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Great Britain - St Twynells ROTOR & Tenby fort, Pembs - Report - 20/07/08 | Oblivion State Urban Exploration

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Great Britain St Twynells ROTOR & Tenby fort, Pembs - Report - 20/07/08


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Nov 13, 2008
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We've been planning a night visit to St Twynnells for a while after the abortive attempt last time as told HERE.

On this visit was Captain Slow, Dangerous Dave, Hood_mad and myself.

We got down to west wales at about 2100, we parked a fair distance from the site as we didn't want the demon farmer catching wind of our attempt and made our way up the road, made our way into the field and started to covertly make our way down the hill (you know what's coming next CS).

As we were slowly walking down, making sure we made no noise, we were lit up by a massive beam of light (think UFOs).

For a second I was like WTF!!! I turned round and saw where the light was coming from, CS had brought with him a strip light for his photos and he had hit the on switch.

At this point, he was frantically trying to find the off switch, all the while, the light was shooting all over the place. He eventually chucked the light to the ground in the grass and found the switch.

I, for some reason found this hilarious and couldn't, however much I tried, stop laughing. I was still giggling as we made our way into the station.

At this point, I stopped laughing as we found out the doors were securely fastened with a bolt at middle height with two nuts locked on it and the thread damaged and another bolt at floor level which looks loose but was actually welded to the door.

We searched the place for another entrance to no avail and made our way up the hill to have another shifty at the ROC post.

Once we'd had a look, we had a chat at what we were going to do next as it was only 2300, we decided to have a look at Tenby fort as not to waste the night.

So, about midnight, we arrived at Tenby, unpacked and made our way across the beach, up the path and around/over/under the obstacles.

We had a look at the first generator building.



and mounting ring for AA gun


Then made our way to the fort proper.

Now at this point, I should mention, I've seen loads of photos of this place, but nothing prepared me for how ace this fort is inside.

We explored the whole bottom floor, checked out the cells?? then made our way upstairs to the main area. It's pretty trashed now, the section floor is coming up and the wooden floors on this level and above are holed in places and very rotten.

While CS and Dave were getting some atmospheric shots, Hood and I went exploring. following the little passageways and tunnels into the armories.









Not many photos as it was very dark and CS and Dave got loads with their proper ones.

I've just got to say, photos do not do it justice, It's much better in the flesh. If you get the chance, make sure you see this, access is easy, only one dodgy part, the rest is a doddle, just watch out for those floors.