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  1. seaside_rambler

    Great Britain Cautley House Christian Centre, Kent - 2017 & 2019

    Originally the Sea View Hotel, Cautley House is in every way as bland and and tacky as I expected. Built in 1888, it was extended to the east in 1906, became the Seabrook Hotel in the 1960s, Alfred’s Hotel in the 1980s and then a christian healing centre in around 1994. A care home was next on...
  2. jane doe

    Great Britain Lillesden School Kent 2012

    The school occupies what used to be the Lillesden Estate Mansion, built at the estate (south of Hawkhurst) in 1855 by the banker Edward Loyd, who moved there after marrying. The house and estate remained in the family until just after the First World War, when it was then sold and eventually...
  3. B

    Train Graveyard, Kent August 2018

    HISTORY Tenterden Town railway station is a heritage railway station on the Kent and East Sussex Railway in Tenterden, Kent, England. When the railway line first opened in 1900, Rolvenden Station was known as "Tenterden". Its name was changed when the line extended north three years later and...
  4. jane doe

    Great Britain Manor House Kent 2012

    Another old explore ...a little gem in Kent  :)  
  5. Thelocksmithman

    College Labs - Wye - Kent - August 2017

    Soooooo after seeing a couple of reports go up recently covering this part of the old college, and tried previously on numerous attempts with no avail a few years ago when we managed the sports hall and Withersdane Hall parts, i decided now was the time to return and have another go.   Credit...
  6. Gromr123

    Royal Marine's Deep Refuge - Chatham, Kent - July 2017

    This ones been long in the planning, but eventually at some ungodly hour of the morning me and Brewtal managed to get inside and see the place for ourselves. It was a pretty brief visit by all accounts, but we managed to see most of the lower level.  History Built as part of the now demolished...
  7. Thelocksmithman

    Ashford Vaults - July - 2014 - Kent

    Well here goes a first report on here since i joined in 2013, completely forgetting i had created an account so please accept my delayed apologies for being inactive...   I visited this place in 2014, so a while ago now... hence why the pictures are how they are  :? . After an epic road trip...
  8. K

    Aylesford Newsprint, Kent, March 2016

    History The business was founded in 1922 and was the longest established producer of 100 per cent recycled newsprint and produced on average 400,000 tonnes of recycled newsprint every year from 500,000 tonnes of recycled waste fibre. On 23rd February 2015, the plant’s 300-strong workforce was...
  9. hamtagger

    Benenden Hospital, Kent - September 2015

    Benenden Hospital The Explore A couple of days before the Cliffe Forte meet me and @Urbexbandoned sat and did a bit of research of the area, i got distracted as usual by the internet because I am a man. @Urbexbandoned suggested this little gem and i'm glad she did. @Maniac and @Obscurity had...
  10. Maniac

    The big Kent Meetup, 5th / 6th September 2015

    Come and spend the tail end of the summer exploring, relaxing and having a good time in Kent. OK it is the arse end of England, but we've never had a proper big meet down here . . . . until now! I've been promising people for a long time that I would organise a meet in Kent, so here it is. Date...
  11. SlimJim

    Greetings from Kent!

    Just joined up, but not new to the hobby :D I hail from East Kent and mostly do regular explores within Kent and the surrounding counties! I've mostly frequented DP in the past as well as Flickr and Youtube, but The Vampiric Squid suggested I join OS as you have a community of many fine...
  12. Nomad

    Greeetings from Kent

    Although this is my first Ubex site I have been taking pictures for a while, just looking for new and exciting locations to explore and record bws Nomad
  13. Landie_Man

    Thamesteel, Sherness, Kent - April 2015

    Well its been a few weeks since I posted, and about 6 weeks since I visited here with 3 exploring friends from various forums (Liam_CH, Els and a Bengley). I have wanted to crack this site for a very long time, so it was nice to get it done on a sunny April weekend The site is located in...
  14. Wevsky

    Mote Park Mine Kent december 2014

    Not much to say about this one ,It was a Ragstone mine for building stone, probably 19th century,there has been much rumour of tunnels under this area and not much actual information ,seems it was opened up many years ago and surveyed after it had been sealed up in the 1960's,some evidence of...
  15. Obscurity

    Mote Park Mine, Maidstone, Kent - Oct 2014 - Jan 2015

    I thought now would be a good time to kick off 2015 with my first report of the year :thumb After countless trips around the UK to visit various mines and quarries, it begged the question as to what is located closer to home as there must have been mining activity around Kent. Throughout the...
  16. Obscurity

    Storm Relief Mine - Kent - Nov 2014

    Storm Relief Mine – Kent – Visited with two non-members So it has been quite a while since I last posted a report up, in fact this may be the first one this year but this is not through lack of trying just that a list has formed over time and sometimes things take time, effort and hard work...
  17. Wevsky

    RM Deep Refuge Kent August 2014

    Wasn't going to do a report seeing as how Woody covered it so nicely but it has been a while since my last report and i thought why not.Rumour has it that the place is locked up but doesn't sound like its been locked officially either so really not sure of the state of play here! This did have...
  18. C

    Cliffe Fort, Kent. Sept '14

    Built in the 1860s, Cliffe Fort was designed to protect the Thames from invasion. It was armed with 12.5-inch 38-ton and 11-inch 25-ton rifled muzzle-loading guns. Protection of these guns was provided by granite-faced casemates with shields for added defence. The shields, casemates and the...
  19. woody

    River Grom culvert - Sept 2014

    visited with alanmowbs82 and captain_kid this culvert runs for about a mile and half, it has three different build techniques, prefab concrete rings, round victorian and egg shaped, I'm assuming that the downstream half of the culvert was changed from victorian brick to the concrete to accept an...
  20. woody

    st martin's deep shelter - july 2014

    visited with alanmowbs82 this was the last of the dover shelters we needed to do, popped down for a quick look and sadly now all locked up again, apart from the fire damage it's still in pretty good nick and a few decent photo opportunities, history here...