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  1. jane doe

    Belstone pumping station 2010

    Visited here in 2010 nice little pumping station on Dartmoor .sorry about the rubbish pictures  .The pumping station closed in the 1960's.
  2. jane doe

    Predannack Airfield 2010

    Predannack opened in 1941 as an RAF base, but today is the satellite airfield to RNAS Culdrose - it is a restricted MOD site and an active airfield used daily for flying training and also provides our Fire Fighting training facility. The area is heavily utilised by Culdrose helicopter squadrons...
  3. B

    West Park night (visit Feb 2010) 2013

    West Park was a nice site, but every man and his dog knew about it and the same shots used to get taken time and again. Reaperman (of http://abandoned-britain.com/ ) and I decided to do a night visit at a time when the place was extremely popular, and use it more as an experimenting ground for...
  4. Gigi

    Great Britain Manor WR (VISITED 2010) - 2013

    A solo visit to a farm/manor house. I got seen eventually and gave a tall tale to the worker from the opposite farm. Thought I got away scott free, until the local police called my house phone and asked me what I was doing. Seems like that worker took the registration plate of my car. Idiot lol...
  5. Gigi

    Great Britain Manor W - (VISITED 2010) - 2013

    This place is fantastic, if slightly bare, but the architecture and space makes up for it!! It was once a nursing home, then a school, then a private manor house. If converted I think it will become a nursing home once again! Loved it here. not sure if converted yet! 1 2 3 4 5...
  6. R

    Draycott Cross Colliery (visited 2010)- 2013

    Visited with RJ & Shadow History can be found http://www.subbrit.org.uk/sb-sites/sites/d/draycott_cross_colliery/index2.shtml Looking deep into the tunnel, about half way down Compresser/pump of some sort...? 16 & 18 tubs, narrow gauge track in deep mud 28 tubs No road + 2...
  7. Gangeox

    Doncaster School for Girls May (VISITED 2010) 2013

    Right people, it's back to school for you lot! luckily for the guy's it's a girls school!! :D The school was designed by J. M. Bottomley and G. T. Wellburn of Leeds and built in 1910. It was built in an Edwardian Baroque style, in an English cross bond utilising red brick and with white...
  8. Flava

    Par Docks Cornwall 2010

    Histroy A commercial port in Cornwall has cease trading and axe nearly 200 jobs as part of cuts carried out by a china clay company. The cuts at Par Docks are part of plans announced earlier in the week by Imerys to make 800 workers redundant. The docks will stop being used for ships...
  9. Gangeox

    King Edward VI Grammar School Nov 2010

    Okay, here we go with my first post here, hope its okay and will get round to posting more, let me know if i've missed something bit rusty at this. :D The School was opened in August 1857, it was designed by Decimus Burton, famous for building parts of the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew and...
  10. silverainbow

    1880 Channel Tunnel attempt, July 2010

    Visited with Space Invader and Fort Knox Zero And for some History; Many proposals had been made for a Channel Tunnel dating as far back as Napoleonic times and in 1875 serious planning began on both sides of the Channel. However, early attempts on the English side were not very successful and...
  11. Nelly

    Great Britain The Haque Empire Indian Resturant - Ongar - Feb 2010

    Oh Dear!!! It appears that somebody left the biriani on a slow simmer and forgot to check it!!! Originally called "The Gypsy Mead", The Haque Empire served its last poppadom in 2003 after a fire and has been plagued by arson ever since. Serious fires were put out in November 2007 and two in...
  12. Nelly

    Highwood Hospital - Brentwood - Dec 2010 and Jan 2011

    I visited this hospital in December 2010 and enjoyed it so much that I returned in January 2011 to explore some more!! Highwood Hospital was designed by Charles and William Henman who were commissioned by the Metropolitan Asylums Board to provide medical and social conditions for poor children...
  13. Wevsky

    A explore local.. 2010

    Right decided today was gunna meet up with "space invader" and a local bod..so as u do we decided to go to the RanK Hovis Mill and just for kicks Go for my 4th visit to the boeing 747 near by!! Ive done both sites but a revisit after a xmas stuck in was in order... some pics Hovis mill first...
  14. Wevsky

    1880 Channel Tunnel Attempt December 2010

    Right after report not long back myself and uncle b decided we'd put this off long enough so cold weather and long walk aside we decided to go for it,we where joined by obscurity ,maniac and ofatjameso...was cold wet and thats before we hit the tunnel,excuse quality of pictures as finding a...
  15. silverainbow

    St Margarets 5.5" Gun Battery (Z Rocket) 2010

    Visited with Wevsky and Superwide, my 1st underground explore experience, thoroughly enjoyed, bit of history on the site, Situated on the cliffs above St. Margaret's Bay is the site of a four gun, 5.5" battery that was one of the earliest of the protective emplacements that were rapidly...
  16. silverainbow

    St Margarets Bay 2010

    Anyone know what this was access to ?, Its at St Margarets Bay car park on the right hand side (with your back facing the water) in the cliff face about 10ft up or so Looks to me like the top of a stairwell that used to be, Itd be nice to know where it went or what it connected to Cheers...
  17. Wevsky

    RunWell Hospital December 2010

    Right after a late night doing a revisit to a local underground section i was up at six am awaiting obs to arrive, who bless him brought me some liquid refreshment to get me going!We Then picked Knox up and set out for runwell.The place is huge..entrance thx too professor fink for some useful...
  18. Wevsky

    Pierremont Park/Gardens Shelter December 2010

    Right no actuall history i can find on the shelter itself but here's a bit of history on the grounds its in.. Pierremont Park has a hall and associated gardens of unknown size dating from 1785. The site was purchased by the district council for council use in 1927. The gardens include specimen...
  19. H

    Skirwith X Showcave..... 2010

    This is a near Unspoiled cave which is well known to cavers and potholers it was open to the public in 1964 and shut in 1974 due to there not been enough tourists to keep a good income for the owner possibly due to other show caves in the area one of these would have been White Scar... Loads of...
  20. Wevsky

    SummerLands Lodge Westgate On Sea december 2010

    Right this was not our plan for the evening!Dover was the actually place to visit for something much nicer!But as some of you may have noticed its been snowing road conditions arent good and it was minus 4 last night...so after a driver round our local derelits and a few fails on entryas a last...