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  1. Bungal

    Rolls Royce Manor - Scotland 2013

    Rollsroyce manor ~Party Time~ History: the local neighbour decided to have a chat after looking at us with his arms folded in a unfriendly kinda way, his words...what you doing, should not be here etc. Then talked about how the owner once owned nightclubs and hotels and was connected well...
  2. bango

    St Peters Seminary, Scotland - October 2013

    [CENTER]Another stop on last months Scotland road trip. Had heard about this place for years and was pretty much expecting to find it in ruins, surprised to find a lot of nice features still remain and had a great time finding our way around this one. Stopped to chat to some local kids who...
  3. mattkasp_er

    Hello from Scotland!

    Newbie here, always been captivated by abandoned buildings and places you're not supposed to see. Hopefully I can pick up some tips from everyone on here and get out there myself rather than reading about other peoples explorations! :)
  4. Stussy

    Hospital CR4X, Scotland - August 2013

    Been eyeing this place up for a long time now, and there is defo more to be done here. I only managed the old section which is pretty much a derpy derp, but still has something about it I really like! Whilst waiting for Goggleman to finish his sacrificing magpie rituals to keep up with his...
  5. seaside_rambler

    Gray Dunn & Co, June 2013

    Gray, Dunn & Co was founded in 1853. In 1882 they built a factory on this site, only for it to be destroyed by fire 13 years later; it was replaced with the current factory. The firm was sold to Bilsland Bakery in 1912. The Bilsland family were a prominent one, having contributed...
  6. Stussy

    Old Iron KX, Scotland - August 2013

    Haven't been out for an explore since coming back from Belgium so a couple messages to Lost and off we went to the unkown field of fapness as Lost put it. He does love an abandoned car but this was like the Xhamster for him! Unsure if this is an old scrapyard or just a collection, but tending...
  7. sonyes

    Great Britain A.T Primary School - Scotland - June 2013

    Don't really want to say too much about this place, as we've been asked not to. Part 2 of the Scotland Weekend Tour..........I had been wanting to do a school for ages, so when we got wind of this we were off!!! Some of the guys went to a farmhouse, and joined up with us later. Thanks to...
  8. Bungal

    Great Britain Hobbit Tunnel - Scotland tour - April 2013

    History: At a neat 600 yards in length, Neidpath/South Park/Peebles/Castle Hill Tunnel - take your pick! - threaded the Symington Biggar & Broughton Railway through a projecting shoulder of rock under South Park Woods. Originally proposed by the Caledonian Railway in 1846, the scheme met...
  9. Stussy

    Great Britain Wonderful Ted Bears Farm, Scotland - May 2013

    Abandoned since 2008, this unassuming farm house on the outskirts of a town is quite the delight inside. I must admit the place is slightly trashed inside and getting derp'd but I decided to tidy it up a little bit. I think I'll even go back and do a bit more, its such a shame the place is in...
  10. Stussy

    Great Britain Unseen Asylum, Scotland - May 2013

    Randomly stumbled across this place whilst out on a long adventure, to people who don't like lack of decay please look away, heating is still on and all lights working, no chavery yet! Lets hope it stays that way! Thanks for looking :)
  11. Stussy

    Helensburgh School, Scotland - March 2013

    Another busy day exploring with Scattergun and The Baron, who didn't actually do any exploring except for his back wheel :eek: . The day started off at 3am for msyelf and a 3 hour drive to the first site which I really wanted to do, but seeing soldiers with guns patrolling the site slightly...
  12. Stussy

    Hospital P, Scotland - March 2013

    Was out having a mooch around a few places with Scatterfun and the Baron, Mr Scatterbum had to go to work so Sir Baron and I went off in search of adevnture and stumbled across this partially disused hospital. This wing of the hospital has not been in use for a few years but still has the power...
  13. Stussy

    RCH Asylum, Scotland - (Visted Jan'13) March 2013

    This Large Northern Asylum is a Category B Listed Building and closed in various stages from 1999, there are still parts being shut down, so hopefully more to explore soon! This is very local to me, only a few minutes drive, should really visit it more often! These are pics from two different...
  14. Stussy

    Ladybridge Asylum & Pee hospital- Scotland - ( 2012) 2013

    Haven't posted this one before, so thought I'd throw a few pics up! Visited back in Oct with 2 non forum members, it was a spur of the moment decision as we were in the area. Had previously been told there wasn't much left! There was enough too occupy us for 3 hours! This is a fairly large...
  15. Stussy

    Hedge Hostel, Scotland - Dec 2012

    Visited here after a long day out with Lost sploring it was our final stop of the day, needless to say it wasn't my sploring buudy's favourite as he stumbled around waiting for me to hurry up and finish :lol: Not much info on this 4 storey B-listed mansion house built in 1821 for Local Bishop...
  16. Stussy

    The Mill, Scotland - Sept 2012

    Been keeping this one in the tank for some time, but here it is finally, not sure why am posting it or kept it quiet! This mill had been explored in 2009 all the machines were still in-situ. ON this particular weekend when I visited I took a chance explore on a Saturday afternoon with my phone...
  17. Doug

    Maginot, Luxembourg & Scotland (also Prague & Pilsen)2011

    I just thought I'd chuck some of my friend Wes' clips from his trip to Europe up. Nothing too exciting but they each run for less than 2 minutes.