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  1. Lenston

    Underground Gathering April 2015

    This weekends activities
  2. The_Raw

    WWII Underground Bunker - France, March 2015

    This bunker was built in 1934. It consists of three combat blocks, each linked by an underground gallery system containing barracks spaces, ammunition storage and utility services. The galleries are excavated at an average depth of up to 30 metres (98 ft). In 1940 it was attacked by German...
  3. Rody

    Underground Bus Depot- 2015

    Today I did some exploring in a underground bus depot. We walked down the whole tunnel. Luckily we had bright LED lights on our camera, otherwise I wouldn't have gone so far. We thought we spotted some motion sensors so we figured out a way to avoid them. There was still a loud beep every 2...
  4. Maniac

    RAF Fauld underground munitions storage depot - Late 2012

    Like everyone else I've held off posting this, but as things are at the moment I thought I may as well stick up my photos from here. I really enjoyed visiting this place, so much so these photos are taken over about 3 or 4 visits to the place over late 2012/early 2013. RAF Fauld was a massive...
  5. The Wombat

    Great Oxendon - closed - Tunnels (The Rat Holes), Northants, Oct14

    The southbound bore is open to the public as a cycle path, and I have visited many times over the years. But it is the closed northbound bore that has always held my interest. Firstly, due to the curve, you cannot see through it, unlike its counterpart. Secondly, it has a few items cluttering...
  6. Lenston

    Derinkuyu Underground City - Cappadocia - Turkey - Oct 14

    History In 1963, a man in the NevÅŸehir Province of Turkey knocked down a wall of his home. Behind it, he discovered a mysterious room. The man continued digging and soon discovered an intricate tunnel system with additional cave-like rooms. What he had discovered was the ancient...
  7. Andy

    Underground water reservoir - 10/2014

    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
  8. MiaroDigital

    Schlacke underground - visit 07/2014

    My new love.. <3 Underground <3 1. Schlackebahn01 von MiaroDigital auf Flickr 2. Schlackebahn02 von MiaroDigital auf Flickr 3. Schlackebahn03 von MiaroDigital auf Flickr 4. Schlackebahn04 von MiaroDigital auf Flickr 5. Schlackebahn05 von MiaroDigital auf Flickr
  9. MiaroDigital

    Waterworks underground - visit 06/2014

    1. Waterworks underground 01 von MiaroDigital auf Flickr 2. Waterworks underground 02 von MiaroDigital auf Flickr 3. Waterworks underground 03 von MiaroDigital auf Flickr 4. Waterworks underground 04 von MiaroDigital auf Flickr
  10. Serenity4

    Underground Reservoir - Hampshire - June 2014

    So I've visited this place twice before but only taken photos down there once. Most of the hatches are welded shut, however two of them are accessible, one leading down to a large square section and the other down to a much smaller, round section of the reservoir. The ladders leading down are...
  11. skeleton key

    RAF Fauld underground munitions storage depot - 2013

    A few pics only im afraid. The Place is huge with lots of unstable areas and last battery was on its way out after a weekend of locations above and below ground. The RAF Fauld explosion was a military accident which occurred at 11:11am on Monday, 27 November 1944 at the RAF Fauld underground...
  12. The_Raw

    Deepdene - World War II Railway Traffic Control Bunker, Surrey - March 2014

    The Visit I visited with Sentinel who had an excellent knowledge of this site having been a few times already. I wasn't expecting much but was actually pretty blown away, it was my first time exploring such a place and I think I may have developed a bug for seeking out many more. The original...
  13. Vancolen Kevin

    [BE] (2014 VISIT) Indiana Jones Quarry First time I went caving, awesome explore and awesome feeling to be underground ! It was...
  14. SillySnail

    Catacombs - Paris

    The first is right beneath Paris, but the other beneath a suburbian cemetery. "] "]
  15. Jeremy R. Junior

    Un paquebot sur terre. (A cruise on land) - Feb 2014

    Ce bâtiment est abandonné depuis au moins 10 ans et c'est un hippodrome. Hésitez pas a liker ma page Urban Stalker
  16. The Wombat

    East Norton tunnel, Leics, Aug13

    This tunnel is an old favorite of mine so I returned to do some light painting, and catch some new shots in full summer overgrowth, and thought I would share the photos. The north portal is surrounded in undergrowth, whilst a grove of trees has grown around the south portal. The tunnel remains...
  17. Bungal

    Underground Med Centre - Sheffield 2013

    Underground Medical Centre History: Firth Brown Steels was initially formed in 1902, when Sheffield steelmakers John Brown and Company exchanged shares and came to a working agreement with neighbouring company Thomas Firth & Sons. In 1908 the two companies came together and established the...
  18. AbandonedMinesOfIreland

    Shallee Lead & Silver Mine, Ireland 01/2014

    Here are some images from a recent trip to Shallee Mine here in Ireland. Sorry it has been a while since I posted anything I am in the height of exams and work. I explored this along with other members of AMOI on 05/01/2014, hopefully an admin will put this in the title as I...
  19. Stussy

    Limestone Mine E5.7, Scotland - Dec 2013

    Early morning start to visit this lovely wee mine, for once access was very easy, parked a short distance away, no steep climbs to get into it, perfect for a Sunday! Very little information on this mine has been found so far, but it was working before 1868 and was still in production in 1877...
  20. bango

    Longbridge Tunnels, West Midlands - (June 2013) - November 2013

    Took a trip with with a fellow explorer one night after spotting an entrance. We descended 4 the flight staircase deep into the ground and where confronted by a flooded passage, I was immediately thankful i had brought my wellies (unlike Bubblehead, who had a very squelchy explore). We waded...