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  1. Pinkman

    Lincoln plaza, London Docklands – Nov 2015

    The Official sales chat - taken from the website Offering breathtaking views, first class facilities and superlative living accommodation in a location of international status, Lincoln Plaza is set to provide one of the most prestigious and sophisticated new landmarks on Canary Wharf’s iconic...
  2. G

    London, Paris & Berlin Track footage

    Various bits of cobbled together footage from exploring metro systems in London and overseas. (The end bit at Aldwych is an in-joke). There's stuff from New York and skyscrapers and stuff on the account, as well as a trip to North Korea. I rarely film, so not much on...
  3. The_Raw

    Leicester Square Crane, London - October 2015

    After a curry and some beers with mates I decided to go climb something on my way home, as you do. The first site was a fail so I headed for the nearest crane and ended up here. I've always wanted to get up above Leicester Square but the insane amount of police everywhere always put me off...
  4. skeleton key

    Infiltration, Underground London.

    A few visits to various sections over the past few years and thought I may as well do something with the clips taken. ;) It might not link as showing error in linking and to try latter :P
  5. -Raz-

    A Couple of London Rooftops - September 2015

    Visited both these place after travelling down to London the night before the kent meetup :) I had always wanted to see London from the rooftops with my own eyes and it did not disappoint! much better than the rubbish views I had seen in Leeds and Sheffield! Thanks to The Raw and Extreme...
  6. The_Raw

    Ram Brewery, London - September 2015

    Met up with extreme_ironing and maniac in Tooting about 8pm for some food with the intention of heading to East London to check out some cinemas. Four beers later and so much Lebanese food that we all had the meat sweats, we realised none of us could deal with going too far with so we decided to...
  7. Hydro

    Minories, London - Sept 15

    Visited with The_Raw, ExtremeIroning, Raz and Jamie_P Setting the scene; 5 people, 1 206, a huge squash. After exiting my clown car which was clearly not designed for more than 3 people (French so i guess i expect too much) we jumped the wall, shimmied the scaff, over a fence and we were...
  8. Hydro

    One Angel Court, London - Sept 15

    Massive thanks to The_Raw and ExtremeIroning for showing us this one!! Well worth the 4 hour drive from T'old Yorkshire to the big city! Explored with Raz, Jamie, Damo and Michael the night before the Kent Meet up. From what I can gather Angel Court is a 70's design high rise office block...
  9. weemanG4S

    Hello from South London

    Hey guys and girls, I’ve been a reader of this great forum of yours for some time now and thought i was high time I signed up.I first came across your forum when reading the updates on the Save Earls Court campaign twitter of the raw's pictures of the site where I and many others had the...
  10. The_Raw

    Victorian Drainage Tunnels, London - June 2015

    I had my first look around some Victorian drains this week. Massive thanks to Adders for taking me, extreme_ironing, and a friend visiting from Germany to see these epic bits of infrastructure. I probably wouldn't have ventured down without his expertise and knowledge to be honest. I've also...
  11. The_Raw

    The Post Office Railway (Mail Rail), London - 2015

    The Post Office Railway, also known as Mail Rail, is a driverless underground railway 6 1⁄2 miles (10.5 km) long from Paddington to Whitechapel built to move mail between sorting offices. Inspired by the Chicago Tunnel Company, it operated from 1927 until 2003. Construction of the 2 ft (610 mm)...
  12. -Raz-

    St Thomas's Hospital Medical School, London - May 2015

    This place is in a epic location and makes for some nice sightseeing, although waiting for a gap in traffic was another story... We didn't get as long as we wanted in here due to a couple of the group getting busted! just as I was about to climb the tower :( nevertheless we managed enough time...
  13. Merryprankster

    London - May - 2015

    sooo i went to london last weekend and flashed a skyscraper, first time for everything, me and the gherkin compared gherkins, needless to say the gherkins gherkin was massive so i put my clothes back on, and sheepishly went back to my bottle of sailor jerrys. My excuse is it was bloody cold and...
  14. Merryprankster

    St Thomas Hospital college block 9 - London - May - 2015

    Well well well, hasn't it been a rather drama filled week in the exploring world, who needs eastenders when you have weeks like this - we got Elwyn whingeing about his missing teeth, fingers getting severed at sevs and then today we've been graced with the despicable antics of some photo...
  15. DirtyJigsaw

    Rooftopping London May 15

    Hello All, I haven't posted a report on here for some time, but I will try to get more on here from now :) Thought id post up this one as myself, MrDan and Sweetpea popped into Central to capture some shots of St. Pauls with the lights to mark the 70th anniversary of VE Day :) And what...
  16. AndyK!

    Towers from Towers - London Rooftops (Nov 2014)

    During a visit to London it would be rude not to hit up a few of the capital's rooftops! We visited a couple of them with great views. The first was a building site near Tower Bridge, offering great views of the bridge and along the Thames. It was a shame a crane was slightly obscuring the view...
  17. The_Raw

    St Bernard's Hospital - London, May 2015 / July 2017

    This place really should have been looked at a long time ago, the history behind the place is literally insane. Thanks to zombizza for putting the lead up, it was still just about worth a look inside although practically everything has been stripped already. I went inside with workers present...
  18. Urbexbandoned

    Highgate Station - London - April 2015

    Highgate Station was sited in a deep cutting immediately west of the Highgate East tunnels and when opened in 1867 it had two side platforms with the main station building on the ‘down’ (south) side at the end of an approach road and a waiting shelter on the ‘up side’. A passing loop was...
  19. Maniac

    Earls Court exhibition centre, London, April 2015

    After hearing this was closing at the end of last year, it went straight on my list and then promptly got forgotten about until I suddenly remembered about it when chatting with The_raw and others a few weeks back. So we set a date and went and had a look round. Probably shouldn't have left it...
  20. The_Raw

    Lots Road Power Station, London - April 2015

    Lots Road power station (nicknamed the Chelsea Monster) was commissioned in 1905 to provide electricity for the Metropolitan District Railway, now known as the District line. It was originally coal fired and had four chimneys, but when it was converted to oil operation in the 1960's two of them...

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