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  1. Andy

    Germany Railway depot (visited 03/2019)

    The railway depot was built next to the passenger station in the middle of the 19th century. It included workshops for the repair of trains, such as a carpentry and a locksmithing / metalworking. The first building was demolished at the end of the 19th century and has been rebuilt new &amp...
  2. Grindle

    Great Britain The highway Hawarden April 2019

    have passed this often and today thought lets have a look; it is a former station masters house on the hawarden Loop; a once thriving goods and passenger depot  Well that was a waste of 15 mins I must say!!! still here is my wonderous adventure
  3. Gabor

    Hungary End Line

    This place once was a coal mine transportline for train delivery, but since the mine exhausted its left behind to rust away.  Just a simple line forgotten. But I liked its mood. :)   Destination: Hungary, Bánk Captures made at 2011.08.28.
  4. Gabor

    Hungary Railway cemetary

    This is the railway cemetary of Hungary, once honored, powerful machines now forgotten in the mud and dirt. Rust in peace!
  5. B

    Train Graveyard, Kent August 2018

    HISTORY Tenterden Town railway station is a heritage railway station on the Kent and East Sussex Railway in Tenterden, Kent, England. When the railway line first opened in 1900, Rolvenden Station was known as "Tenterden". Its name was changed when the line extended north three years later and...
  6. farmer.ned

    Clarborough Railway Tunnel - May 2018

    hi having finished a job fairly nearby it was time to do another one on my to do list that being clarborough railway tunnel. clarborough tunnel was built in 1850 and lies just over 2 miles from retford in nottinghamshire on the branch line of the sheffield to lincoln line which sees an hourly...
  7. Gromr123

    Dorking Deepdene Railway Control Centre - Surrey - January 2018

    Another local one that I've been wanting to do for ages, but never got round to it until now.  It's filled full of asbestos, so I made sure to bring my good PP3 mask, but even that wasn't enough probably.  History During World War 2, the Southern Railway took over the Deepdene Hotel near...
  8. WildBoyz

    Chain Hills Tunnel, Dunedin - May 2017

    History Unlike the railways in Europe or northern America, New Zealand tracks were rudimentary. They were built cheaply and hastily using light iron rails that had a narrow 3ft 6in gauge. Even the tunnels and bridges were minimalistic and usually made as small as possible to get the railways...
  9. WildBoyz

    Queensbury Tunnel, Queensbury - December 2016

    History Queensbury Tunnel is one of the longest (2501 yards/1.4 miles) and deepest railway tunnels in England. It was part of the GNR line serving the northern industrial towns of Bradford, Halifax and Keighley.  A railway connecting Halifax with Keighley was proposed in 1873; however, the...
  10. WildBoyz

    Caversham Tunnel, Dunedin - November 2016

    History The construction of Caversham Tunnel, now a disused railway tunnel that was cut through a solid sandstone embankment, began in September 1871 in the Kaikorai Valley. Cutting work began on the Caversham side around the same time, but construction of that side of the tunnel did not begin...
  11. WildBoyz

    Tanfield Railway Yard, Gateshead - April 2016

    History Tanfield Railway claims to be the oldest working railway in the UK. The line runs for approximately three miles, between East Tanfield in County Durham, and Sunniside in Gateshead. It is difficult to pinpoint an exact date, but it is estimated that the first section of track was laid...
  12. WildBoyz

    Paekakariki Railway Depot, Paekakariki - March 2016

    History   Paekakariki Railway Station opened in 1886, when the Wellington and Manawatu Railway Company’s line from Longburn to Wellington opened. Despite the settlement’s small size, the decision to construct a station at this site was strategic, as more powerful engines were required to haul...
  13. MrT

    Permission, Aldwych Tube Station, London, February 2016

    Managed to bag some tickets for London's disused station, Aldwych. Not been south for a while, so got a nice early train down and had a good walk round for the day. Construction started on 21 October 1905 with demolition of the Royal Strand Theatre which occupied the site, it opened as Strand...
  14. Hydro

    Kettleness & Sandsend Railway Tunnels, Whitby - Jan 16

    Explored with @-Raz- & @Fatpanda after a series of car problems.   History;   Sandsend Tunnel is a tunnel on the former Whitby, Redcar and Middlesbrough Union Railway that was opened in 1883 and closed in 1958. The rail line that ran through it was originally intended to travel along the...
  15. Maniac

    Great Britain The Post Office Railway (Mail Rail) - London - 2015

    This was another one of those what the fuck just happened moments in my life. So I was on my way back from (not so) sunny South Wales with @The_Raw @extreme_ironing and @sentinel after visiting @Lenston when I got a call from a very excited @Frosty. "Mail Rail is doable." I know by now if he...
  16. Hydro

    Leeds Train Station (Subterranean Areas) - Aug 15

    So as you all now know, Network Rail were kind enough to give us a tour of the lower levels of the Train Station as we had failed numerous times to reach these areas via stealth. Explored with Raz & Jord Bit of History; Leeds railway station (also known as Leeds City railway station) is...
  17. The_Raw

    The Post Office Railway (Mail Rail), London - 2015

    The Post Office Railway, also known as Mail Rail, is a driverless underground railway 6 1⁄2 miles (10.5 km) long from Paddington to Whitechapel built to move mail between sorting offices. Inspired by the Chicago Tunnel Company, it operated from 1927 until 2003. Construction of the 2 ft (610 mm)...
  18. wellingtonian

    The Devon and Somerset Railway tunnels March 2015 ( visited April 2014)

    The Devon and Somerset Railway tunnels The Devon and Somerset a Railway (D&SR) was a cross country line that connected Barnstaple in Devon, to the network of the Bristol and Exeter Railway (B&ER) at Norton Fitzwarren, near Taunton. It was opened in stages between 1871 and 1873. The...
  19. slayaaaa

    Vauxhall railway bridge, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk - December 2014

    Intro I was up Norfolk/Suffolk for a few days and had a few visits planned, nothing went as it should and ended up feeling a bit rubbish. I needed somewhere I could sit on top of and relax for a bit. I found this and was incredibly glad I did. Sometimes you don't need to travel far to find what...
  20. Infraredd

    Air Bridge

    An old footbridge that cannot be used by feet. By day By night The first time I lit the wire wool whilst balanced on the middle of the bridge I dropped it by accident and had to climb all the way down & back up to get the shot I wanted. Cue my entire vocabulary of 4 letter...