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  1. Wevsky

    Ramsgate Main tunnel july 2011

    Maniac i know i posted this section once before and by all means delete that thread ,that was very early days of owning a naff I did a revisit recently with my first real underground try out with the d90. The entrance all us explorers used was finally sealed months back but as ever...
  2. Space Invader

    Noaha's Ark Tunnel june 2011

    visited with Silver Rainbow ... After exploreing crete rd in the morning ,we decided that we would head up to dover for the afternoon explore after nearly getting soaked through in the morning :x we agreed that underground was are best option and what a choice :D dover has to offer so...
  3. silverainbow

    Connaught Road Tunnel, May 2011

    Visited with Space Invader, Wevsky, Obscurity, Nelly and Skeleton Key I see that Nelly has already done a top report and pretty much covered the history but heres a little more; The history of the Connaught Tunnel dates back to 1878. It allowed the railway to be diverted under the Connaught...
  4. Obscurity

    Langdon Coast Guard Tunnel, Dover – Nov 2010

    Sitting below the coast guard station in Langdon, Dover, is a tunnel used duing WW2. This has been maintained well and is still accessed by the coast guard station and they have even installed a small gym. Not huge but interesting and nice to see.
  5. Nelly

    Connaught Road Tunnel - May 2011

    Explored with Skeleton Key, Wevsky, Space Invader, Obscurity and Silver Rainbow Connaught Road Station and Tunnel opened on 3rd August 1880 I don't have a date for this map, bit somebody may be able to date it from the Pontoon Docks which are no longer there. On the 7th September 1940 the...
  6. Space Invader

    Shepardswell train yard and Golgatha tunnel 2011

    In January 1995 a small group of enthusiasts, brought together by their recognition of the rapidly approaching end of an era in travel around South London, formed a group to preserve examples of the EPB type trains. For nearly half a century these electric multiple units reliably carried...
  7. Wevsky

    Golgatha Tunnel and Train grave yard 9th jan 2011

    Right its somehting ive been meaning to have a look at and know i have im glad i did..visited with paulk silver rainbow and space invader History has been covered a few time so im simply gunna put a link up to a site which covers it ! ... ndex.shtml...
  8. Wevsky

    1880 Channel Tunnel Attempt December 2010

    Right after report not long back myself and uncle b decided we'd put this off long enough so cold weather and long walk aside we decided to go for it,we where joined by obscurity ,maniac and ofatjameso...was cold wet and thats before we hit the tunnel,excuse quality of pictures as finding a...
  9. Wevsky

    Lagoon and Beaufoys caves and Tower Hamlets tunnel 28/11/10

    Right not going into the history of the place as its been quite nicely reported on other sites ..this is an arp that has a tunnel joining the 2 aforementioned caves,entrance is Amusing as ever,hats off to the guys who more recently went down ! It cant be said that its laid undiscovered as some...
  10. Wevsky

    The Great Well tunnel Dover 21/08/2010 (mini report)

    Right not much i can say about this tunnel it has some war time graphiti so im assuming it was used as a shelter or was used by ww2 personel .The tunnel it self is self has brick lined and unlined sections leading down the well,it goes up a fair way to what looks like a wooden cap at the top and...
  11. unclebulgaria

    Noahs Ark ARP Tunnel 2010

    %This tunnel was dug at the beginning of WW2 to provide shelter for over 800 people in the Tower Hamlets and Combe Valley areas of Dover. It runs straight into the hillside behind Noah's Ark Road and slopes gently down to Combe Valley, with a total length of over 1,000 feet. It is concrete lined...
  12. R

    Golgotha Train Tunnel & Graveyard May 2010

    The line from Shepherdswell to Eythorne was originally going to be a line running across flat land around a small hill, however due to disagreements with a landowner, the 550 yard tunnel was excavated to make the connection between the stations. Approaching from Shepherdswell, you find yourself...
  13. PowerSurge

    St. Margarets. Esplanade tunnel. 01.09.09

    Looks an intersting place
  14. Obscurity

    undisclosed and unexplored tunnel in kent - report 2009

    Very little is known about this place. It is located in Kent and is on three levels. After seeing this place a couple of years back it has always been one of those…ill do it another day explores. Finally along with fortknox0 we managed to get in to have a look. This place was a lot larger...
  15. Obscurity

    1880 channel tunnel attempt - REPORT 2/6/2009

    ok firstly i would like to say a big thanyou to Powersurge for inviting me along to this place. I dont think its somewhere i would bother going back to :lol: i hate walking and this is one LONG walk to the entrance. I have added a couple of pictures from the day. We visited the channel...
  16. superwide

    Great Britain 1880 channel tunnel 01/02/08

    Thanks to Trench and Powersurge for arranging this fun explore to the 1880 Channel tunnel attempt, when it was said to wear cloths you don't mind getting dirty and boots, it was no understatement. It is one very wet and dirty hole, but also beautiful in a dirt wet hole kind of way. :? So on a...
  17. PowerSurge

    Great Britain Golgotha Tunnel Re Visit 29-01-09

    I know there have already been a couple of posts on this place but I really love this place (must be something to do with my job :lol: ) With me on this visit where The Daddy, Trench (No relation to me :D ) Oldie68 and Ryda It was a lovely (if slightly cold) night for the visit. The...
  18. vanishing days

    Great Britain Royal Tunbridge Wells Rail Tunnel, Kent - REPORT - 15/06/08

    explored with comfort explorer. this is a dissued railway tunnel in royal tunbridge wells a great place to test out my light painting skills lol this is probably one of my favoirte pictures ive ever taken so far just love it and my friend fido
  19. vanishing days

    Burham Chalk mine tunnel - kent - Burham - 2008

    visitited with solar p im not to sure of history on this place ill leave to solar p to tell you all but heres my pics probably the worst fence ever good place for lightpainting incase u hadnt noticed
  20. PowerSurge

    Great Britain Golgotha Tunnel, Dover - 02-01-09

    Having seen previous posts about this location. Myself and Trench decided to have a quick recce. I had been teased by the pictures in the other report on this site and wanted to look closer. Had a great time with the team running about trying to do some light painting whilst not tripping over...