise and Bigjobs. This time we decided we were going local and we're hitting up the super derps in Wigan ;) I know, I know EVERYWHERE in Wigan has been done many many times because let's be fair there...
  16. KPUrban_

    Great Britain Essex Hospital, May 2019

    A little while before our first of two visits I had been surfing the internet for hospital closures, looking for a site some way away. Then, out of nowhere, this pops up.... At first I was skeptical and decided to have a little dig in the forums and almost nothing turned up. So it was...
  17. D

    Great Britain RAE Bedford May 2019

    History RAE Bedford was a research site of the Royal Aircraft Establishment between 1946 and 1994. It was located near the village of Thurleigh, north of the town of Bedford in England and was the site of aircraft experimental development work. (Shamelessly copied from Wikipedia cos I'm a lazy...
  18. Sectionate

    Great Britain Whitchurch Hospital 2019

    Visited back in January to relive the good old days. History: Cardiff was initially very reluctant to spend money on building its own lunatic asylum and was boarding its patients at The County Asylum in Bridgend. By the turn of the twentieth century Cardiff had continued with this out-sourcing...
  19. Paradox

    Great Britain Waterloo and Victoria Tunnels - Liverpool - March 2019

    Waterloo and Victoria Tunnels - Liverpool - March 2019 2 reports in relatively quick succession, its almost like I've actually been out doing stuff ;) Sunday was let's go do stuff day! We hadn't been out for a while and @bigjobs and I had arranged to meet up with @jaynelouise to check out a...
  20. Paradox

    Great Britain Revolver - (Hotel California) - Birkenhead - March 2019

    A week before we went here, me and Bigjobs had been out exploring with jaynelouise and had been to the Waterloo Victoria Tunnels. However, the tunnels had never been our intended target but we'd failed at our first location (Damn you VPS security monitoring systems and sensors grrrr!). Our other...