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  1. Mrbeardo

    FB medical centre - Sheffield - 2013

    Firth Brown Steels was initially formed in 1902, when Sheffield steelmakers John Brown and Company exchanged shares and came to a working agreement with neighbouring company Thomas Firth & Sons. In 1908 the two companies came together and established the Brown Firth Research Laboratories and...
  2. Landie_Man

    Oriental City Shopping Centre, Collindale, North London - October 2013

    So this had been on my radar for a while, I even visited here in January 2005 with my parents and some friends to buy some Chinese ingredients for a special meal that was being cooked for an occasion of which I can't remember. At 14 years old this place was really interesting, lots of...
  3. Paulpowers

    F&B Underground medical centre, Sheffield - Aug 2013

    I been in here before but didn't take my tripod due to the climb and I really wasn't happy with the pictures, this time I've got a new lightweight tripod and had tame to spare so in I went The road currently has roadworks but a lorry driver had parked up for a sleep which made for some really...
  4. Landie_Man

    Aylesbury Civic Centre - (VISITED Jan 2011) 2013

    2013: No trace remains. This along with the Maxwell Pool was demolished in 2011 and they both now form a huge open air car park. 2011: Opened: 1975 Closed: 2010 Ok, I did this site months ago, and rushed it as I had work. Demo was fast on the way and Unfortunately other commitments took...
  5. Landie_Man

    Friars Walk Shopping Centre, Reading - (VISITED Feb 2011) 2013

    2013: Still an airsoft venue I think 2011: Been wanting to do this for a long time now. We were allowed in by permission of a company that uses the site for airsoft. Brilliant set of blokes, and asking permission is pretty much the only way in for this one. Shopping center closed due to...
  6. Paulpowers

    Great Britain Underground medical centre, Sheffield - July 2013

    First I'm sorry for the picture quality, I couldn't make the climb while holding a tripod I was passing and decided to pop in :D It's a really nice little explore that is relatively untouched . And a quick video
  7. T

    Great Britain TA Centre, Paisley June 2013

    ok, first outing with the 650d and made a bit of an arse of the photos as totally got the ISO wrong and ended up with noisy pic, so apols in advance History Built in 1896 by TG Abercrombie The Drill Hall was originally opened at the western end of the High Street as the headquarters of the...
  8. mookster

    Great Britain Centre for Human Sciences, Farnborough (Dec 2010 - Jan 2011) 2013

    I can't go through my archive of now-demolished sites without mentioning this place, probably one of the most criminally overlooked urbex sites in the whole of the UK which would have gone totally unexplored had me and my mate not spent multiple days there documenting every nook and cranny...
  9. The Urban Adventurer

    Great Britain Town Centre Decay - Kent (Visited Jan 2012) - 2013

    .. couldn't believe my luck when a fellow exploring buddy said he’d found a way into this place…so on a cold, wet Sunday afternoon and using the excuse that aforementioned exploring buddy had â€no-one to play with today†managed to get me out of going to a kid’s birthday party… cheers...
  10. Nelly

    The Pig Research Centre (Not Hendon) - Stotfold - May 2013

    Forgive me lord for I am about to post a derp!!!! I saw Ghosts report on this and thought, that's interesting, I happen to pass that every other Friday when I go to Bedford to pick up my daughter This history comes from a 2007 article on the swine based webpage "The Pig Site", I shit you not...
  11. Ghost

    Pig Research Centre, Bedfordshire - March 2013

    Well here is my first report on the site so please be gentle !! Wasn't sure what to expect with this it was either going to be a fail or a quick mooch round a yard but how wrong I was ! Was there for several hours and the place is a lot bigger than it looks and relatively untouched, it made...
  12. silverainbow

    Great Britain Oriental City Shopping Centre, Colindale, May 2011

    Good little explore this one, all was going well till secca appeared with dogs and got us escorted off site by police :police2: Visited with Nelly, Skeleton Key, Msaunder1972, Non Member Ben, Troglodyte, Priority Seven, Wevsky, SpaceInvader and Obscurity. Nelly has more than covered the...
  13. silverainbow

    Great Britain Buckmore Park leisure Centre, May 2011

    Ive been meaning to visit this for a while and on the way back from London with the guys the opportunity presented itself, Opened in 2001 With Public Money and a contribution of 2.0 Million from the Lottery Council the site 210 acre site closed in 2003 due to much confusion caused by the then...
  14. Nelly

    Great Britain Oriental City Shopping Centre - Colindale - May 2011

    Oriental City was a shopping centre in Colindale, London specialising in various oriental foods and items. It is located on Edgware Road The centre contained a large oriental supermarket, and a food court with a range of foods from different areas of South-East Asia; stalls offered Malaysian...
  15. Wevsky

    Great Britain Oriental City Shopping Centre - Colindale 2011

    Apologies to the guys due to me and explore beer :( Right troglodyte pointed this one out and after a security fail at st Josephs we headed here!was a very pleasant explore till the man the alsatian and the baseball bat came into play,we pointed out we where leaving at this point he said no...
  16. H

    Apedale Heritage Centre 2011

    Apedale "Minnie Pit" rescue team about to descend in 1918. Despite my best efforts I have been unable to locate the copyright owner of this image. What a nice bunch of people working here, after some time talking to Dave the mine manager I was asked to take some under ground pictures for...
  17. R

    Great Britain Military Training Centre - Leicester Pt2 2009

    Just found these photo's on my lappy These photo's are from a second visit to the Military Training Centre with Shadz an Jesus, not many to show. Uploaded these to my PB, So heres the link to check out the rest:)
  18. vanishing days

    Great Britain The Centre Bastion - Sheerness - kent - 2009

    The centre Bastion explored with solar p and brad g 3 towers located rite on the beach front between the two towers and sited at the same level as the left hand gun tower was a third tower. This was the battery command post which was square in shape with a domestic-style hipped roof and chimney...
  19. Maniac

    Wyvale Garden Centre, Faversham - Oct 2007

    Not the most inspiring of places, but it's quite remarkable because of how quickly it got trashed. It closed in june that year, and by ocotber it was royally trashed. It's now been flattened and the land is still for sale. The weird thing about this place was remembering it from...
  20. R

    Great Britain Military Training Centre - Leicester 28/09/08

    Again visted with Thurisaz(his camera ran out of batteries within seconds of switching it on *giggles*) & Shadow 8-) The rest can be seen here...