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  1. Ghost-Scooter

    Villa S. (Spielothek Grande / Amusement Hall Grande) - 06/2017

    Built in 1884 Villa S. ist regarded as the first casino at this coast. After decades of desertion and decay it burned down in 2006.  #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 #11 #12 #13
  2. Ghost-Scooter

    Radar Hills - 06/2017

    This ex Nato Base is not really spectacular regarding its structure or facilities but for its location. Situated on the top of a hill (about 1000m) it's a beautifull place to spend the night having a barbecue and some drinks with your buddies. Don't forget to wrap up warm. In the nights it's...
  3. Ghost-Scooter

    Chiesa nella forresta - 06/2017

    Deep in the woods of the Italian mountains I visited this small chapel. Due to an eartquake it is no longer accessible and abandoned. Although the chapel is really unimpressiv from the outside the beauty of the still existing interior makes it worth to be shown here. #1 DSC07367 by...
  4. Ghost-Scooter

    Palazzo di L. - 06/2017

    Just another bloody Italian palazzo.  :14_relaxed:  Unfortunately there's no information about the history of this palazzo but if you've got some € left use the opportunity to buy yourself a summer residence for only 1.6 million €. It's got some nice rooms to unwind and a private small chapel...
  5. Ghost-Scooter

    Paragon Hotel

    Information about the Paragon is rare. The old 5-Star Grand Hotel closed in 2007 because of decreasing number of tourists visiting the small town somewhere in the nowhere of the Italian mountains. #1 DSC08077 by Ghost-Scooter, auf Flickr #2 DSC08078 by Ghost-Scooter, auf Flickr #3...
  6. Ghost-Scooter

    Manicomio di C. - 09/2016

    The terrain of this psychiatric hospital is huge (1.000.000 square metre). So it took me 2 days to explore and I didn't have a chance to visit all buildings or the whole surrounding. UNfortunately most of the buildings were cleared but it was still beautiful there. Between 1908 and 1933  40...
  7. Ghost-Scooter

    Colonia B. - 06/2017

    Colonia B. was a holiday camp for children at the age of 6 to 12 years. Built on a small hill next to the sea in 1902 it is abandoned since 1997. #1 DSC07241 by Ghost-Scooter, auf Flickr #2 DSC07208 by Ghost-Scooter, auf Flickr #3 DSC07209 by Ghost-Scooter, auf Flickr #4 DSC07210 by...
  8. Ghost-Scooter

    Villa Sbertoli - 08/2017

    Once upon a time there was a prosperous father and his mentally ill son. Instead of giving the son to lunatic asylum he decided to try to cure his son on his own. Breathing his last the father willed to spend all of his property to the research of mental illness. According to his directive...
  9. Ghost-Scooter

    Italy Villa amante del sole - 08/2017

    There wasn't much to see at Villa amante del sole but I really love its architecture. Built in the 1930s the whole building was able to rotatet 360 degrees - following the sun. Unfortunately I couldn't visit the whole surrounding of the villa as I felt not to be alone. #1 DSC07902 by...
  10. The_Raw

    Italy Villa SS, Italy - September 2017

    An abandoned villa, named SS after the town it resides in. Not much to say really, a waste of a perfectly good house! Not my usual kind of explore if I'm honest but it made a change and kept @Miss.Anthropehappy!           Same room but with the balcony doors opened to allow the...
  11. Ghost-Scooter

    Collegio di musica /School of music - 06/2017

    Collegio di Musica was a large religious school built in the 60s by the Salesian Society and closed in the 80s. Although it's quite well known it's still in a quite good condition. #1 DSC07073 by Ghost-Scooter, auf Flickr #2 DSC07074 by Ghost-Scooter, auf Flickr #3 DSC07076 by...
  12. Ghost-Scooter

    Chiesa Blu - 09/2016

    Far in the Italian outback you can find this abandoned catholic convent. It has been used as a religios school until the late 1970s and is abandones since. #1 DSC05521 by Ghost-Scooter, auf Flickr #2 DSC05519 by Ghost-Scooter, auf Flickr #3 DSC05532 by Ghost-Scooter, auf Flickr #4...
  13. Paradox

    Animal Testing Center - Italy - June 2017

    Following on from our escapades here is another report from The Derpy Rotten Scoundrels Euroderp Tour earlier this year. Having spent the previous day dicking about by Lake Como, swimming in the lake, the lads got their broga on, whilst Disco Kitten put everyone to shame with her epic yoga...
  14. Ghost-Scooter

    Teatro G. - 06/2017

    3 guys, a van, lots of Cuba Libre,  Teatro G. #1 DSC07420 by Ghost-Scooter, auf Flickr #2 DSC07430 by Ghost-Scooter, auf Flickr #3 DSC07428 by Ghost-Scooter, auf Flickr #4 DSC07435 by Ghost-Scooter, auf Flickr
  15. Ghost-Scooter

    Metalworks - 05/2017

    A former aluminium plant - production hall was 400 meters #1 DSC07440 by Ghost-Scooter, auf Flickr #2 DSC07442 by Ghost-Scooter, auf Flickr #3 DSC07446 by Ghost-Scooter, auf Flickr #4 DSC07448 by Ghost-Scooter, auf Flickr #5 DSC07449 by Ghost-Scooter, auf Flickr #6 DSC07450 by...
  16. MiaroDigital

    Italy Villa V... - [visit 06/2k17]

    A abandoned Villa in Italy... 1. Villa V 01 by Miaro Digital, auf Flickr 2. Villa V 02 by Miaro Digital, auf Flickr 3. Villa V 03 by Miaro Digital, auf Flickr 4. Villa V 04 by Miaro Digital, auf Flickr
  17. Stussy

    Powerstation P - April 16

    Another drive past find on a trip to Italy last year, never seen pics of it, so we called it Powerplant Percy.  It was a sub-station of some sort, but stripped out and not much to see, but it was rather nice inside, so here you have it.             Well there you have it...
  18. Stussy

    Manicomio Di Quarto - April 16

    During a Italian trip waaaay back in 2016, I visited this rather lovely Manicomio in the heart of a seaside Italian City, it was impressive to say the least.  Huge stairs, huge windows, high ceilings, but sadly rather empty, but I enjoyed it enough to go back this year with Baroness Von...
  19. The_Raw

    Italy Non Plus Ultra, Italy - September 2017

    This extravagant castle was originally built in 1605 to a more simple design. During the 19th century it underwent an Arabian style makeover which took 40 years to reach completion. No attention was spared to detail, with each and every one of the 365 rooms given its own identity. During the...
  20. The_Raw

    Villa Sbertoli, Italy - September 2017

    Villa Sbertoli was built in the early 1800s by wealthy merchant Agostino Sbertoli. According to some sources he decided to turn the villa into a psychiatric hospital because he had a disabled son, whom he tried to cure all his life. On his death bed he decided to devote all his possessions to a...