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  1. W

    Fullers Earthworks in 4K May 2017

    Hey Guys Thought I would share a video from an outing to Redhill, Enjoy!

    Belgium The Butcher’s Home – Belgium - April 2017

    Hello, not sure on the full history of the place. I have found a little bit of information from Google. Great little house with a shop at the front. Loads of things left inside.    The Butcher’s Home – Belgium  An abandoned butchers house in Belgium. There lived a family of 10 people! a father...
  3. darbians

    Crookham Court April 2013

    Shot a few years ago before all the vandalism. No edits just a walk around. Was such a lovely place then. I believe restoration work is now well ongoing. This is great to hear. Thanks for looking I got plenty more films in the pipeline.
  4. Controlled Chaos

    The CAMELLIA House

    A very interesting house but unfortunately in very bad shape. 1 2 3 4 5
  5. DugieUK

    Paper Mill - April 2015

    Abandoned Paper Mill, UK Visited with: Alex Visit Date: April 2015 Please Note: Entry is always through an open access point and not by forcing our way in….. We are explorers, not vandals. My Visit I had been wanting to visit the mill for some time, however, I kept pushing this one aside...
  6. The Wombat

    Derelict church, Lincolnshire, May15

    This one has been on the back burner of my list of things to do, but with its comparatively remote location (over 100 miles from my house) I have finally got round to having a look whilst on a huge roadtrip to visit my mate in Nowheresville, Lincolnshire. This place has been closed aprox 30...
  7. Mockingbird

    Calcott Hall - August 2015

    Unsure what I should really name this? :confused: An abandoned dairy farm, missing that red dress (which was more pink) and some large amounts of decay in rooms... A lovely afternoon spent walking around, admiring the decay and bits an bobs that laid scattered about, certainly worth your time...
  8. Mockingbird

    The Symphony Cottage - August 2015

    Been awhile since I posted on here, so thought I would put a few places up I had been to earlier this year and likewise. A rural cottage, once home to a hoarder, lots to see an loads to photograph, could of spent ages in here, but more gems like this awaited us on the trip. Upstairs was packed...
  9. Stussy

    Fly Agaric Cottage, Scotland - September 2014

    Been a while since I last got round to uploading a set and doing a report on here, so a bit rusty, I present to you The Fly Agaric Cottage. Having a crazy alien come spend a couple days at my federation space shuttle deployment centre. After an initial pleasantries, an agreement between the...
  10. The Wombat

    Government animal testing facility, Houghton Grange, Cambs, Apr15

    Second of three sites on another amusing day out with KM Punk & Frizman, including a fun afternoon around Upwood’s famous tanks. This site has been off the radar for a few years, but has not been developed as yet. The site is huge (100 acres), and has over 70 buildings. The main building...
  11. skeleton key

    £90.000 in Cash found In Derelict Building

    See the full story here. So what would you do in this situation? The moral compass is kicking in regarding balencing up the rights and wrongs of...
  12. hamtagger

    Derelict Toilets of the UK, 2013-2018

    The Derelict Toilet. AKA the Lavatory, Loo, WC, Crapper, Khazi, Bog, Dunny, Shithouse, John, Cack-Laboratory, Latrine, Little boys room, Ivory throne. An obsession I didn't realise I had until I was reviewing my pictures after visiting St. Johns and counted 33 images of toilets in various...
  13. Infraredd

    Bagnacerie (picture heavy) - 2014

    This fairy tale Chateau is situated in the Haute Vienne, Dept 87 above Limoges. It's easy to find and quite spectacular. Loft to rot 1949 it still has some amazingly extravagant carvings which only highlight how much money must have been spent on it . There are some great pictures of how it...
  14. Vancolen Kevin

    Hunters Hotel (2014)

    Abandoned hotel in Germany , very lovely , we have spend the night in the hotel , great fun ! Hunters Hotel by Vancolen Photography, on Flickr Hunters Hotel by Vancolen Photography, on Flickr Hunters Hotel by Vancolen Photography, on Flickr Hunters Hotel by Vancolen Photography, on Flickr...
  15. Timster1973

    Kasteel Hogemeyer - Visited May 2014

    Evening all, One stop from May involved stopping at this well known place that I've never been close to before so we stopped here for an hour or so. No history that I know but it looks like the previous owner liked cars and judging by those using it now, some form of restoration has been...
  16. (76)

    USA Keystone Psychiatric Center (2013)

    Visited during a road trip across the US late last year. Getting in took plenty of energy and ingenuity but it was well worth the effort! A couple of rooms hosted a very cool graveyard of technology
  17. The Wombat

    Barnsdale Tunnel, Yorkshire, Mar14

    First explore en route to Sheffield. Also visited the Doctor’s House, and one other fail. Still, 2 out of 3 is good, and the site that defeated us will get a return visit in the future. First tunnel I’ve been able to take the DSLR down, and despite how dark it is in there...
  18. urbanex

    Derelict victorian mansions - Glasgow it second explore...2 derelict victorian mansions, side by side. these are empty due to subsidence from coal mining. I was able to get inside one, although there wasnt much to see, was great for me all the same! Not much history on these either, but i did find this...
  19. Norfolk Explorer

    Dead Crow Cottage. Castle Acre. Norfolk January 2014.

    Visited this place that I found online while researching other bits and pieces for a day out in Norfolk. So thought it would be a shame not to visit... Did not have high hopes for it, but it was not to bad... 5 of us rolled into the house and being it was only a two bedroom cottage there was not...
  20. The Wombat

    St Edwards boys home, Coleshill, Nov13

    Thought I would stick another report up :) Day trip to Father Hudsons Society, Coleshill. Also visited some of the other buildings on site, including St Gerrards, but St Edwards boys home / orphanage was my favourite. Spent a couple of hours looking round its dark atmospheric corridors and...