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Germany Lost Coal mining Empire - Mar. 2020


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Oct 5, 2017
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Alright, this report contains two separate locations which once were the same company. The first location is the original site dating back to 1899 and the other one is the newer facility dating back to the 1930s.

History Black Machineroom:
We will start with the history of the original site. At around 1899 coal was discovered around this area, so they started to build a brand new coal mining facility. 6 years later it was finished and put in operation. Throughout the years this site got expanded rapidly, they even built there own coke works a couple of years after it was opened. In the 1930s it got a bit cramped though for a further expansion, so a brand new facility was built not far from here but that site we will cover in a moment.
A couple of decades later this original site got closed down due to it being to small and outdated. Fortunately the majority of the buildings waren't demolished but repurposed to other functions. This was also the case for the winding house (room with the big steam engines). The winding house was turned into a small museum for a couple of years. Unfortunately this had to close for some reason, so right now these over 100 year old steam engines are slowly rotting away..

Black Machineroom by ForgottenBuildings, on Flickr

Black Machineroom by ForgottenBuildings, on Flickr

Black Machineroom by ForgottenBuildings, on Flickr

Control seat by ForgottenBuildings, on Flickr

Meter pole by ForgottenBuildings, on Flickr

Black Machineroom by ForgottenBuildings, on Flickr

History Misty bergwerk:
The next site we explored was the more modern site dating back to the 1930s, this site also was closed down very recently, so we waren't aware if this site was secured or not. This mine got opened in the middle of the 1930s as a second mine site. Throughout the years this site was expanded heavily, for example. It got a second shaft and its own coal treatment plant. With these modernizations this site became one of the most modern coal mines in all of Germany. Unfortunately Germany decided to stop mining coal in this form, so this site got closed down.

Lift Motor by ForgottenBuildings, on Flickr

Christmas Motor by ForgottenBuildings, on Flickr

SIEMAG by ForgottenBuildings, on Flickr

Contrast by ForgottenBuildings, on Flickr

Model by ForgottenBuildings, on Flickr

Emergency by ForgottenBuildings, on Flickr

Deep shaft by ForgottenBuildings, on Flickr

Tippers by ForgottenBuildings, on Flickr

With the working power this place was really a unique one. You could really sensed how it was like working here when it was still active.

Unfortunately after we explored this part the security showed up, who wasn't pleased with us.

I also made a video on this place were I tell the story of these two magnificent mines:

Thanks for reading and watching!