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  1. Landie_Man

    NJ Dyeing, Leeds - March 2014

    So next, Mookster and I start our tour up North. We basically had 2 days of failure with only 2 successful explores to about 10 ish locations and about 250 miles of driving. It was pretty downing. We decided to retreat to our hotel. The next morning we went straight to this gem. A lot of it...
  2. Silent Hill

    High Royd's Hospital. Menston. Leeds. Visited this milleniumm 2013

    High Royd's was a former psychiatric hospital which was opened on the 8th of October 1888 as the West Riding Pauper Lunatics Asylum, and designed by the then revered architect J. Vickers Edwards. It was designed on the broad arrow plan. The Victorians liked all things symmetrical :wink...
  3. Silent Hill

    Murphy's Machinery. Menston. Leeds. Visited sometime this millennium.

    Murphy's Machinery Established in 1930! Murphy's were industrial parts manufacturers who made tools, belt driven machinery, transmissions and electrical equipment. They specialized in items for tanners and leather manufactures. They finally hung up their tools around 2002. Visited with my...
  4. mrtoby

    Cookridge Hospital - Leeds - October 2013

    A little bit of history: "In 1886 John North gifted £6,000 to open a convalescent home in memory of his daughter Ida. Chorley and Connon were the Architects, opened 10th May 1888. Robert Arthington financed a second hospital on adjacent site which opened May 1905, and took his name but was...
  5. Landie_Man

    Dalton Mills, Leeds (VISITED AUG 2011) 2013

    2013: NO idea 2011: Fantastic explore, visited with with Zoe; My Girlfriend, TBM and his girlfriend. Once in, we determined the noise of angle grinding to be coming from the live part of the site, though the Gypsy caravans complete with stables and stud out the back were a little un...
  6. jones-y-gog

    Great Britain The George, Leeds - 2013

    Once would have been a fine building in it's day, I believe it's listed but not been able to find out when it was built. The offices attached are undergoing major interior repairs. This is what I've managed to find out. 2001 - major refurb costing £60k. 2005- closed it's doors. 2006 -...