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  1. Rody

    Belgium Chateau Goorhof 18/10/2015

    Even though there is not much left of the chateau it's still a nice location to explore. Cheers! Rody  :smile: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13.
  2. CuriousityKilledTheCat

    Belgium Coffin makers, Belgium, Feb 2016

    This one I can't seem to find any history on again... Maybe if I learnt to speak all the languages they speak in Belgium, it would be easier..? :L But anyway, this appeared to be a general furniture factory, with catalogues strewn about the place, along with lots of chairs, but of course, the...
  3. E

    Belgium Checkmate, Belgium - Spring 2015

    A bit of history: this beatifull hotel has been built in 1936. it used to be a very luxurious place during pre ww2 times. It was an infamous place, with guests like: the british queen, Bjorn Borg and the belgian national football team. During the second world war it's purpose changed, no more...
  4. Dieter Ruistocht Herreman

    Belgium Dieselfarm (01/2016)

    really nice powerplant with a cool control room   
  5. CuriousityKilledTheCat

    Villa Heil

    Finally getting round to getting some more up from my last Belgium trip (I am slowly drowning in a sea of unedited pictures, and the levels keep rising! Not that I can complain there really, 2016 is really rather looking to be my year so far, I'm having a blast!)  Villa heil, the second...
  6. TheVampiricSquid

    Manior General P, Belgium - February 2016

    Manior General P, what a lovely surprise this was. I never though what appeared to be a seemingly normal house, on a normal street would hold such treasures within. It almost felt as if the owner would come home at any time, but this was certainly one of the highlights on a predominantly house...
  7. CuriousityKilledTheCat

    Farm 1881, Feb 2016

    The first successful location on another absolutely epic trip across the channel with @TheVampiricSquid, @BlocksPhotography and (I think, although I'm sure he'll correct me if I'm wrong) another non-member. (A trip on which I came back with all camera gear intact for a change! success!!!) An...
  8. Curious George

    72 hours in Belgium - July 2015 - Part 2

    After a bunch of sweaty sausages in a hot car, we drove to Château Rochendaal. It was built in 1881 and during WWII it was occupied by German forces and became part of an airfield complete with three runways.  After the war, it was used by the Belgian Air Force, which you could still see by the...
  9. TheVampiricSquid

    Maison Radio, Belgium - February 2016

    Maison Radio, and what a lovely little place this was. It was the first location we visited after a dodgy night stay in Ghent's finest budget hotel, with chewing gum stuck to the bed and a single plug socket we couldn't actually use! It was one of those clear but absolutely bitter mornings, and...
  10. TheVampiricSquid

    Preventorium Dolhain TB, Belgium - November 2015

    History: This old art-deco hospital was a tuberculosis preventorium for kids. In the 1970s this hospital had 150 beds. Preventorium’s differed slightly from sanatoriums in that they catered more specifically to patients with an early state of infection. The Dolhain preventorium nestled along...
  11. TheVampiricSquid

    The Coffin Factory, Belgium - February 2016

    I've visited here before, but it was a last-minute stop in the pitch black, so my photos weren't the most successful. When I found out we were in the area I had to revisit, and it certainly didn't disappoint. It's quite samey but I enjoyed shooting it nonetheless. Didn't spend hours here and...
  12. Rody

    Bowling Mill - August 2015

    Not a whole lot to see, but a fun small location to do. Cheers!  :smile: Rody 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.
  13. Dieter Ruistocht Herreman

    House Of Escher 12/2015

    a big empty factory,, but damm nice architecture   
  14. Sinister Suspect

    Alla Italia - August 2015

    I figured it was time to post my first report! Probably one which has passed by here quite some times already, but I guess this place just never gets boring.  :D Abandoned for over 15 years now, because a new and more modern resort opened it's doors nearby.   The health resort / bathhouse...

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