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  1. Matthias Mertens

    Hotel Thermale - August 15

    Did this location on our trip in august through North Italy. One of the highlights on our trip, we did it in the very early morning, because we had a tight schedule that day. Could have easily killed a few hours in there, but after two hours we had to go... Thanks for...
  2. urbexdevil

    Buckaroo Hotel, September 2015

    Keeping this one quiet, though has been closed for quite some time sitting in plain sight for a lot of Hertfordshire folk. That’s the only clue I am giving ? I checked this place out twice a while back and found no access points, but after returning with the usual urbex family and finding a...
  3. Andy

    Hotel di Cura (visited 07/2015)

    The large hotel with several accommodation wings and surrounded by an old park was built in the nineteen-twenties. The spa centre in the hotel used water which was particularly rich in mineral salts. The Hotel was closed about 2007. It took a while until we found an open access. After about...
  4. Merryprankster

    Alla Italia - July - 2015

    Yup thats right ANOTHER alla italia report, same ceilings, same pillars, same copper bath rar rar rar. always loved the look of this place and was fairly near the top of the list for our little roadtrip, have to say as beautiful and grande the place looks its a shame its all fake as shit!, on...
  5. raYx1337

    Hunters Hotel (June 2015)

    I visited this place 3 times now and every time I saw new spots :) Maybe because the keeper is always moving things... Anyway, it's a good place to visit for a few bucks :D He is a really friendly guy and he always give you something to eat after your visit. You also can rent a room for a...
  6. raYx1337

    Hotel Myst (Visited June 2015)

    A great hotel in Germany. I already visited it about 20 times; I saw the change of it. Most rooms are already trashed or demolished, but there are also some nice spots in there :) Never go in there without a good mask! Too much mould, it isn't healthy at all. The building burned already two...
  7. DecaysFinest

    Hotel A. - 2015

    Deep in Germany we found this beauty sleeping. The color of decay are so awesome .
  8. Vancolen Kevin

    Mini rooftop hotel Germany (visit 2015)

    Mini rooftop hotel Germany by Vancolen Kevin, on Flickr Mini rooftop hotel Germany by Vancolen Kevin, on Flickr Mini rooftop hotel Germany by Vancolen Kevin, on Flickr
  9. Andy

    Hotel Flanell (visited 05/2015)

    Already very broken and also difficult to photograph around the graffitis (partly I've retouched them). 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
  10. Light-worx

    Lost Hotel (exclusive shots)

    Hi there, today I want to show you some shots of an lost Hotel. Locatet in the former GDR, it was an luxury Object in the GDR-Times. After that it continued as an upper class Hotel with a very good reputation. Now it´s closed since this year and empty, waiting to be torn apart. Well...

    Lyndhurst Park Hotel - New Forest - May 2015

    The Hotel closed in January 2015 due to running at a loss and bad reviews. It has since been sold onto a retirement home developer. Not an amazing explore but the bathroom was cleaner then most peoples and even has running water and a flushing toilet! Below is a few bits of information about...
  12. Merryprankster

    Grand hotel - Birmingham - may 2015

    Just one of those places i had to go and see for myself... copy n' paste history courtesy of historic england HISTORY: The Second Birmingham Improvement Act of 1861 cleared the way for the redevelopment of Colmore Row. The Great Western Railway had built Snow Hill Station in 1853, close by...
  13. MiaroDigital

    Birds Hotel - [visit 05/2015]

    1. Birds Hotel 01 by Miaro Digital, auf Flickr 2. Birds Hotel 02 by Miaro Digital, auf Flickr 3. Birds Hotel 03 by Miaro Digital, auf Flickr 4. Birds Hotel 04 by Miaro Digital, auf Flickr 5. Birds Hotel 05 by Miaro Digital, auf Flickr 6. Birds Hotel 06 by Miaro Digital...

    Hotel Thermale, France - June 2014

    The Abandoned Hotel Thermal aka Hotel Des Theremes is a derelict hotel rotting away somewhere in France. The hotel complex is quite large and we only managed to explore one of the main buildings, what appeared to be accommodation area and recreational areas. The complex specialised in ‘healing...
  15. Andy

    The 20s Hotel (Sweden, visited 07/2010)

    A few older photos (summer 2010) of an abandoned hotel from the 20s in Sweden. Although the quality of the images is not the best, but I think the place is worth to be shown. part one 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20...
  16. darbians

    The Grand Hotel Birmingham December 2014

    So 2014 ended rather well exploring wise for me. Last day exploring of the year and I cracked this, the fails later didn't really matter :P History blatantly stolen from Wikipedia: The Grand Hotel is a Grade ii listed hotel in the city centre of Birmingham. The hotel occupies the greater part...
  17. mookster

    Mountain View Hotel - March 2015

    Not far from the fabulous little power plant and overlooking the same river sits a rather large imposing hotel. My mate had spotted this from the air whilst scoping out the power plant on Google maps and thought it looked abandoned so did some more digging and found out it was 'closed...
  18. The_Raw

    Hunter's Hotel - Germany, March 2015

    Disused rather than abandoned, this hotel has been empty for around 40 years in parts and 20 years in others. Located in the snowy German mountains much of it's custom came from skiers but eventually it stopped making enough money to continue a viable business. Rather than sell for a pittance...
  19. Cozmic

    Hotel S - Oct 2014

    This old hotel is epic, so much so these are from the second shoot last October. DSC_4952 by cozmicberliner, on Flickr DSC_4943 by cozmicberliner, on Flickr DSC_4919 by cozmicberliner, on Flickr DSC_4868 by cozmicberliner, on Flickr DSC_4841 by cozmicberliner, on Flickr I could have spent...
  20. Andy

    Hunting Lodge & Hotel (revisited 01/2015)

    After almost four years, I've revisited this nice Oldie. Not much has changed - apart from the fact that sadly all handrails of the staircases were destroyed in the meantime. This time I also took a look into the former stables, that I didn't notice on my first visit. The hunting lodge was...

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