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  1. Maniac

    Battersea Powerstation, London - Oct 2013

    Yes, it's another Battersea report! Well it had to be done really, I've put it off long enough, what with stories of ruthless security and a guaranteed night in the cells if you got caught, the place being like a maze if you didn't know it well, the chances of actually getting across...
  2. Landie_Man

    Oriental City Shopping Centre, Collindale, North London - October 2013

    So this had been on my radar for a while, I even visited here in January 2005 with my parents and some friends to buy some Chinese ingredients for a special meal that was being cooked for an occasion of which I can't remember. At 14 years old this place was really interesting, lots of...
  3. Harry

    London Road air-raid shelter, Portsmouth - (Visited 2010) 2013

    Built in the chalk for the citizens of Portsmouth in the event of an air-raid during WW2, it's easily the best air-raid shelter i've visited, a true time capsule of which i can't convey the feelings that were stirred inside or how oppressive it might have felt back in the day. But armed with a...
  4. shaddam

    St Joseph's Missionary College - London - August 2013

    So it's been a while since i've been to a site that i've been able to produce a report after !, Arranging a trip out with Starlight and Mr scatters we decided to visit st joe's i won't bore you with the history of the place, instead i will link to an excellent report produced by Nelly ...
  5. Landie_Man

    Kings Reach, London (VISITED Mar 2012) 2013

    2013: I beleive it now costs more to visit here, a lot more and it is more restricted 2012: FINALLY got round to sticking this up after so long, been absolutley flat out. This was a paid for permission visit! A mere £10 entry for 6 hours access!!! Sorry is been so long guys! Kings...
  6. Landie_Man

    Rank Hovis, Docklands, London - (VISITED Jun 2010) -2013

    2013: I believe this is still here, the grounds were used for an event some time ago, so the buildings may be locked down. 2010: Wow! What a day! After an annoyance with Mookie (Ben), sleeping in, making us over two hours late, me and Tom (True_British_Metal) were left to mope around town...
  7. Canonguy

    Derelict London Facebook

    might be useful for some derps and sites in london :)
  8. shaddam

    Great Britain Millennium Mills - London - May 2013

    So This is my 5th visit to the place Anyway explored with Harry, Starlight and 1 non member, arrived at the site in the wee hours of the morning and made our way in.. access this time around was surprisingly easy with no one around we where very relaxed. After helping Star after she made...
  9. seaside_rambler

    Great Britain Millenium Mills, London - May 2013

    Lots of history on these mills that most people already know, for those who don't here's a link to some history Few iffy rooftop shots, of 30 sec exposure, with the f/ too high apparently... slowly learning though! A few from inside. This is a vast place, some bits empty, others with all...
  10. Lowri Jen

    Great Britain Stone House Hospital, City of London Lunatic Asylum - (June 2012) 2013

    I visited this place last year when I was trying to see as many asylums as possible before they were knocked down or converted. I must have got to this one just in time, as last time I visited there were people living in it. It was nice to see the building being put to good use and the...
  11. Frosty

    Clapham North - London - (2011) - 2013

    Visited with Fortknox0 and Maniac, Lovely explore this, part of the underground, this was an air raid shelter back in the day and now doesnt appear to be used for anything! Brick wall on a staircase leads through to something im sure would be a lot more interesting ;) . Well worth a look...
  12. Timster1973

    Abbey Mills, London 2013

    Hi guys, Won't put any other posts up tonight - don't want to flood the boards and be throw off ;) This was a permission visit and a total one off. A lot of this is still in operation. The original Abbey Mills Pumping Station, in Abbey Lane, London E15, is a sewage pumping station, designed...
  13. Flava

    Stone House Hospital, London Lunatic Asylum Kent - April 201

    Stone House Hospital, formerly the City of London Lunatic Asylum, was a hospital and former mental illness treatment facility in Stone, near Dartford, Kent, in the United Kingdom. As of November, 2007 the hospital has been closed, and bids have been taken for its redevelopment to house luxury...
  14. Nelly

    Great Britain St Josephs Missionary College - London - Jan 2013

    St. Joseph's Missionary College Splored with SK, Trog and Peaches The St Joseph's Foreign Missionary Society (Mill Hill Missionaries) was founded at Mill Hill in 1866 by Father Herbert Vaughan (1832-1903). It was the first catholic missionary society to be founded in England. Ordained at the...
  15. Nelly

    Kensal Green Cemetery - London - Oct 2011

    Not really derelict, but it was a quality mooch!!! _________________________________________________ The General Cemetery of All Souls, Kensal Green, is one of England's oldest and most beautiful public burial grounds The plan for London's first garden cemetery was initiated by the...
  16. Nelly

    Stone House Hospital/City of London Lunatic Asylum - Nov '11

    Stone House Hospital, formerly the City of London Lunatic Asylum, was a hospital and former mental illness treatment facility in Stone, near Dartford, Kent Stone House was originally constructed at a cost of £65,000 between 1862 and 1866 at the behest of the London Commissioners in Lunacy to...
  17. R

    Report - Spillers Millennium Mills - London - March 2011

    Visited this site with OliverGT - big thanks to him for getting in contact with me. This was my second attempt, but first successful visit. What an amazing place, I am so glad I've seen it. Pictures just don't do it justice. Access was fun, and once you're in there are lots of holes to fall...
  18. Maniac

    Atkinson Morley Hospital, London - May 2010

    As part of the 'stop talking about doing stuff, and actually go and do it' initiative, I Visited this place with DesertionPhotography. Atkinson Morley Hospital was established on its present site in 1869 and closed in 2003. It was noteable as being the first place in the UK to have a CT scanner...
  19. Shadow

    London Road Deep Shelter - Portsmouth

    Moley PM'd me asking for this to be posted privately, so here it is even if he can't see it :lol:
  20. superwide

    London Underground history

    This may be of interest, London underground history.