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  1. The Wombat

    East Norton tunnel, Leics, Aug13

    This tunnel is an old favorite of mine so I returned to do some light painting, and catch some new shots in full summer overgrowth, and thought I would share the photos. The north portal is surrounded in undergrowth, whilst a grove of trees has grown around the south portal. The tunnel remains...
  2. Paulpowers

    Farleigh Down endless tunnel, Dec 2013

    I had to work in Wiltshire but wanted to be home by a reasonable time so wasn't going to go for one of the quarries. So I went to Subway in Trowbridge on the way past for a footlong spicy italian and a bottle of fanta and headed down Farleigh down tunnel. It's basically a long box tunnel so...
  3. Wherever I may Roam

    Victoria/Waterloo Tunnel - Liverpool - Visited July 2010 - Nov 2013

    Taken from Liverpool Wiki. This is one tunnel that changes its name along its run, however the whole tunnel is generally known as the Waterloo tunnel. An open cutting is the linking point of the two tunnels. The Victoria tunnel runs from Edge Hill in the east to the Byrom Street Cutting. The...
  4. The Elusive

    Williamsons' crazyness (VISITED 2013)-2013

    This isnt your average explore; Its a people run underground discovery, fighting councils for every hole to explore, they have uncovered some fantastic artifacts. So many holes further on to the tunnels and even an underground banquet hall!. Background. Around 1805, Mr & Mrs Williamson...
  5. northerngeek

    Abandoned railway tunnel (2013)

    Abandoned railway tunnel in Oslo, Norway. One of my first splores. Location was shared with me by splorer I met in an abandoned building nearby, and when I was in the tunnel I met two others, one of them who's been my fellow splorer since :-).
  6. Frosty

    Cemex Tunnel - Rochester - (2013)

    Don't think theres any history other then it used to run from........somewhere, to the cement works in Rochester, Maniac will be able to tell you more lol, Mooched with, Maniac, Jesus, Jesus's mate, I don't know who the other one was lol. Enjoy the wafty layout of a big long tunnel! :D...
  7. Paulpowers

    Tunnel L33T H, Bakewell - Sept 2013

    My new torch arrived on Friday and I was itching to get out and test it Saturday was a no go because CBA set in. Sunday morning greeted me with no hangover so I decided to head over to Bakewell to visit the tunnel, I was thinking about Holme Bank Chirt mine but I wanted something bigger to...
  8. LewisS

    Miley Tunnel 18/08/2013 IMAGE HEAVY

    How do lads and lasses. I first got into exploring by taking an interest in Miley Tunnel. Coming from Preston, you often heard stories of Miley Tunnel and it's supposed paranormal inhabitants. This place was used to scare young kids, for teenagers to dare each other to walk through and for...
  9. Bungal

    Great Britain Hobbit Tunnel - Scotland tour - April 2013

    History: At a neat 600 yards in length, Neidpath/South Park/Peebles/Castle Hill Tunnel - take your pick! - threaded the Symington Biggar & Broughton Railway through a projecting shoulder of rock under South Park Woods. Originally proposed by the Caledonian Railway in 1846, the scheme met...
  10. cunningcorgi

    Great Britain Cefn Glas Tunnel, South Wales (October 2012) - 2013

    One of the first places I ever went many moons ago. Cefn Glas (also known as Quakers Yard) Tunnel carried the Taff Vale Extension of the Newport, Abergavenny & Hereford Railway which was absorbed into the Great Western’s empire in 1863, a year before the line opened. The route made...
  11. Paulpowers

    Harecastle tunnel - Kidsgrove, April 2013

    Another lunchtime explore, I was after the Black Panther drain but it's once again sealed so access to the will be with a boat for now :( The tunnel itself was dry for the most part but got quite wet towards the middle due to poor drainage First set of scaffold Chair in a tunnel, with...
  12. Ghost

    Old Warden Tunnel - Bedfordshire - April 2013

    Visited today with my daughter, my first 'underground, for me as not done a tunnel before and found it most enjoyable despite my claustrophobia , was longer than I thought and decent Torches are the next purchase for me now !! A bit of history from a signpost and a few more pictures (not...
  13. Paulpowers

    Chesterfield Tunnel - April 2013

    Well I was heading home and realised I'd never seen the Chesterfield Tunnel even though I posted the lead on it well over a year ago Access was a nightmare with the footpath next to the wall and fence being the busiest bit of path I've ever seen Eventually I just jumped over and almost broke...
  14. Paulpowers

    Monkton Farleigh Tunnel - March 2013

    According to the MOD the underground military stuff in Wiltshire doesn't exist so you're not about to look at this and the pictures don't exist. I also looked at some other stuff in the area but my battery died in here :( Archive Pic Archive Pic
  15. Flava

    Delabole, Quarry Drainage Tunnel, Cornwall, Aug 2012

    I had the opportunity for a mid week explore, so would of been rude not to.. This is nothing special just a drainage tunnel for the quarry, which is around a mile long from start to finish and ends up in the bottom of the pit The Delabole slate quarry is one of the largest of its type in...
  16. Wevsky

    Great Britain Lagoon and Beaufoys caves and Tower Hamlets tunnel (Revisit 10/2011) 2013

    A revisit was in order with Obscurity,Fortknox0 and frosty and this time Space Invader joined us for a look around This is looking back along the Arp (tower hamlets tunnel) just before lagoon caves Section leading to the tower hamlets tunnel from the lagoon caves Now a few from in lagoon...
  17. Space Invader

    Ramsgate Main tunnel and westcliff section july2011

    Being right on are door step and hearing of plans to try and open them to the public we decided a local explore was in order ... visited with wevsky obscurity and frosty .. a little history.. The town's borough engineer and surveyor R.D. Brimmell conceived and planned a scheme for tunneling...
  18. U

    Noahs Ark Arp Tunnel, Dover, Kent, June 2011

    Noahs ark arp tunnel explored with SilverFox late one night on a return trip from folkestone. Have to apologize for lack of tunnel shots the ols camera wasnt really up to the job. Bit of history pinched from Subterranean History This tunnel was originally dug to carry a water main, but...
  19. silverainbow

    1880 Channel Tunnel attempt, July 2010

    Visited with Space Invader and Fort Knox Zero And for some History; Many proposals had been made for a Channel Tunnel dating as far back as Napoleonic times and in 1875 serious planning began on both sides of the Channel. However, early attempts on the English side were not very successful and...
  20. Space Invader

    Channel tunnel attempt 1880 , july 2011

    visited with Silver Rainbow and fortknox o a little history... There had been numerous proposals for a tunnel under the channel throughout the 19th Century including one by Napoleon, but the first serious attempt to build a tunnel came with an Act of Parliament in 1875 authorising the Channel...