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  1. MiaroDigital

    Conference Hotel - visit April2014

    a lost conference hotel in west germany ;) 1. Tagungshotel01 von MiaroDigital auf Flickr 2. Tagungshotel02 von MiaroDigital auf Flickr 3. Tagungshotel03 von MiaroDigital auf Flickr 4. Tagungshotel04 von MiaroDigital auf Flickr 5. Tagungshotel05 von MiaroDigital auf Flickr...
  2. Involuntary Abstinence

    Thornton Fever Hospital/Strathore Hotel, Fife, Scotland (February 2014)

    Hello again. Here is another hospital report. I visited Thornton last February and it was my first explore done with another fellow explorer (non-member). In retrospect, the place is not all that interesting as a whole, but at the time it the first hospital I had the chance to get into, and it...
  3. NightVision

    Casino / hotel - birmingham - 2014

    This is my second visit to this site, to some it will maybe be a little boring due to being a building site, but for me its a heavenly place. I just love seeing these big projects take form, and usually there's a great up high fix for added sexiness. sorry about the quality of some shots, the...
  4. Vancolen Kevin

    Manoir au statues (visit 2014)

    This manoir was all alone at the end of a road to nowhere , standing next to the water . We entered and we were very carefull because we heared a hobo was living there, lucky for us we didn't see anybody. This manoir is jammed with stuff , so much I didn't have a good idea where to start or...
  5. schräglage

    Re: Travelling By Numbers Tour Germany Hotel S 02/2014

    Spent some hours in that nice hotel shooting, unfortunately the housekeeper wouldn't let us shoot in some parts of this location like the nice saloon or the expensive rooms... My pictures: 1: 2: 3: 4: 5: 6: 7: 8: 9:
  6. MiaroDigital

    Golf Hotel - 2014

    1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
  7. oldskool

    Travelling By Numbers Tour Germany Hotel S 02/2014

    Ok first instalment of the Travelling By Numbers Tour Germany Hotel S Started planning this tour a few months ago , we had more than enough locations to be going at just a couple of fails and 11 locations successful in 3 days . The partners in crime this trip were Cloaked Up, Camera Shy and...
  8. Robert Dupon

    Newport Towers Hotel Jan2014

    As far back as the Council's planning history relates (1948), the site has always been a hotel. Historic maps also confirm that from at least 1950 the site was documented on OS maps as Newport Towers Hotel.The site eventually closed in 2006 due to the m5 taking passing trafic away from the area...
  9. Marsden1002

    Thistle Hotel, Manchester - Jan 2014

    Hi All! Can't seam to find any information on this building, but it is a grade 2 listed building . . . . . Visited again with a non-member, and despite he has been here before, decided to show me this one. This time it started to rain quite hard, but decided to press on, hence my camera took...
  10. Marsden1002

    Britannia Hotel, Manchester - Jan 2014

    Hello, Visited here recently with a Non- Member. Gave quite good views, apart from it being quite windy and raining, which have a little of my photos some lens flare :-/ Thanks for looking in ;-)

    Royal York Hotel - Hampshire - Isle Of Wight - December 2013

    The Royal York Hotel,a fine Art Deco style building completed in 1935 , replacing the original Victorian hotel of the same name. Closed in 2006. My guess is that it will be turnt into flats in the near future! The video tour!
  12. Mon Ster

    The Dormy Hotel Bournemouth September 2013

    The Dormy Hotel Ferndown Dorset Not going to go into history as there isn't much i don't think. it was a luxury hotel i believe and looking at it i would say the same. Set in Ferndown Dorset this has clearly been the target of a lot of vandalism and arsonists shame really.... was an...
  13. Mumi

    Mountain hotel Colonia Puig

    Hi mates! I'm glad to share with you my last report. There you'll see a very destroyed hotel, used as a hospital in the spanish civil war. Hope you enjoy! Cheers!
  14. Landie_Man

    Bryn Tirion Hotel, Red Wharf Bay, Wales- (VISITED 2010) 2013

    2013: I don't think this derp has had any more splores posted. 2010: No info really on this place, except it had 17 en suite bedrooms, all with colour tv, tea and coffee making facilities, and did conferencing. Still has half full barrells of cider and beer. Place is trashed to high heaven...
  15. The Urban Adventurer

    Le Grand Hotel Regina Belgium March 2013

    Situated in a beautiful valley on the banks of a majestic river this abandoned hotel looks forlorn and out of place with the well-kept houses along the same road.. true British style we parked right outside and bundled out of the car..the trouble with exploring with 6 other people is...
  16. Stussy

    The Hotel, Aberdeen - (Visited April 2012) March 2013

    This was a first, and maybe my first mistake, but I should blame myself for what happened as Metal Fairies had been in previously but were caught. But once you name a place it kind of seemed to go downhill , but it could have been just coincidental timing. I was the first person to explore...
  17. shaddam

    The Clock hotel - Hertfordshire - March 2013

    After spotting this the other day and seeing Canonguy's report i had to have a quick mooch around this place and get a hotel done under my belt :) . The hotel burned down a few years back and has been left to graffiti artists and vandals and probably the homeless, some more info here ...
  18. Canonguy

    Great Britain The Clock House Hotel hertfordshire-Sep 2012

    i have always driven passed this place since i was a kid and it was always busy and i remember my dad taking me in here when he had a meeting with JCB and the bloke from JCB gave me a digger keyring :grin: :cool2: i know a bit of information about this place but i think this news article...
  19. Paulpowers

    Renaissance hotel - Manchester Jan 2013

    The hotel is central to the City and shops. Richard and Judy were seen to have drinks in the bar . There is a large secure underground car park costing �16 per night which I think is a god damn bargain
  20. Nelly

    SOE Manor - AKA Hotel B - July 2012

    This was one of those places that I had wanted to do for nearly two years, right on my doorstep but very put off by the knowledge that their was a live in caretaker and a little story of the fate of the splorers who tried before us, nuff said ]Splored with Skeleton Key and Jayne Doe. I...

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