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  1. enry98

    Pharmaceutical Laboratory

    Hey guys! There is probably already a topic about this place but since I wanted to post a video I opened this new topic in the video section :) The facility was owned by a company which produced cosmetics. It was made of two parts: the laboratory for the creation and testing of new products...
  2. The_Raw

    Centrale Termoelettrica, Italy - September 2017

    I can't find much history about this place except it was built in the 1950s and abandoned in the 90s due to a more modern replacement being built nearby. Sadly the turbine hall has been completely gutted but the control room was absolutely pukka. A nice chilled explore with @Miss.Anthrope   1...
  3. The_Raw

    Italy Castello G, Italy - September 2017

    The castle was built in 1860 as a summer residence on a small island. It remained in the hands of the same family until 1975 when it was sold on. Developers eventually planned to convert it into a 5 star beauty farm but they went bust in 2010 half way through the renovation. Work stopped and the...
  4. Andy

    Italy Villa fresco (visited 07/2015)

    Already visited this villa two years ago, just forgot the photos on my hard drive. Two rooms were decorated with beautiful ceiling paintings, the rest of the building was unadorned and empty. Know nothing about it's history.     1   2   3   4   5   6   7    
  5. Andy

    La chiesa nascosta (visited 05/2016)

    The church, already visited in May 2016, is located lonely, above a small Italian village. It's partly overgrown and hidden behind bushes and trees. Unfortunately I couldn't find anything about the history of this building.  The photos with the light beam through the swirled dust were taken at...
  6. SpiderMonkey

    Black Turbines - April 2015

    This small hydroelectric power station originally powered the neighboring Crespi textiles factory that closed some time ago. Before we came here we were aware that the building was possibly alarmed, but determined to see the industrial deliciousness inside, we carried on.    On our approach...
  7. X

    Multisala, July 2016

      This big complex closed down in 2006, with almost 3500 seats in 15 différents cinema room. Now it's a 21,515 square meters ghost town. The building is in poor condition. The business was managed by a Chinese billionaire. But he had some troubles with the justice and has few years in jail...
  8. Abandoomed Diegooz

    Selection of Italian explore videos

    Selection of Italian explore videos.. enjoy!
  9. Andy

    Villa con sala grande (visited 05/2016)

    The three-storey villa dates back to the 17th century and was expanded in the 18th and 19th centuries. Their owners changed repeatedly and the villa was damaged in the Second World War. It has been abandoned since the late 1950s.     1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8...
  10. Andy

    Scuola un ordine cattolico (visited 05/2016)

    The school of a Catholic religious community was already founded in the 19th century. I don't know when it was closed, it was still in use in the 1960s.   Another set from a tour with a broken camera - therefore the pics are annoyingly in a very bad quality and not really sharp as well... I...
  11. Andy

    in conventus (visited 05/2016)

    Difficult, to find information about this place. It was built on the remains of an ancient church from the fifteenth century and was used as a convent of a spiritual brotherhood. I don't know when it was given up.   Unfortunately the image quality is terrible and as well the photos aren't...
  12. NS Photos

    Tanks Graveyard in Italy

    Hello, here another post with a military graveyard in Italy that i'd visited last Summer during my holidays  :)  Here are a lot of tanks, perfect aligned, they looks pretty good, i don't know why they are parked here .... i think it's a shame when i think about the cost of one tank !!!! It was a...
  13. Vief

    Italy The Yellow Curtain Villa - May '16

    Such a beautiful abandoned villa in Italy. I couldn't believe my eyes when I entered this huge hallway with a stunning ceiling and painted walls. There is also a chapel, but we had to be very quiet, I didn't take a look, cause it was very noisy. Probably you have seen this one before, but I...
  14. TheVampiricSquid

    Manicomio Di Q, Italy - September 2016

    Two posts in one night, i hope y'all don't mind! :D   Back to Italy, and this is (albeit slightly repetitive) one for the stair porn lovers! This absolute gem is tucked away in a disused building on a live hospital. After scoping the place out for well over half an hour in the blistering heat...
  15. Andy

    Chiesa Gialla (visited 05/2016)

    Built in the second half of the 18th century, abandoned for about 60 years now.    The church is part of a manor house, which is also abandoned.      1   2   3   4   5   6  
  16. franconiangirl

    Colonia Montana - September '14

    The former children´s sanatorium ("colonia") is located somewhere in the Italian mountains and was once built for the treatment of ill children. The building itself was a mere time capsule, full of numerous sick beds, school inventory as well as old medical bottles, ointments and tinctures -...
  17. franconiangirl

    Dark School of Music - October 2015

    I have hardly any information about this former boarding school. Apparently it was an institute for boys only. The building is in a decaying state. Fortunately, the vandalism isn´t too bad so far. The size of this insitution almost kills you. It´s very emotional to explore this part of history...
  18. T

    Great Britain Italy Oct 2016 : Blue Cross Church

    been a while but thought would share this one as usual photobucket f**** up the quality 1st day in Italy and got to say I loved this place, huge seminary with a lovely chapel

    Powerplant V Italy - April 2015

    Powerplant V is an abandoned Hydro-electric power plant in Italy which appears to be attached to a factory of some description. Whilst the majority of the site has been abandoned for quite some time, there are some buildings which appear to be still in use possibly still generating power from...
  20. TheVampiricSquid

    Animal Testing Facility, Italy - September 2016

    On a rather rushed last day this was our second to last stop. We were instantly eyed up by the residents of the flats opposite, but after a while of milling around trying not to look suspicious they disappeared. It wasn't long before we were inside and it really hit me. Rows and rows of cages...