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  1. Lavino

    Premier Inn, Manchester - June 2018

    Premier inn Manchester Visited with @GK-WAX and @vulex we was after a little get together so decided on a nice relaxed evening chilling on the Manchester skyline. After a very hot day was good to unwind and take in Liverpool he view and watch the world go by below us. DSC_3169 by Lavino...
  2. The Urban Collective

    Bygone Pub's - St Joseph's Sodality Club - Leigh Lanc's - Feb 2018

    The Old Sodality Club #Leigh Lanc's This video is the first of my new series #bygonepubs where Il be documenting the steady decline of these wonderful gathering holes as the corporations' franchises and chains etc increase their stamp on society. I've had wonderful feedback from many people...
  3. The Urban Collective

    Rylands Mill - Pagefield College campus - Video Report - Feb 2018

    Rylands Mill - Pagefield College campus - Video Report - Feb 2018 I must admit guys this place is one of my favorite explores up to now, from researching the history to seeing just how dilapidated it has become. It truly was a marvel for the eyes. Rylans mill or page field as it was later...
  4. The Urban Collective

    Rylands Mill - Pagefield College campus - Photographic Report - Feb 2018

    Pagefield mill - photographic report - Feb 2018  I must admit guys this place is one of my favorite explores up to now, from researching the history to seeing just how dilapidated it has become. It truly was a marvel for the eyes. Rylans mill or page field as it was later known, was built...
  5. The Urban Collective

    Great Britain Brock Mill Report - 5/2/2017

    Hope the photo file sizes are good as I had to reduce them due to the cap. Brockmill first began operations around the mid-1700s and further expanded when the Earl of Balcarres bought the mill and built a furnace at Haigh foundry half a mile downstream. The two sights prospered building...
  6. The Urban Collective

    My Portfolio - The Urban Collective

    Hey, guys here's a link to my Urban Exploration photographic and video portfolio! I will be uploading regularly across the web and would like to become an active member of this community. Thanks for any feedback guys! Take care. https://clarky15031.wixsite.com/theurbancollective
  7. The Urban Collective

    Manchesters Victoria Arches - February 2018

    Hey, guys, this is a video from my recent exploration of Manchester's Victoria Arches. Unfortunately, we were caught entering and as I couldn't resist taking a peak I went it alone. However, we will be back to make a proper video report on the place. I was absolutely gutted to not get a proper...
  8. The Urban Collective

    Pagefield Mill - Wigan - 2018

    The beautiful post-apocalyptic page field mill - Video Report
  9. The Urban Collective

    Coronation Street 2018 - Old Granada Studios

    A post-apocalyptic look into Granada Studios old coronation street set! I felt I had to do this one considering I am a Mancunian and all, but sometimes these expeditions don't always go to plan.
  10. The Urban Collective

    Brock Mill Report - 5/2/2017

    Brock Mill video and photographic reports - 5/2/2018 A quality explore that we really enjoyed. Not the most architecturally stunning but still there's a certain beauty about decay.
  11. Admin


    Hello The Urban Collective, Welcome to Oblivion State. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. The Urban Collective joined on the 02/11/2018. View Member
  12. Britain's Decays

    Coronation Street Film Set, Granada Studios, Manchester - Jan 2018

    The old Coronation Street Film set is currently sat, abandoned , waiting demolition. This video shows an explore of the purpose built film set at Granada Studios in Manchester. Although this wasn't the very first film set at the studio it's one of the most well known and remembered amongst fans...
  13. WildBoyz

    Worsley Brook Culvert (Old Worsley), Manchester - December 2016

    History Once part of Lancashire, Worsley is a small town in Greater Manchester, England. It is first mentioned in the Great Rolls of the Pipe (a collection of financial records maintained by the English Exchequer) in 1195, when it was known as Werkesleia, meaning, in the language of the...
  14. S

    Viewpoint Salford, Ford Lane, Prime Noble Properties Ltd

    9 Ford Lane (Viewpoint) Salford https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B8JXjvg-zGxqQ292a2NXQjFsYXM?usp=sharing
  15. coolboyslim

    Horror Underground Manchester - March 2016

    Hi all this is a cool little place. Its the barton undercroft in manchester. I couldent wait to give it an awesome title name cause well its an abaondoned horror walk also now lol. Very cool. Anyway on with some history. History The arcade was listed as a Grade II* listed building on the 25...
  16. Paulpowers

    Hulme Flume LB, Manchester - May 2015

    Mr Wevs had decided to visit the fine city of Manchester to see what all the fuss was about so we went out and hit 11 spots over the course of a couple of days in Manchester, Sheffield, and Derpy there are a few drains in Manc which really should be seen, HFLB is one of them :D The outfall...
  17. Paulpowers

    Great Britain Cathedral Arches. Manchester - Nov 2015

    Access into the arches is always a bit sketchy and this time was no different, once inside there's no real chance of being disturbed (other than from pigeons.) The arches as a location is pretty big but 99% of the population of Manchester are unaware of what lies just below their feet. .
  18. macc_explore

    Great Britain Clare Tooling, Manchester - May 2015

    The Explore So this was a good few months back now and after seeing the newspaper articles of one side of the building totally collapsing I'm glad I got in to see it but does open your eyes to how dangerous these buildings can be without us knowing.. The first few floors have you thinking its...
  19. Funlester

    Clare Tools, Manchester - May 15

    This was a Sunday early morning visit with a non member and was a really nice place to go round. Sadly now part of the main bit has collapsed back in July - http://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/castlefield-building-collapse-hulme-hall-9738136 History - The...
  20. coolboyslim

    Great Britain Inhospitable & the Works, Manchester, July 2015

    Visited with @stranton And @ACID- REFLUX. Thx to them both for the great time had here. Anyways on with the report and pics History Inhospitable Inhospitable is a 700yd culvert which carries the moss brook beneath Collyhurst, the infall consists of a 15ft brick arch this changes too a10ft...