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    RAE Bedford - Wind Tunnel Site - October 2015

    History from Ojay's report: In 1946 Thurleigh became the site for the second Royal Aircraft Establishment site Two new runways were built in the post-war period to accommodate the Bristol Brabazon aircraft (which required a very long runway) that ultimately never went into production The site...
  2. Redhunter

    Mailbox tunnel. September 2015.

    History Up until the late 60's, the royal mail parcel and lettering sorting offices were based in two buildings on Victoria Square, connected by a bridge spanning Hill Street, where they had been housed for almost 80 years. In 1970, a new, purpose-built, sorting office was constructed on the...
  3. Lenston

    Torpantau Tunnel - Brecon - September - 2015

    History Torpantau - also known as Beacons or Beacon Summit Tunnel - claimed the record for the highest tunnel on the UK's standard gauge network - 1,313 feet above sea level. Reached by a three-mile climb from the south at 1:47 and 1:55, trains passed through it curving sharply to the right on...
  4. WildBoyz

    Standedge Tunnels, Marsden - May 2015

    History The Standedge Tunnels, which consist of four parallel passageways, are located beneath the Pennines in England. Two of the tunnels are former railway lines which now function as service ways, one is still part of the live main rail line, and the final one is a canal tunnel. The canal...
  5. Hydro

    Knostrop Water Treatment Outlet, Leeds - July 15

    So by now most of you have seen Raz's report, here my version of events :) Quick drive not so far from us and a walk through what i can only describe as a Jurrasic like British "rain forrest" by the side of the river Aire led us to a nice looking drain, it stank like hell and for a while im...
  6. Lenston

    Drug lord escapes via 1 mile tunnel

    Not exploring but a nice bit of underground :)
  7. Dmax

    Tunnel Refineries Silo Feb 2010

    I've had my eye on this Silo for a few years as my girlfriend used to work not far from this site so I used to see it everytime I would go and meet up with her. I had a wonder about a few times with a friend but it always seemed very busy down there , anyway the whole place had shut down so I...
  8. Infraredd

    Allt-y-Cefn Tunnel -2015

    Allt-y-Cefn Tunnel on the former Carmarthan & Cardigan Railway: 167 yards, opened 1864, closed 1973. As far as I know mine are the only internal pictures - may be wrong though! Left the flash in the car so this is all light painted with my head torch....... not my best. Pics...
  9. Ghostpast

    Ghost bus tunnel, feb 15

    My first underground explore, and i loved it. To bad there were a couple of Iphone explorers wandering around, who wanted to switch the light on :/ Kinda killing the atmosphere of an abandoned bus graveyard, but hey! It was nice, and maybe ill be planning a revisit. #1 #2 #3 #4 #5...
  10. Wevsky

    Ghost bus tunnel Jan 2015

    As The_Raw asked me so nicely heres a report even tho i posted some in photo of the day Wasn't going to do a report as to be honest after tails of PIR's being present we kinda expected when was triggered for loud alarms to go off,so we avoided the area. Baron kindly told us he set one off and...
  11. Fekneejit

    Weirdness just off J35a M1 (UK)

    Something I've just remembered since I signed up here... Just off the M1 J35a there's a road called Warren Lane, at the end of which there's a little brick hut with far too much security on the windows. The only time I've walked past it was in shadow & it was before ubiquitous phone...
  12. The_Raw

    Drainage tunnel, Beziers - November 2014

    I visited Beziers in the south of France last week. It was almost as if they were expecting me, every building I explored last time was sealed and I couldn't get into any others, of which there are many. So, I headed out of town to an industrial area my brother suggested and it didn't take me...
  13. The Wombat

    Great Oxendon - closed - Tunnels (The Rat Holes), Northants, Oct14

    The southbound bore is open to the public as a cycle path, and I have visited many times over the years. But it is the closed northbound bore that has always held my interest. Firstly, due to the curve, you cannot see through it, unlike its counterpart. Secondly, it has a few items cluttering...
  14. Infraredd

    Oxndn (locked) tunnel 2013/14

    My local - been here many times but never got into this one. access courtesy of Mr Wombat Designed and built by George Stephenson, the railway linking Northampton with Market Harborough capitalised on the huge amounts of ironstone found in Northamptonshire during the 1850s. At Great Oxendon...
  15. Lenston

    Tidenham Tunnel - Chepstow - Wales Oct 2014

    Visited with a non member I had been to this tunnel before but i promised a mate i would show him around, its an amazing tunnel and you feel it could be used tomorrow if needed as it is in excellent condition inside. Some history To reach its junction with the South Wales Main Line...
  16. sageman

    thorpe lodge tunnel, Norwich - March 2013

    HISTORY John Harvey,banker and Mayor of Norwich in 1792, built Thorpe Lodge. To extend his estate westwards he moved the road which was subsequently named Harvey Lane. This extension crossed over the City boundary, which to this day continues to run through the property. The crinkle crankle...
  17. carpediem

    Ghost Bus Tunnel - 2014

  18. Lenston

    Morlais Tunnel - Wales - June 14

    First post for me, im guessing a few will know me from another UE site :) The Visit Nice little tunnel this with some good features left, after doing many places with other people recently it made a nice change to do this alone Some History ( Forgotten Relics ) On 1st January...
  19. Maniac

    The channel tunnel is 20

    And here's a video on the BBC showing the service tunnel that runs between the two main tunnels.
  20. The Wombat

    Barnsdale Tunnel, Yorkshire, Mar14

    First explore en route to Sheffield. Also visited the Doctor’s House, and one other fail. Still, 2 out of 3 is good, and the site that defeated us will get a return visit in the future. First tunnel I’ve been able to take the DSLR down, and despite how dark it is in there...