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  1. -Raz-

    Knostrop treatment works outlet, Leeds - July 2015

    Having stumbled across a report from a couple years back and after a little bit of research later that evening me and Matt had a short drive over to Leeds to check out the "LOL drain" It's not that long but does have some nice bits and having only been in meanwood beck and the tunnels under...
  2. Hydro

    Leeds (South) From Above

    Hello all, Few pics from above leeds on roof tops/car parks :) Train leaving Leeds Station Cheers for looking :thumb
  3. Hydro

    Roof Topping, Leeds - Various Locations/Visits

    Hello all, Leeds from above in various locations, styles and quality thanks to Facebook :thumb Enjoy!! Thanks for looking :thumb
  4. Hydro

    Dark Arches - Revisit - July 15 (More Photos)

    [CENTER] Went back for another look and heres what i got!!
  5. Hydro

    Opal 3 Roof, Leeds - Various Visits

    General Background; Ranking in as the third tallest building in Leeds at 25 floors tall or 269ft above Leeds city center. Situated above the Leeds First Direct Arena this building dominates the sky line. Completed in 2007 it now plays host to some 500 plus students studying at Leeds Uni...
  6. Hydro

    The Dark Arches, Leeds - June 2015

    Explored with Raz & a non - member Bit of history to start; In 1864 it was proposed to build "New Station" in Leeds. Construction began in 1866 and the station was completed in 1869. The new station was built on arches which span the River Aire, Neville Street and Swinegate. The building...
  7. MrT

    High Royds Hospital May 2015

    Visited with Zero and The Baron back in March, didn't bump into a hundred people aswell, which was nice. Sure you have seen and heard enough of this place so ill keep it short and sweet. High Royds Hospital is a former psychiatric hospital in West Yorkshire. The hospital was intended to be...
  8. Ferox

    Cookridge Hospital, Leeds. May 2015

    Would have been rude not to nip in here while in the area. Again visited with Paul 2129, great morning this mate. Really not that much left here now and what is still there to explore is in a right state. Still, some interesting things left to see and alot of peeling paint. Glad I seen what's...
  9. MrT

    Mount St Marys May 2015

    Mount St Marys Roman Catholic Church built by architect and inventor Joseph Hansom. In 1829 the Catholic Emancipation Act was passed, and in 1850 the Catholic hierarchy was restored in England with the country being divided into dioceses, each with a Bishop. There followed the construction of...
  10. -Raz-

    Roundhay Park Tunnels, Leeds - May 2015

    After a boring day at work I dusted off the waders and found myself in some tunnels under Roundhay park. Shortly after walking into the tunnel my torch decided to run out of batteries :shock: this meant using a head torch to light the place up!
  11. jones-y-gog

    Leeds War Room Region 2 - Feb 2015

    A rare visit from me in the Military section, in fact wasn't sure to post here or in the underground :confused: This was a opportunity I had to jump on quickly after seeing a report elsewhere and gathering that demolition was about to start. After all, its not every day you can explore a...
  12. -Raz-

    Opal 3 Rooftop Leeds

    Will post a report at some point but for now ill just post a video :)
  13. Fatpanda

    Church of Giants-Mar 15

    This visit was a nice little treat d heard about the place and that the access was hard but after abit of snoopnig we managed to get to the main church building and what a sight we were met with, the sheer size of it made me a little excited :) this was the first sucsessful visit of the day...
  14. Fatpanda

    Opal 3 rooftop Leeds - Mar 15

    After hearing that the roof of this place was accessible i couldn't wait to hit this one, a bit of a ball ache for access to the building but wait around for long enough and the opportunity will arise. At 269ft you cant help but fall in love with the live rooftops and seeing the tiny ant people...
  15. -Raz-

    Top of the British Gas Building in Leeds

    according to wiki 21'st highest building in Leeds;
  16. Matt Inked

    Leeds Girls School - Leeds - (January 2015)

    Visited With Hamtagger and Session9 Now Public thanks to the wonderful world of Social Media. :) After a successful morning in York and Leeds we decided to head for our "Main Splore of the Day" We decided that this weekend was the time to get the old girl done before it becomes impossible to...
  17. hamtagger

    Terry's Chocolate, York - Jan 15

    Terry's Chocolate Factory The Explore Alarm clock springs into life at 3:30am, it feels like someone has thrown sand in my eyes and I wonder for a split second why i'm awake this early. Then I remember.. explore day :cool2: I drove up to meet Matt Inked, then onwards to York to rendezvous...
  18. jones-y-gog

    Leeds Girls School, December 2014

    Leeds Girls High School was founded in 1876 and was an independent, selective, fee-paying school for girls aged 3 to 18. In 2005 it was decided to merge with Leeds Grammar school although this didn't physically take effect until September 2008. The main building, which I visited, is the Senior...
  19. Paulpowers

    Meanwood Beck, Leeds - May 2014

    Had a bit of time to kill while I was waiting for work and I was sat up in Roundhay so I decided to pop down Meanwood beck for a walk. Sadly I got a call for work before I go to see it all so I'll have to return to complete the course. The beck was previously a source of water for the village...
  20. Paulpowers

    Roundhay Park, Leeds - April 2014

    I've been working up in Newcastle and on the way back home I decided to stop and take a break I've not seen this one posted for a couple of years but I've always fancied it so popped in :) Leeds council don't fuck about And finally the end