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  1. sentinel

    RAF Bawdsey R3 Rotor Bunker - Suffolk - April 2014 (PIC Heavy)

    Visit Visited this place with a non-member, was great to have some fresh air and the lack of that appealing aroma of pigeon crap which has accompanied me on most of my recent trips, This was the first explore with a non-member (Thanks for the invite) and a nice relaxing explores with some...
  2. The_Raw

    Deepdene - World War II Railway Traffic Control Bunker, Surrey - March 2014

    The Visit I visited with Sentinel who had an excellent knowledge of this site having been a few times already. I wasn't expecting much but was actually pretty blown away, it was my first time exploring such a place and I think I may have developed a bug for seeking out many more. The original...
  3. sentinel

    Deepdene Southern Railway Control Bunker, Surrey - March 2014

    Headed up to Deepdene Bunker with The_Raw for company, Little interesting getting in, and the spiral staircase is a death trap, but persevered and after some delicate movements we were at the bottom, Nice little mooch around
  4. zeroUE

    RAF 'Santas Grotto' , November 2013 (Photo intensive post)

    RAF 'Santas Grotto' is a closed RAF base in the UK. In the past it has had various military uses, and still to this day hosts firearms training and has living quarters in military use. Why Santas Grotto? Well when we managed to get in we were like kids at Christmas! This site is large...
  5. shaddam

    Bunker SRHQ 4.2 - Hertford 2013 .. again

    Yep sorry to bore you all but heres another set of photos of the lovely bunker, this one was totally out of the blue and was a surprise till i go there :eek: , after meeting up with Mr key and SN and point out how close the Bacon shop was to the building, i knew this was going to be great...
  6. Lowri Jen

    Burlington Nuclear Bunker - (Visited Jan 2011) 2013

    My first report in a very long time here, so I thought I would begin with my best ever explore. I hope you enjoy it. Visited with a group people I met over the internet, who aren't on any forums. A bit of history about the site: Purpose: The British government's alternative seat of power in...
  7. B

    Coulsdon Bunker May 2012

    Coulsdon Bunker, AKA Surrey Deep Shelter IV Is a large underground set of 3 parallel tunnels with interconnecting passageways dug into the chalky ground at the foot of the former Cane Hill Hospital (my favourite explore to date). I hadn't been into the bunker since 2008 so when I heard from...
  8. northern ninja

    Raf Daws hill bunker - October 2012

    Visited with TBM and Cookie monster, This has been in my pipeline for a while so glad that i finally got around to going here and been in the 1st Group to crack it. Warning to anyone else going there is security on the main site as we bumped into his dog but luckily not him however the dog was...
  9. Wevsky

    RAF Daws Hill Nuclear Bunker High Wycombe 10/2012

    Big thanks to TBm and Northern Ninja for cracking this and the intel............ Explored with UrbanGinger,Stealth and Obscurity.. No mishaps or hassles with getting to the bunker other than a man in a red van with his dog being nosey so no grand stories of our escapades im afreaid..(yay i...
  10. Troglodyte

    Regional Government Bunker SRHQ 4.2, Hertford, Aug 2012.

    This bunker has always been at the back of my mind since I first heard about it in 2004. Local newspapers at the time were always mentioning secret tunnels running throughout Hertford and this bunker was said to lead into them. So not only a bunker to explore but apparently an extensive set of...
  11. skeleton key

    Great Britain Sub Regional Headquarters Bunker 42. - Hertford-Aug -2012

    The papers straight in for the image steal Cheers for looking in :thumb
  12. superwide

    Unknown use, store rooms/old bunker? Hythe, Kent 2009

    I have looked at a set of doors in a wall, in a car park, near my brothers flat. Every time I saw them I could not help bus wonder what lays behind. Well now I know,thanks to the fact my brother went to his car one morning and found the open door above. So in he went camera phone in hand and...
  13. Maniac

    Road of remembrance bunker, Folkestone - Aug 2009

    The bunker along Road Of Remembrance in Folkestone is believed to have been a WW2 naval communication facility. It originally had two entrances several rooms and toilets, with a ventilation room above the complex. You can still see the remains of several WW2 posters on the walls of this place...
  14. Obscurity

    Great Britain road of rememberance bunker- 2009

    These photos are from part of the survey we have been asked to carry out on behalf of shepway district council This is situated along road of remembrance in Folkestone and was used as a WW2 naval communication Bunker, a sign inside called it 'R.N.O' (this is no longer there). It originally had...
  15. superwide

    Great Britain Road of Remembrance Bunker - ~ Folkestone 11/2/09

    Myself and my bro, littlewide decided to have a look at the Road of Remembrance Bunker, I have passed this many times but never entered anything other that the ventilation room which is easy to enter. The main bunker is a little harder and involves some careful foot placement. I don/t know a lot...
  16. vanishing days

    Southern Water Emergency Bunker - Rainham - Kent - 2008

    During the 80 3 bunkers were built by southern water this one was built but never fitted or used due to ease of the cold war and the collapse of the soviet union explored with 12 gauge weird place as the electric still runs #
  17. vanishing days

    Great Britain Cliffe Bunker - Isle Of Grain - Kent - 2008

    small bunker just off the road near cliffe fort explored with miss vanishing days sealed of at the end tho continues round the corner