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  1. northerngeek

    Old house (nov 2013)

    One of the old, abandoned, derelict houses in the aerea where I live. I don't know the history of this house. Will add if I find out. It's located in rural farm land, and may very well be an old farm house. But it's also close to a church, so it may be a clergy house or similar. The shape of the...
  2. northerngeek

    Not so urban (summer 2013)

    In rural aereas of Norway there are a lot of abandoned farms and derelict farm buildings. A lot. Some farms abandoned completely, more often one or several buildings no longer maintained and falling apart. A vast number of barns, because it's no longer run as a farm, people just live there. And...
  3. Kubix_UK

    Severall's Asylum - Colchester - November 2013

    Hi Guys and Gals visited here with Adam X and Unexposed Exploration on what was a very cold but dry November day. It started off later than expected due to unexposed still being in the land of nod at the time we were picking him up. when we arrived we headed straight to the access point and...
  4. seaside_rambler

    Asylum L - Nov 2013

    Well hello! Just a cheeky little reportage here from a fab Asylum oop North. Built in 1852 and extended on various occasions, this wonderful example of Victorian architecture now stands silent and near stripped, ready for imminent conversion into modern apartments. It's had no less than 10...
  5. Wherever I may Roam

    Music vids featuring derelict buildings....

    I know 2 out of 3 locations in these vids..... Anyone know anymore music vids featuring derelict buildings??
  6. Serenity4

    Military Barracks-Aldershot - August 2013

    After looking around CMH we decided to have a look around some old barracks. After nearly getting seen making our way in, we headed towards one of the hangars. The place is fairly large and there is a lot of open ground which I believe was used in the filming of 'World War Z'. Overall awesome...
  7. C

    Aldershot Garrison Sept 13

    So me and a friend set out looking for Cambridge Military Hospital. We got the the area then satnav died. But not to worry, we could see it nearby. Lots of boarded windows. That must be it! Doesn't look very hospitally we kept thinking, assuming all the stuff I'd seen online was in the many...
  8. Paulpowers

    Bletchley Park, Derelict blocks - Sept 2013

    Oh I do love Bletchley Park Not many sites can claim to have changed the world and kick started the information age as we know it. The history of the place changed the world as we know it and it's work during WW2 and the cold war were invaluable. Currently there is work ongoing to help...
  9. thecrazyfool

    Chapelle des Anciens, Belgium – July, 2013

    Another derelict church in Belgium but attached to abandoned hospital ward. I suspect that this used to be used for convalescence in the past, judging by one room contain lots of patient records. Was pretty trashed but still some interesting items there, namely the church and some rooms with...
  10. sonyes

    Cambridge Military Hospital - Aug 2013 *Pic heavy*

    Well this had been on the 'list' for some time now, and after getting the nod from peterc4, and not actually working for once, it was on!!! Great day, with great company, peterc4, also good to meet up again with Stussy, Mrdistopia, Sickbag Scattergun, Starlight Cambridge Military...
  11. seaside_rambler

    Gray Dunn & Co, June 2013

    Gray, Dunn & Co was founded in 1853. In 1882 they built a factory on this site, only for it to be destroyed by fire 13 years later; it was replaced with the current factory. The firm was sold to Bilsland Bakery in 1912. The Bilsland family were a prominent one, having contributed...
  12. Canonguy

    Derelict London Facebook

    might be useful for some derps and sites in london :)
  13. jodez

    Derelict England

    This is where i hide all my pics instead of on my personal facebook account :-) Feel free to visit and post ur own pics xxx
  14. H

    Derelict farm Barnsley area 2011

    Day out smootching around for mines and yup !.....found this..... Hmmmmm scatter gun comes to mind.....lock stock "n" two smoking know what I mean ?... Don't think they want us to come in !. Stairs to no where ! Time to hit the cellar... Well !
  15. H

    Derelict building bath street dewsbury. 2011

    Well a quick trip but don't know what to make of the building !, old big house, mansion or poss small old nursing home !!!!! no history to be found even off the old drunk outside the bath hotel pub ! it's in the early stages of re development so on with the pic's